1st Regiment of Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force

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Known as 51st Sikhs


  • 1846 raised by Captain J. S. Hodgson at Hoshiarpur as 1st Sikh Infantry
  • 1846-7 1st-4th Sikh Regiments formed as the Infantry of the Frontier Brigade
  • 1847 became 1st Regiment of Sikh Local Infantry
  • 1851 Frontier Brigade became the Punjab Irregular Force (Piffers) including the Corps of Guides, Punjab Irregular Force
  • 1865 became 1st Regiment of Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force
  • 1903 became 51st Sikhs (Frontier Force)
  • 1922 became 1st Battalion (Prince of Wales' Own Sikhs) 12th Frontier Force Regiment
  • 1945 became 1st Battalion (PWO Sikhs) Frontier Force Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to Pakistan on Partition
  • 1957 became 3rd Battalion Frontier Force Regiment

Battle Honours

Regimental history

The Frontier Force Regiment, compiled by Brigadier W. E. H. Condon 1962. Available online, see below.

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Historical books online

There was a subsequent edition, with history to 1920, published 1929, available at the British Library UIN: BLL01006690188