L/F/10 Records of Service 1702-1928

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The L/F/10 records are records of service, 1702-1928, containing career details of Government employees in all India's Presidencies and Provinces and in the central Government of India, though date ranges may be much narrower for particular areas. The records cover:

  • covenanted and uncovenanted servants
  • 'supernumeraries' - officials falling in neither of the above categories
  • statements of civil establishment for the Government of India and the provincial governments

The records for uncovenanted servants (usually but not always middle-ranking and subordinate staff ) are particularly valuable as information on them is often not available elsewhere. They include employees in all Government departments and offices, including for example:

LDS film numbers have been shown in brackets alongside the India Office Record numbers in the detailed listings on the relevant fibiwiki sections. For a list of these records see L/F/10 Records Sometimes the exact microfilm number is unclear, although an estimate is given.

Update: Microfilm ordering services has ceased, however selected microfilms have been digitised and are currently available for viewing on a FamilySearch computer at a FamilySearch Centre. It is expected that in time all microfilms will be similarly available in this format. Locate these records through the FamilySearch catalogue, searching by microfilm number, but making sure there are no spaces within the number. See FamilySearch Centres for viewing information.

FIBIS resources

  • FIBIS Fact File No 7: Some major sources for Ancestors in the Indian Public Services by Lawrie Butler with a contribution by Tim Thomas , published 2012, 48 pages
It comprises a list of Abbreviations; Introduction to the L/F/10 Series at the British Library; Case study of research using the L/F/10s; an Index of the L/F/10 series; Availability of Microfilms at both the British Library and the LDS; an article about the Indian Civil Service Records held at the British Library by Tim Thomas.
Available to buy online from the FIBIS Shop