Action at Kandahar

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Action at Kandahar
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 29 May 1842
Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 31.61088°N 65.700272°E
Result: British victory
Maj Gen Sir William Nott Aktar Khan
Atta Mahomed
Prince Sufter Jung
1 killed
51 wounded
400 killed and wounded


After declaring friendship with the British Aktar Khan once again threw in his lot with the Durrani chiefs. Believing that Nott's reduced force was insufficient to defend Kandahar and to fight an action outside the walls, on 29 May 1842 he crossed the Urgandab River and approached within a mile of the city with a force of 6,000 horse and foot. General Nott sent out Colonel Stacy with two regiments of infantry to disperse the enemy and, when it was clear they were determined on an engagement, he set out himself with the 41st Foot. The tribesmen were occupying some low hills which were stormed and the cavalry cut up the fugitives. Major Rawlinson with the Parsewan Horse pursued the enemy almost capturing Mahomed Atta. The Ghazis retreated towards the Baba Wullee Pass and Nott drew off his attack. The next day the Durrani force split up and were no longer a threat to the Kandahar garrison. Shortly afterwards Prince Sufter Jung surrendered.

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