Miscellaneous appointments 1806-1875; Burma Railways 1922-1928

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Date range Record details
1806 - 1875 L/F/10/245 IOR 641 (LDS microfilms 217 9644 and 217 9645)
Covenanted Civil Service Appointments
This is an Alphabetical Index of Civilian Appointees, name and page No, plus occasional page extensions. The Headings are:-
Name, Date Nominated, Born, By whom nominated, To where nominated/appointed, recommended by, Appd?
Vernon Hugh Schalch, 3 Jan 1840, 8 Dec1822, W B Bayley Esq, Bengal, Late father & uncle V Schalch Esq 2 Dec 1841
The last one nominated under the old system of patronage: -
Philip Perceval Hutchins, 15 Jan 1856, 28 Jan 1838, St James W Hogg, Bart, Madras ,Madras , Voluntary Gift Jan 1858
More recent ones appointed under Provisions of Act 16 & 17 Vict., Cap. 97 of 1855.
Examined July 1855, Born 27 Jun 1833, Wells Butler, Appointed Civilian 25 Jun 1856.
Places of Education recorded after 1855, e.g.
Frederick Henry Fisher, born 13 Apr 1849, Educated Boston Grammar, University of London, Appointed to Bengal, Sailing Order 12 Sep 1870 via Bombay from Liverpool, 30 Sep 1870 , Sgd by FHF (signature of Appointee)
Printed booklets of 1870, 71 and 72, entitled, e.g.Candidates Selected in 1869 and Certificated in 1871, with details of Schools, Colleges, Honours & Prizes.
Last one quoted in Volume 245:-
James Drummond Anderson, born 11 Nov 1852 Bengal, Sailing Order 16 Sep 1875, via Southampton, 7 Oct 1875, 'Hydaspes' JDA. (signature of Appointee)
Civil and Uncovenanted Appointments, India, Bengal and North-Western Provinces 1864-1874
1 May 1864 L/F/10/246 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9645)
C/S, S/L and Unc/S
1a. Index to names and Nos. See also L/F/10/42
1b. List of H.M. Servants belonging to Bengal Civil Establishment, specifying their nos, names, original and present rank, commencement and term of residence in Bengal, non-residence, office, dates of appt , monthly and annual salaries actually drawn and amount tenable under limitations of Act 53 of George III Cap 155 and the Acts III & IV of William 4 Cap 85 at 1 May 1864. Headings:-
No., Name, Original and Present Rank, Commencement of residence, Subsequent Non- Residence (Furlough, MC & PA), Actual residence, Appt, Allowances, Monthly R., Total Mthly R., Annual Amount and Amount tenable as allowed by Acts.
List of Senior Officials - Gov.Gen'l, Lt Gov'rs, Puisne Judges, etc., follow, referred to as 'A' to 'Y'. A list of 567 civil servants, divided into Classes 1 ( >35yrs), 2 (> 20yrs), 3 (> 12yrs), 4 (>8 yrs), 5 ( >4yrs) and 6, (<4 yrs) and listed by seniority - also includes 'A' -'Y'.
2a. Appendage Index being a list of names related to Nos as defined in 2b. See also L/F/10/42
2b. List of Military Officers and others holding Appointments in the Civil Dept on 1 May 1864.
These include staff who have been recruited to numerous establishments and locations to undertake duties which might normally have been undertaken by Covenanted Servants, had there been a sufficient number of them. In many cases these additional Officers may well have been more suitably qualified to take up duties that did not arise in the days of the HEIC. In all there are 809 individuals in this Appendage List. The headings in their list read as follows:-
No, Name, Appt, Allowances, Total Monthly and Annual Salaries with allowances. It seems apt to regard all 809 as members of the Supernumeraries List (S/L)
3a. Index of Dept/Est by Page Nos - of India Depts and others like Govt Tel Office, Dacca Circle and East Coast Circle
3b. List of European Uncovenanted Servants under Govt of India on 1 May 1864, a total of 36 pages, listing by Name, Appt and Monthly Salary
4a. Index of Dept/Est by Page Nos. typically by General Branch, Judicial, Residency Office, Mofussil Office, Police Circles 1-6, Revenue via residency and mofussil, Customs, Salt, Opium, Marine, European Offices
4b. List of European Uncovenanted Staff under Govt of Bengal 1 May 1864 - 64 pages of Establishments showing Unc/S in each.
5a. Index of Covenanted Officers by name relating to C/S Numbers
5b. List of Covenanted Servants of the Bengal Establishment dated 1 May 1864; 229 names plus 4 from Bombay
6a. Index of Names related to numbers in List.
6b. List of Eccles., Medical, Military and other officers holding Civil Appts under Govt of the North-Western Provinces to be regarded as part of the S/L; 415 in number.
1 May 1866 L/F/10/247 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9645)
C/S and S/L
1a. Index of names related to Civil Servant Numbers in List. Manuscript copy. See L/F/10/42
1b. List of Civil Servants in India and Bengal - 577 including 'top' staff 'A'-'Y,' set out in order of precedence Classes I -VI
1 May 1866 2a. No Index See L/F/10/42
2b. List of Military Officers and others in Civil Dept, a total of 674. listed by Dept., including PWD and then numbered consecutively; includes several Sgts, Sub-Conductors and Conductors
1867-1874 L/F/10/248 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9646)
Military Department of India
1 Apr 1867 Printed List of Uncovenanted Civil Servants (E & EI) in offices of the Military Dept of the Govt of India. Last column has been amended to show E or EI(?) and whether one is born in India(?)
1 Apr 1868 Manuscript copy of 1 Apr 1868. Headings:- Name, Description of post, Salary, Residence in India.
1 Apr 1870-1871 Printed Lists of Military Dept.
1 Apr 1872-1874 Manuscript copies
1867-1869 L/F/10/249 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9646)
India and Bengal, Lists of Covenanted Civil Servants
Index of names relative to C/Ss' numbers - complements records in L/F/10/42. Headings:-
Nos, Names, Original and present ranks, Commencement and term of residence in India, Non-Residence, Appt, Date of, Mthly and Annual salaries, Salary actually drawn. Shown within classes I -VI. All manuscript but well presented.
1922-1928 L/F/10/250 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9646)
Burma Railways Ltd
6 monthly Staff Lists (all printed). Headings:-
Name and designations, Date of birth, Date of Appt to Railway, Present salary. Shows full abbreviation lists and full range of salary scales
1840-1871 L/F/10/251 IOR Neg 43153 (LDS microfilm 217 9646)
Actuarial examination of Bengal, Madras and Bombay Civilians' Records
Dates of retirement, of death and location, etc.
1854-1893 L/F/10/252 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9646)
C/S and S/L
Certification of Covenanted Civil Servants (all-India)
1858-1862 Civilians:- Certificate Nos 611-850
e.g. Cert. No 613; Name, Henry Mangles; Authority of Court ,14 Dec 1853; Presidency, Bengal ;Date of Certificate, 10 Jun 1854, Route, Overland June 1854
1854-1893 Assistant and Junior Chaplains:- Cert. Nos 130 - 482
1854-1860 Navy Volunteers and Captains' Clerks:- Cert. Nos 185-325
1854-1860 Pilot Volunteers:- Cert. Nos 143-202
1854-1856 Students to Haileybury College:- Cert Nos 738 - 831