25th Cavalry (Frontier Force)

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  • 1849 raised in Multan as 5th Regiment of Punjab Cavalry by Capt Robert Fitzpatrick of the 12th Bombay Native Infantry
  • 1851 retitled the 5th Regiment of Cavalry, Punjab Irregular Force
  • 1861 became the 5th Punjab Cavalry, Punjab Frontier Force
  • 1903 became the 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
  • 1921 merged with the 22nd Cavalry to become 22/25th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
  • 1922 became the 12th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
  • 1937 became the permanent training regiment of the 2nd Indian Cavalry Group

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Historical books online

  • "The Devil - My Friend" by Charles Trehane, page 338 True World War I Stories 1999, being a reprint of Everyman at War: Sixty Personal Narratives of the War edited by C. B. Purdom 1930. Captain C H Trehane 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force), I A, was in German East Africa in 1917. Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library.