Java Expedition

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Java Expedition
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Java and Sumatra
East India Company Dutch East India Company
Result: Seizure of territory
Category: Java Expedition 1811
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Java Expedition 1811
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The control of Holland by the French in the Napoleonic War again brought Dutch trading interests in the Indies into conflict with the East India Company. Lord Minto sent an expedition from Madras under Sir Samuel Auchmuty which seized settlements in Java and Sumatra but the conquests were returned to the Dutch in 1815.

Expedition Force

Advance Column

Col Robert Rollo Gillespie, commanding

Right Flank Battalion Major Miller
Left Flank Battalion Major Fraser
Detachment HM 89th Regiment Major Butler
Royal Marines Capt Liardet
Bengal Light Infantry Volunteer Battalion Major Dalton
Governor General's Bodyguard Capt Gall
Pioneers Capt Smithwayte
Horse Artillery Capt Noble
Detachment 22nd Dragoons Major Travers

The Line

Maj-Gen Frederick Wetherall, commanding

Left Brigade
Lt-Col Adams

HM 78th Regiment Major Lindsey
6th Battalion Bengal Volunteers Major Raban
HM 69th Regiment Lt-Col McLeod

Right Brigade
Col Gibbs

HM 59th Regiment Lt-Col McLeod
5th Battalion Bengal Volunteers Capt Griffiths
Lt-Col Watson

The Reserve

Col Wood, commanding

4th Battalion Bengal Volunteers Major Grant
1st Battalion 20th or Marine Regiment Lt-Col Loveday
3rd Battalion Bengal Volunteers
Flank Battalion Major Yule

Additional Detachments

Royal Artillery

324 European officers; 123 native officers; 5,144 European rank & file; 5,530 native rank and file; 839 pioneers, lascars etc; Total: 11,960


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
Samuel Auchmuty (1756-1822)
Gilbert Elliot, Lord Minto (1751-1814)
Robert Rollo Gillespie (1766-1814)

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Historical books online

Page 118 A Memoir of Major-General Sir R.R. Gillespie [author catalogued as William Thorn] 1816 Google Books. Robert Rollo Gillespie commanded the First Division in the Java Expedition of 1811.