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The Bazar Roorkee.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 29.874858°N 77.889928°E
Altitude: 268 m (879 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Roorkee
State/Province: Uttarakhand
Country: India
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Roorkee was the headquarters of the tahsil of the same name and a cantonnement in Saharanpur District, United Provinces. Home of Thomason College for Military Engineers studying to join the Public Works Department and Headquarters for the Bengal Sappers and Royal Engineers in Bengal.

The establishment of Thomason College at Roorkee in 1847 was linked to the construction of the Upper Ganga Canal, the most important irrigation project being undertaken at the time. In his propoasal submitted to Government, the Lt .Governor James Thomason, had justified the location on the basis that the establishment forming at Roorkee, near the Solani Aqueduct on the Ganga Canal, afforded particular facilities for instructing Civil Engineers [1] and one of the first places in India to use Railways for Construction.


Spelling variants

Modern name: Roorkee
Variants: Rourkee, Rourke, Rurki

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  • William Holmes, later Lt. Col. John David William Holmes MC, born 1877, in his Autobiography, Chapter 2 (from The Progonion) describes a year studying at the Civil and Military Engineering College at Roorkee c 1897 ( scroll about a third of the way down the page)

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