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East Indian Railway Volunteers 1874

The East Indian Railway Regiment was an auxiliary regiment under the Bengal command. It included staff of the East Indian Railway.

Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1888, in respect of Jamalpur,

"On Tuesdays and Fridays the volunteers parade. A and B Companies, 150 strong in all, of the E.I.R. Volunteers, are stationed here with the band. Their uniform, grey with red facings, is not lovely, but they know how to shoot and drill. They have to. The ‘Company’ makes it a condition of service that a man must be a volunteer; and volunteer in something more than name he must be, or someone will ask the reason why. Seeing that there are no regulars between Howrah and Dinapore, the ‘Company’ does well in exacting this toll."[1]

By 1906, the Corps was 2,300 strong, with the Armoury and Head Quarters staff located at Jamalpur.[2]




In 1901:[3]

  • Headquarters - Jamalpore
  • Uniform - Khaki drill
  • Motto - "Strong without Rage."

By 1940:[5]

  • Uniform - Khaki
  • Facings - White
  • Badge - Crest of the East India Railway Company surmounted by a crown which is encircled by a laurel wreath with the words "East Indian Railway Regiment Auxillary Force" and the motto.
  • 2 battalions

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