48th Bengal Pioneers

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Known as 48th Pioneers



  • 1901 raised as the 48th (Pioneers) Bengal Infantry
  • 1901 became the 48th Bengal Pioneers
  • 1903 became the 48th Pioneers
  • 1921 became the 4th/2nd Bombay Pioneers
  • 1929 became the Corps of Bombay Pioneers
  • 1933 disbanded

External links

  • 48th Pioneers British Empire website
  • 48th Pioneers Wikipedia (retrieved 29 April 2014)
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  • Imperial War Museums Catalogue entry: Private Papers of Colonel W C Spackman: Ts memoir (331pp) covering his service as Regimental Medical Officer to the 48th Pioneers, 6th Indian Division in Mesopotamia, 1914 - 1915, at Kut during the siege, December 1915 - April 1916, and as a prisoner of war in Anatolia, 1916 – 1918. An edited version has been published which is now available online, see below.

Historical books online


  1. History Of The Bombay Pioneers 1777-1933 by Lieut. Colonel W B P Tugwell 1938 Naval and Military Press reprint (retrieved 29 April 2014)