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Shortcuts to this page: ImageOL or imageol. See also Upload images.

Image Origin and License
License: {{{License}}}
Author: {{{Author}}}
Source: {{{Source}}}
URL of original file: {{{URL}}}
Alterations: {{{Alterations}}}
See this template and instructions


This template should be used on any image you upload. Please do not upload images that are subject to copyright.

To use the template paste the following text into the Summary box on the upload page (or later, copy onto the image page):


How to fill out the template

Please fill in all applicable fields.

  • License: You must include any license that comes with the image. A link to the license is fine. If the photograph/image is your own work, please give it a license when uploading.
  • Author: Add the name of the author of the work.
  • Source: Either Own Work, a website name, the name of a book scanned from etc.
  • URL: The web address of the original file (if applicable).
  • Alterations: Detail any alterations you have made to the image.

Examples of the template in use

Image Origin and License
License: Creative Commons Attr 2.0
Author: Priya Sivaraman
Source: Wikimedia Commons
URL of original file: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kannur_fort_chapel.jpg
Alterations: reduced size & quality (for upload), very roughly darkened date stamp
See this template and instructions

See other example on Image:Fort Dansborg.jpg and Image:Delhi, Saint James Church.jpg