27th Light Cavalry

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'27th & 26th Lt Cavalry' from a painting by Major A. C. Lovett


  • 1776 raised as the 3rd Regiment of Native Cavalry (Stevenson's), Nawab of Arcot's Army
  • 1784 became the 3rd Madras Native Cavalry,transferred to British service
  • 1784 became the 1st Madras Native Cavalry
  • 1786 became the 4th Madras Native Cavalry
  • 1788 became the 2nd Madras Native Cavalry
  • 1819 became the 2nd Madras Light Cavalry
  • 1886 became the 2nd Regiment of Madras Lancers
  • 1901 became the 2nd Madras Lancers
  • 1903 became the 27th Light Cavalry
  • 1922 became the 16th Light Cavalry
  • 1947 allocated to India at independence and partition

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  • 16th Light Cavalry Wikipedia
  • 27th Light Cavalry britishempire.co.uk. Contains an image titled Subadar-Major c 1901. This is an image taken from the book Types of the Indian Army: Illustrating the Races Enlisted in the Bengal, Punjab, Madras & Bombay Armies by Frederick Bremner Quetta c 1895-1897. The caption in the book states that the officer is a Subadar-Major and that he is a Madrasi Musulman of the Carnatic.
  • Letters written by Thomas Gilbert to his parents and other family members, chiefly from India. State Library of South Australia. Catalogue link.
Page 34. 7.8.16. As part of the Indian Army Reserve of Officers, he was attached to 27th Light Cavalry at Lucknow, until he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, at the end of the year.

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