O&RR Railway Workshops

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O&RR Railway Workshops

The following workshops were operated by the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway (O&RR).
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Alambagh Railway Workshop
Alambagh lies about 4 miles(7km) north-west of the centre of Lucknow. It was the site of a maintenance facility, set up in 1865 by the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway (O&RR) for the routine overhaul and repair of carriages and wagons. In time, the workshop grew to become one of the major centres in India for the construction of new coaching and goods stock, as well as its restoration and repair [1].

Charbagh Railway Workshop
Construction for the Charbagh workshop was started by the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway (O&RR) in 1867 to prepare for its needs of locomotive and carriage maintenance in the [[Lucknow area after it secured a contract to build a large broad gauge(BG) railway system in the area north of the Ganga. 1867 was also the year that the company had finished construction of the light metre gauge(MG) line between Lucknow andCawnpore.
Originally almost all the staff of the Charbagh workshop was from Great Britain, however within a few years a large number of Indians were also employed, including many from Bihar and also the Jamalpur workshop repair [2].

Lucknow Railway Workshop
The Imperial Gazetteer of India reported that there were two railway workshops in Lucknow, employing between them 3,400 hands in 1903. It can be reasonably assumed that one of these was operated by O&RR. The second is most likely that of the Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway (R&KR) [3].