Patna-Gaya Tramway, 1854

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Patna-Gaya Tramway, 1854

The India Office Records (IOR) records held at the British Library provide the following information:-

The civil engineer in the Punjab, Lieutenant Peile had discussed the supply of materials for a tram way along the Gya - Patna Road with his brother in England. The request to supply the equipment required from his brother was made in 12 June 1854. Although this was against the norm an exception was made. This was granted on 8 November 1854 [1].

The main road between Patna and Gya (now named Gaya) is a distance of 61 miles(98km).

No further information has been found concerning this tramway. It is not know if it was constructed.

Later Developments

The Patna & Gaya State Railway was constructed by the State in 1879. From 1882 worked by the East Indian Railway(EIR) and from 1892 incorporated into the EIR becoming the ‘Patra-Gya Branch’ [2]. The broad gauge(BG) line, with a length of 57 miles (92km), connected Patna on the Howrah-Delhi EIR Main Line and Gaya on the Grand Chord EIR Line both in the Indian state of Bihar [3].

It is significant that the above railway follows the line of the Patna to Gaya main road for much of the route. It has not been possible to find more information


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