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47th Regiment of Foot

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External Links
*''A short history of the Loyal Regiment'' 1965
== External Links links ==
*[ 47th Foot] Wikipedia<br>
*[ Loyal North Lancashire Regiment] Wikipedia<br>
*[ Lancashire Infantry Museum], includes the East Lancashire Regiment ([[30th Regiment of Foot|30th]] and [[59th Regiment of Foot|59th]] of Foot), the South Lancashire Regiment ([[40th Regiment of Foot|40th]] and [[82nd Regiment of Foot|82nd]] of Foot), the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (47th and [[81st Regiment of Foot|81st]] of Foot)
*[ "The high cost of life in India"] 14 July 2016. British Library Untold lives blog. States that inspection of two pages of the Bombay Burial Register, covering 26 March-9 July 1812 reveals nineteen entries for burials of individuals connected with the 47th Regiment.
*[ Memorial to those who died 1st Bn The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) during the stay of the Battalion in India 11.1925-2.1936] All Souls Church, Cawnpore. , now archived.
*[ “The Regimental History of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment”], now an archived webpage.
:The constituent regiments are the [[4th Regiment of Foot|4th]], [[8th Regiment of Foot|8th]], [[30th Regiment of Foot|30th]], [[34th Regiment of Foot|34th]], [[40th Regiment of Foot|40th]], [[47th Regiment of Foot|47th]], [[55th Regiment of Foot|55th]], [[59th Regiment of Foot|59th]], [[63rd Regiment of Foot|63rd]], [[81st Regiment of Foot|81st]], [[82nd Regiment of Foot|82nd]] and [[96th Regiment of Foot|96th]] Regiments of Foot.

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