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A Luso-Indian Voyage by Chris Pereira. An excellent article describing research into Goan family history. Available in Fibis Journal No7 Also updated in Fibis fact File no 1 Researching Anglo Indian Ancestry - available from Fibis Shop


  • Goa Church Records. Details of microfilms/digitised microfilms available from FamilySearch
  • Department of Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa. Records include "registers of Baptism, Births & Deaths, Deeds & Wills as well as some very useful records from churches in Goa". Most of the records are in Portuguese & Marathi (Modi) though quite a few documents are also in Sanskrit, Persian, English, French & Vietnamese. it is not known whether these records have been filmed by the LDS.
  • The BACSA Archive at the British Library includes the article "British Cemetery in Goa" by Dr P P Shirodkhar in Purabhilekh-Puratatva vol 1, no 1 (July-Dec 1983) pp 121-129 (Journal of the Directorate of Archives, Archaeology and Museum, Panaji- Goa). British Library catalogue reference Mss Eur F370/1235 . For those who have access to HathiTrust Digital Library through their University, this article may be accessed online, catalogue entry.

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"Only British Cemetery in Goa" YouTube video.
  • "The Croats of Goa" by Kritika Sarda. June 27th 2017. Live History India. Traders from Dubrovnik arrived in Portuguese Goa sometime between 1530 -1535 and later founded their own colony, Sao Braz.

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