Madras Covenanted, Supernumerary and some Uncovenanted Servants 1702 – 1862

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Date range Record details
1702-1767 L/F/10/111 IOR Neg 57130-131 (LDS microfilms 218 6517 and 218 6518. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
A rather heavily-restored outsized volume, all in manuscript.
List of persons in the service of the Right Honorable English East India Company in the Ft. St. George (FS G) and places on the Coast of Coromandel ( Fort St David, Vizagapatam & Metchlepatam).
First list of 1702 shows: -
Names, arrival in India (from 1684), present degree or rank and salary. Odd lists also list freemen inhabitants of F.S.G, lists of seafaring men, lists of women, lists of unmarried women & lists of widows.
A list of 1738 shows names, date arrived, rank, salary on arrival, present rank and employment. Staff listed as Senior Merchants, Junior Merchants, Factors and Writers. Chaplains & Surgeons shown separately.
A list of 1753 gives ages. Often, wives are described as being in England.
1768-1780 L/F/10/112 IOR Neg 57131 (LDS microfilm 218 6518. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
List of Honorable Company Covenanted Servants on the Coast of Coromandel. Hdgs are: -
Names, Date of arrival, Start of rank, Rank on Arrival, Salary on arrival, present position
S Ardley, 28 Sep 1753, 28 Apr 1749, Factor, £15.00 2nd to Governor, Accts Committee
Employment, Present Salary, Age
Export Warehouse keeper, Sea Customer, £100.00 43.
(Staff listed in order of salary).
1782 -1801 L/F/10/113 IOR Neg 57131-132 (LDS microfilms 218 6518 and 218 6519. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
Title as vol 112.
No present salary or age shown. From 1788, deaths were separately listed. By 1789, salary on arrival was omitted.
From 1793, listings were grouped as Senior Merchants, Junior Merchants, Factors and Writers
Remarks include 'gone to England' or 'without employ'.
1821-1827 L/F/10/114 IOR Neg 57132-133 (LDS microfilms 218 6519 and 218 6520. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
1821 Index to names of Madras Civil Servants (followed in index by 3 Bombay C/S.working in Madras) made up to 1 May 1821.
Very well presented. Typical layout of data as follows -
1. No: 11 2. Name: Peter Cherry
3. Rank Writer 27 Jul 1789 A. Original rank in Madras C.S. with date of commencement
Writer 27 Jul 1800 B. Present rank with date of commencement
31yrs 9mths 5 days C Period of standing
4. Residence 28 Jun 1790 A Commencement of residence in India as civil servant
4 yrs 2 mths 28 days B Period of non residence
26 yrs 7 mths 5 days C Period of actual residence
5. Present place & date of employment - Second Judge of Provincial Court, North Div'n 17 Oct 1815
6. Denomination of salaries, allowances & emoluments: Salary
7 Monthly amount of salary, etc in Madras Rupees: 3,208. 5. 4.
8. Monthly amount of salary in Madras Rupees 3,208. 5. 4
9. Annual amount in Madras R. 38,500
10. Amount of annual income tenable under the Act of 53rd George III Chap. 155, Madras R…. Unlimited
N.B. 218 Civil Servants plus 3 from Bombay in year ending 1 May 1821
(3 members are in Council, others shown in precedence 'Sen'r Merchant, Jun'r Merchant, etc)
1822 No return
1823 212 C/S plus 3 from Bombay
1824 205 C/S plus 3 from Bombay
1825 198 C/S plus 3 from Bombay
1826 198 C/S plus 3 from Bombay
1827 204 C/S plus 3 from Bombay
1828 -1834 L/F/10/115 IOR Neg 57133 (LDS microfilm 218 6520. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
Similar to previous volume.
Total Madras C/Ss range from 208 in 1828 to 226 in year ending 1 May 1834.
1835 - 1840 L/F/10/116 IOR Neg 57133-134 (LDS microfilms 218 6520 and 218 6521. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
C/S (also some Unc/S)
1 May 1835 Index of Madras Civil Service (M.C.S). plus details of 217 C/S; similar layout to Vol 114
30 Apr 1835 List of Uncovenanted Europeans employed in the E.I.C. Service under the Presidency of Fort St George with a statement of the allowances drawn by them as it stood at 30 Apr 1835. These included examiners, clerks, beadle, sexton, astronomer, actuary, supreme court staff, sheriff's officer, coroner, marine dept., master attendant's office, police office at Madras, etc
Hdgs - Date of Employ., Name, Office, Mthly Salary
1 May 1836 Index of M.C.S. plus details of 212 C/Ss.
1 May 1837 Index of M.C.S. plus details of 208 C/Ss
1 Feb 1838 Index of M.C.S. plus details of 211 C/Ss
Annotated 'List of the E.I.C covenanted civil servants in the Madras Establishmen with their present offices, places & employments, the date of appt to each and the monthly and annual amount of each person's income, as the same stood on 1 Feb 1838’
1 May 1838 M.C.S. listed as Governors and, with index two members of Council followed by Sen'r Merchants, Jun'r Merchants, Factors & Writers. 206 No. With Index. Division by classes not shown.
1 Aug 1838 No index of M.C.S.; 205 C/Ss.
1Nov 1838 No index of M.C.S.; 206 C/Ss.
30 Apr 1838 List of Uncovenanted Europeans employed in the E.I.C.'s Service at Fort St George. Postmasters, Registrars, Examiners, Interpreters. No Index. [List filed at end of Vol 116]
1 May 1839 Index of M.C.S. plus list of 204 C/Ss.
1 May 1840 Layout as 1 May 1839- total 208 C/Ss
1841-1846 L/F/10/117 IOR Neg 57134-135 (LDS microfilms 218 6521 and 218 6522.)
C/S, S/L & Unc/S
1 May 1841 Index of Madras Civil Servants (M.C.S.); headings similar to vol.114
1 May 1842 Index of M.C.S.. Listed as Governor and two members of Council; thence all others
C/Ss shown as 1st Class (1No.), 2nd (52), 3rd (54), 4th (49), 5th (18), 6th (24) - 198 C/Ss
Index to Appendix of 154 S/Ls shown as:-
Clerical (31) - include Bishop of Madras and chaplains under following hdgs:-
Name, Appt., Specification of Allowances, Mthly amount in Company rupees, Total mthly and Total annually.
Military (47) - include 2 Major Generals (one commanding Vellore), 2 Lt-Cols,(one Sec to Govt in Mil Dept.,) etc.
Others employed as Mint Master, Police Magistrate, Superintendent of Road Repairs, Superintendent of Magnetic Observatory,Postmaster Secunderabad, Secretary to College Board, Civil Engineer, etc.
Medical (35) Surgeons & Asst Surgeons acting as Garrison, Police & Civil Surgeons.
Persons holding Appts in the civil dept, (47) under the Madras Presidency, specifically as:-
General Dept., e.g. Assay Master, Postmaster.
Judicial Dept., e.g. Chief Justice, Puisne Judge, Master in Equity, Advocate General, Coroner, Examiners, Clerks.
Marine Dept., e.g. Secretary to Marine Board, Master Attendant, etc.
N.B. Some if not all the above may be assumed to be Unc/S
1 May 1843 As 1842
1 May 1844 Index of M.C.S.; Index to Appendix. The latter shows those holding appts in the Civil Dept -General, Judicial and Marine, a total of 51
1 May 1845 Index of M.C.S.; Index to Appendix. The latter includes those additional to the C/S but who must be regarded as S/L: Clerical, Military and Medical. The rest - those holding appts in the Civil Dept in branches known as General (12), Judicial (15), Native Servants (138), Revenue (3)( Europeans & E Indian), Other Native Servants (62), (Seristadars) and Marine (8) - a total of 238 who are undoubtedly Unc/S. A big increase in Unc/Ss in 1845.
1 May 1846 As in 1845, there are the two Indexes, followed by Clerical, Military, and Medical Groups and 'A list of Uncovenanted Servants in the employ of Govt., Europeans and East Indians, as contradistinguished from natives of India holding appts in the Civil Dept in Madras Presidency on 1 May 1846 - this list in 1846 numbered 240.
1847-1851 L/F/10/118 IOR Neg 57135 (LDS microfilm 218 6522.)
C/S, S/L & Unc/S
1 May 1847 Index and list of Madras Civil Servants (M.C.S.); Index to Appendix plus list of Clerical, Military and Medical plus Uncovenanted Servants.
Members of the M.C.S (195) are listed under their usual 10 headings - their number more or less unchanged from 1842.
The Clerical number 33, Military are 48 and Medical are 35, i.e. 116 S/Ls. The rest of the Appendix are the Unc/S listed, e.g. -
“No. Name, Age, Married? Date & type of appt., and of previous appt., the period of residence in India, salary per mth, per yr.
4, CW West, 38.5.3, Yes, 9.2.38 Postmaster-Cannanore; 1820 none, 38. 5.3., 100R 1200R
There are 236 Unc/S
1 May 1848 Index M.C.S. (193 C/S); and Clerical (35), Military(53), Medical (30) and a new inclusion - Supreme Court of Judicature (11), i.e. 129 S/Ls.
Headings are - No., name, Appt, Specification of allowances, Mthly Salary, total Mthly salary, total Annual salary (Company R)
There is no listing of Unc/S
1849 -1850 As in 1848, with no Unc/S listed
1 May 1851 This shows an Index to the Madras Uncovenanted Service. The branches are General (9), Judicial(21),Native Servants (132),Revenue (2), Native Servants (63), Marine (9). A total of 236. No previous appts are shown for Native Servants
1853-1862 L/F/10/119 IOR Neg 57135-136 (LDS microfilms 218 6522 and 218 6523.)
C/S, S/L & Unc/S
1 May 1853 This shows details of two Unc/Ss of the Military Board Stud - Harry Dirrello, Head Asst., aged 31 years and J W Gaumisse, Asst., aged 42
1851 A printed sheet showing the Civil Service of Fort St George in 1851, presumably C/S staff.
1 May 1852 This has an Index of the Madras Uncovenanted Staff and a Register of Uncovenanted Staff.
The register shows servants I - 235, of whom the first 9 are in the General Dept, the next 10-30 in the Judicial Dept, 31-161 as Native Servants, 162-63 in the Revenue and a further group of Native Servants 164-226; finally 227-235 in the Marine.
1 May 1853 This includes the alphabetical index to the Madras Civil Service Register and an alphabetical index to the Appendix, this being in 4 parts, one for each of the 4 groups, the Eccles., the Military, the Medical and the Supreme Court of Judicature.
Thence follows a numerical Register of the EIC Covenanted Servants of 1 May 1853 showing firstly the unnumbered names of the Council Members and the Covenanted Servants all in order of precedence, Sen'r Merchants. Jun'r Merchants, etc (186 C/Ss).
Finally there is a numerical register of the Appendix of Clerical (1-38), Military (1-75), Medical (1-31) officers holding appts in the Civic Dept as well as the officers of the Supreme Court of Judicature (1-12)
There is no Unc/S Register for 1853.
1 May 1854 These include the Indexes and Register (182) of the M.C.S. and the Appendix but with no Unc/S listing.
1 May 1855 These include the Indexes and Register (180) of the M.C.S. and the Appendix but with no Unc/S listing.
1 May 1856 A printed list of the 'Distribution of the Civil Service in the Presidency of Fort St. George, presumably all C/S; dated 1 Jan 1857
The Indexes and Register of the M.C.S. Register and the Index to the Appendix as detailed in 4 separate sections.
The M.C.S. Register shows 182 members; apart from the Council Members, the others are shown by seniority: -1st class 35 yrs standing, 2nd 20 yrs, 3rd 12 yrs, 4th 8 yrs, 5th 4 yrs, 6th under 4 yrs.
The Appendix shows the Clerical branch 41, the Military 97, the Medical 30 and officers not in the Regular Services - the Judicature 30.
No 1856 Unc/S Register.
1857 No 1857 records in this volume, except the one filed under 1856
1858 There is a printed Register of E.I.C. Civil Servants of the Madras Presidency, including an Appendix of Clerical, Military, Medical and officers not in Regular Service holding employment in the Civil Dept.
No Unc/S Register
1859-1861 Similar to printed copy of 1858
1862 Civil Service Lists of 31 Mar 1862 and 30 Sep 1862