Punjab Civil Establishments 1870-1877 and Uncovenanted Servants 1857-1900

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Punjab Civil Eastablishments

Date range Record details
1 Apr 1870 L/F/10/212 IOR Neg 57201 (LDS microfilm 217 9555)
C/S and Unc/S
Detailed Statement of Salaries and Establishment of the Punjab. Headings as follows:-
Dept and Date of G.O. Date of appt of each incumbent, Name, Appt, Monthly Salary and Allowances, Total.
Index of Establishments includes 'Office' and 'Page No'.
Includes following Depts:-
General, Marine, Education, Medical, Eccles.(General Dept includes Lt Governor), 469 establishments; Revenue and Judicial, 273 establishments; Police, 79 establishments
1 Apr 1872 L/F/10/213 IOR Neg 57201 (part only filmed) (LDS microfilms 217 9555 and 217 9556)
C/S and Unc/S
Similar to Vol 212. Index of Establishments includes 'Office' and 'Page'. Includes similar Depts:-
General with 647 establishments, Revenue and Judicial with 261 and Police with 75
1874 L/F/10/214 Not filmed (LDS microfilms 217 9556 and 217 9557)
C/S and Unc/S
Imperial Services. Index of 'Offices' and 'Pages'. 1-156.Detailed Statements include 'ages'. Includes Revenue, Judicial, Ecclesiastical.
Provincial Services. Index of 'Offices' and 'Pages', 1 - 234. Shown as Jails, Police, Schools, Medical and others.
L/F/10/215 Not filmed (LDS microfilms 217 9557 and 217 9558)
C/S and Unc/S
1876 Imperial Services. One page index relating offices to pages and amounts, i.e. locate in appropriate heading and check the page numbers 1-213 for details.
The Imperial Services have Revenue Head numbers as follows: 4 Land Revenue, 6.Excise on Spirits & Drugs, 11 Stamps, 15 Administration, 16 Minor,17 Law & Justice, 19 Eccles and 21 Political.
1876 Provincial Services. The headings are Establishment, Amount, Total of each grant, Grant No or Head, Page No.
The Grant Nos are 3 Jails, 4 Registration, 5 Police, 6 Press, 8 Jail Press, 10 Cemeteries. Jails are listed pp 1-30, Registration p41, etc…..Cemeteries p177.
1877 Imperial Services. The index is not complete - No., Office, Pages, No amounts. The only relevant items for family history research are the Offices and pages.
The 1st 110 pages refer to Deputy Commissioner establishments, 111-113 refer to Forests and Rukhs, 114 to Distilleries.
There are no further entries in the Index but pages go to 232.
1877 Provincial Services. The index shows Offices and Pages. Pages go 1-230.

Punjab Uncovenanted Servants

Date range Record details
1857-1867 L/F/10/216 Not filmed (LDS microfilm 217 9559)
1 May 1857 Alphabetical Index of staff
1. List of Uncovenanted Europeans employed in Punjab Civil Dept, compiled by alphabetical order of Districts; then within the Depts of Judicial, Revenue and General where the number of Europeans is shown in each department. All Europeans are then numbered consecutively 1-134 and it is these numbers that are listed on the Alphabetical List. The List headings are:-
District, Dept, No., Name, Age, Date of appt, Marr/Unmarr., Appt, Salary, Period of former service in Govt employ and Period of Residence in India
2. Alphabetical List of Uncovenanted East Indians in Punjab with same headings as above; total 113.
3. Alphabetical. List of Uncovenanted Natives employed in Civil Depts in Punjab. Age is shown, marital status is not; total 449.
1 May 1858 As above, Europeans (161), East Indians (126) and Native (503); all with Alphabetical Indexes.
1 May 1859 As above, Europeans (149), East Indians (118) and Natives (386)
1 May 1864 Index and List of Unc/S Europeans in Punjab in order of District, then branch and finally consecutively beginning to end, 1-307.
1 May 1864 Index of Establishments with Page Nos. On each page is shown the District, Dept or Office, name, age, appt, salary. Within each district, names are entered by salary.
Index and List of Uncovenanted Europeans, East Indians and Natives in offices; Headings:- District, Dept., Name, Age, Appt and Salary; 236 pp.
1 May 1864 Index of Police Establishments (pp 1-93) with details of Police:- Europeans, East Indians and Natives.
1 May 1865 Index of Establishments 1-185. List of Uncovenanted Europeans. Headings as follows:-
Name, age, date of Appt, grade, salary, Date of first entering service, period of residence in India
1 May 1865 Index of Establishments 1-420. List of Uncovenanted East Indians and Natives in Govt employ in various establishments with headings as follows:-
District, Dept, Name, Age, Appt & salary.
1 Apr 1867 Index of Establishments 1-259. Then collection of 1-259 'C' forms, completed for Europeans and East Indians only. Headings:-
Name, Appt, Salary and Period of residence in India
1869-1878 L/F/10/217 IOR Neg 57202 (part only filmed) (LDS microfilms 217 9559 and 217 9594)
1 Apr 1869 Index of Establishments/pages (‘C’ forms). Each page shows Unc/S at each establishment (269 pages). Headings:-
Names, Description of Post, Salary, Period of residence in India.
1 Apr 1870 Index of Establishments/pages (259 pages). ‘C’ forms modified to show 'period of residence in India while in Govt service'.
1 Apr 1872 Index of Establishments/pages (134 ‘C’ forms). Europeans and East Indians shown as Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff.
1 Apr 1873 Index of Establishments/pages (116 ‘C’ forms). Each page halved, gazetted above and non-gazetted below.
1 Apr 1877 Index of Establishments/pages (163 ‘C’ forms).
1 Apr 1878 Index of Establishments/pages (109 ‘C’ Forms). Europeans and East Indians.
1880-1889 L/F/10/218 IOR Neg 57202-203 (LDS microfilms 217 9594 and 217 9595)
1 Apr 1880 1. List of establishments, but no page numbers.
2. Alphabetical List of Staff:- Name, District, Salary, Period of residence in India while in service of Govt.
3. List of districts with staff detail, indicating Gazetted and non-Gazetted.
1 Apr 1882 Collection of ‘C’ forms, Europeans and East Indians, gazetted or non-gazetted - not numbered.
1 Apr 1884 C’ forms not numbered and no list of Establishments.
1886 -1889 C’ forms not numbered and no list of Establishments.
L/F/10/219 IOR Neg 57203 (LDS microfilm 217 9595)
1 Apr 1891-1893 No index to unnumbered ‘C’ forms or to Establishments; typical form List of Uncovenanted Officers, Europeans and East Indians, Gazetted and Non-Gazetted.
1 Apr 1894-1895 As above but includes extra question whether individual is Europeans or East Indian?
L/F/10/220 IOR Neg 57204 (LDS microfilm 217 9596)
1896-1899 Lists of Europeans and East Indians, Gazetted and non-Gazetted, in each Establishment but with no numbers.
1 Apr 1900 Shows a list of Uncovenanted Europeans or East Indians, Gazetted or non-Gazetted, Railway policemen in the NW Railway District
Includes 1 Assistant Inspector General, 1 Deputy Superintendent of Police, 1 Assistant Superintendent of Police, 7 Inspectors, 9 Platoon Sergeants., 2 Deputy Inspectors.