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Hoonsoor, situated about 30 miles west of the town of Mysore, was circa 1844, the head quarters of the Public Cattle Department

At Hoohsoor, there were always a number of elephants and camels, and a supply of horned cattle fit for service.

There was a tannery which supplied leather for army equipment, and a wood yard, in which barrack and hospital cots were manufactured.

Spelling variants

Hunsur, Hoonsoor

Historical books online

  • "Description of the station and Farm of Hoonsoor" page 90, Report on the Medical Topography and Statistics, of the Mysore Division of the Madras Army Compiled from the Records of the Medical Board Office, Madras 1844 Google Books (This book is located at the back of another book file)
    • Includes information about diseases of the animals.