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Kumaon was a division of British India. Important towns of Kumaon include Nainital, Almora, and Ranikhet.

The Jim Corbett National Park is approximately 65 kilometres (40 miles) from Nainital

"My father worked for a company that would send him to that region every year for 3 months, mostly in Haldwani and Ramnager area not far from the Jim Corbett National Park. I remember that it was so remote it took us days and days to arrive, sometimes over swollen rivers which we had to ford on horseback. When weather and roads permitted we drove to nearly all the small areas, towns and villages right up to the boarder of Nepal" [1]

Spelling variants

Modern name: Kumaon
Variants: Kumaun/Kumaoon

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Historical books online

  • General and Medical topography of Kalee Kemaoon and Shore Valley, with sketches of the cantonments of Lohooghaut and Petoragurh by Assistant Surgeon William Dollard 1840. With a Map. British Library Digital Collection.
  • "Kumaoon" page 123 The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer, Volume II 1841. Includes the cantonments of Lohooghaut and Petoragurh Google Books
  • Man Eaters Of Kumaon by Jim Corbett originally published 1944 Archive.org
  • The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Corbett originally published 1947 Archive.org
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  • Jungle Lore by Jim Corbett originally published 1953 Archive.org
  • The Temple Tiger and more Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett originally published 1954 Archive.org
  • The Himalayan Districts of the North Western Provinces of India Volumes I, II and III by Edwin T Atkinson published 1882, 1884, 1886 as Volumes X, XI, XII of Statistical, descriptive and historical account of the North-Western Provinces of India Volume I/Volume X, Volume II/Volume XI,Volume III/Volume XII Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
    • The Himalayan Gazetteer or the Himalayan Districts of the North Western Provinces of India by Edwin T Atkinson in 3 Volumes (6 Parts) is available, in a reprint edition. Covers the regions of Kumaon and Garhwal. This area is now the state of Uttarakhand. Volume 1, part 1 Contents digital page 12; Volume 1, part 2 Contents dp 12, Index dp 536; Volume 2, part 1 Contents dp18; Volume 2, part 2 Contents dp 16 Index dp 458, includes History of the British in the area; Volume 3, part 1 Contents dp 10 Place names A-J; Volume 3, part 2 Contents dp 8 Place names K-Z. Vol. 1, Part 1 (handle/2015/95851); Vol. 1, Part 2 (handle/2015/97345); Vol. 2, Part 1 (handle/2015/95852); Vol. 2, Part 2 (handle/2015/96527); Vol. 3, Part 1 (handle/2015/95853); Vol. 3, Part 2 (handle/2015/95854). Additional files are available for Volume 3.
    Originally from the Digital Library of India, with mirror versions on Archive.org for Himalayan Gazetteer. If you have problems locating the above volumes, use the final number as a search term, example 2015.95851
  • Angling in the Kumaun Lakes by W Walker MD [Depy.Surgeon-General] 1888 Archive.org


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