Forest Department 1893-1900

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Date range Record details
1893-1896 L/F/10/221-224 IOR Neg 57204 (LDS microfilm 217 9596)
Lists, dated 1 Apr for each year, of Uncovenanted Officers (European and East.Indian) in……Division, all shown on 'B' forms, unnumbered, without indexes. About 100 ‘B’ forms per year; the higher the salary, the nearer to the head of the form. 'Keywords' are Name, Year, and Division. Divisions include Coorg, Bengal, NWP and Oudh, Punjab, Upper Burma, Assam and others. Headings:-
Name, E or E.I., Description of Appt, Salary Period of residence in India. For example:-
[Vol 221] R H M Ellis Esq., E, Dy Conservator of Forests , 900R.p.m., 25 yrs
[Vol 221] W G Yarde Eurasian Head Clerk 88R.p.m. 13 yrs
[By Vol. 224, Heading of ‘B’ form reads:- List of European /E.I. Officers (excluding Officers of the C.S. and the Army)]
1897-1900 L/F/10/225-228 IOR Neg 57205 (LDS microfilm 217 9597)
As above.
[By Vol. 226, Heading subtly changed to List of E & E.I. Employees (excluding Officers of the C.S.and the Army)]
[Vol 227] Mr L J Pocock E [in red] Extra Dy Supt, 2nd grade 850R.p.m.
35 yrs 3mths 7 days