Kissengunge-Kotchandpur-Magura Branch Survey

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Kissengunge-Kotchandpur-Magura Branch Survey

Kissengunge-Kotchandpur-Magura Branch Survey is the description used in the Report 1894-1898 [1] as a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) proposal.
The Report reads “Proposals were made by a branch line company for a railway from Kissengunge via Kotchandpur to Magura and surveys have been made, but a decision on the proposals awaits the result of further surveys for the alternative line put forward by the Bengal Railway Company from Bongong to Kotchandpur”.

This raises several questions:-

  • Kissengunge has not been located, not to be confused with town of same name in Punjab. Presumably a junction on the East Bengal Railway mainline
  • Kotchandpur and Magura have been located, about 30 miles(48km) apart and no railway was ever constructed between these two towns
  • Bongong (Bangaon) which was a station on the East Bengal Railway which was formally the Bengal Central Railway. This broad gauge(BG) line opened in 1884 via Jessore to Koolna(Khulna).
  • Bongong (Bangaon) to Kotchandpur line was not constructed.

Conclusion – this proposal did not proceed