Bullock Trains

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Bullock Trains

Initially groups of Bullock carts would travel together in trains. Bradshaw quotes the Bengal Government rates for these trains from Calcutta to destinations such as Cawnpore, Banares and Agra [1].

It was these trains that led to the idea that putting rails and increasing the amount carried and distance covered calculations made by Captain Arthur Cotton using horses were initially used to prove the idea. Bullocks were more available at the time [2].

In 1862, Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad, the Maharaja of Baroda, inaugurated 8 miles (13 km) of a 2 ft 6 in(762 mm) railway line from Dabhoi to Miyagam and Bullocks were used to haul the train [3].


Bullocks hauled train on 2 feet 6 inches wide 3 lbs rail connecting Dabhoi with Miagam see Indian Rail Fan Club IRFCA website ‘ Bullock-hauled train of the Gaekwar of Baroda State Railway


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