Patna & Gaya State Railway

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The Patna & Gaya State Railway was constructed by the State in 1879. From 1882 worked by the East Indian Railway(EIR) and from 1892 incorporated into the EIR becoming the ‘Patra-Gya Branch’ [1].

The broad gauge(BG) line, with a length of 57 miles (92km), connected Patna on the Howrah-Delhi EIR Main Line and Gaya on the Grand Chord EIR Line both in the Indian state of Bihar [2].


  • Vans Righy was deployed from the Public Works Department from 1875 to 1880 as Executive Engineer on the Tirhoot State Railway. In 1880 he became Manager and Superintendent Way and Works. His resposibility jointly included Patna & Gaya State Railway. He retained this position until transferred in 1886 [3].


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