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The London Metropolitan Archives contains some overseas records previously held at the Guildhall Library, in addition to many other records, including Absent Voters Lists for the London area.

Overseas records

The London Metropolitan Archives contains some overseas records which are explained in the FamilySearch Wiki article, "British Births, Marriages and Deaths Overseas", refer External links below which states

"The situation is … complicated and unsatisfactory, with different returns at the London Metropolitan Archives, The National Archives and the General Register Office. The three series overlap and sometimes duplicate each other. In cases of difficulty all three series should undoubtedly be searched".

See catalogue references DL/E/A to DL/E/E for papers relating to the Diocese of London Overseas Jurisdiction; CLC/318 for the Diocese in Europe and CLC/319 for the Diocese of Gibraltar. The transcripts of some of the church records are held in Overseas Jurisdiction: Register Transcripts Reference Code: DL/E/E from Collection: Diocese Of London. Click on “Level Down” at the foot of the page for individual items. (If the "LeveL Down" tab is inactive, you may need to re-enter the LMA Home Page, click on "Search the catalogue", and search again.) However, some church records are recorded outside this classification, e.g. for Malta CLC/408. Examples of records held are:

  • DL/E/E/056/MS11215A Transcripts of Baptisms 1875-8 and Marriages 1877 at The Mission Chapel, Julfa, Persia.
  • DL/E/E/059/MS11218 Transcripts of baptisms 1820-38, marriages 1822-38 and burials 1821-38 at Macao, and burials 1820-4 at Whampoa (registered at Macao), with certificates of marriages at the China Inland Mission at Wanhsien 1934, and Chengtu 1935

Note, some records from the London Metropolitan Archives are available on the pay website Ancestry, see External links below, but not the overseas records, Although the LMA advised in January 2015 "we have added the overseas parish records to the list of material for consideration in regard to digitisation", to date (2019/01) these are still unavailable.

FamilySearch (LDS) microfilms

Some overseas records from the LMA are available on FamilySearch (LDS) digitised microfilms, including some where index records have been transcribed which are searchable. Sign in to FamilySearch is require to view the records.
Catalogue entries:

  • Baptisms, 1875-1879 Marriages, 1877 Julfa Iran film 574493 Item 2. Index records are available which are searchable.
  • Foreign registers, 1785-1891; index, 1816-1865. Following the order of the microfilm catalogue, the equivalent LMA catalogue entries appear to be
    • one item (of two) from DL/E/E/004/MS10926C Photocopies of the indexes to the "International Memoranda" [MS 10926]
    • two items (of thirteen) from DL/E/E/003/MS10926 "International Memoranda" of Registrations of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (and also a few Births and Deaths) Overseas
    • DL/E/E/020/MS10446G Transcript of baptisms 1795-1832, marriages 1785-1832 and burials 1801-32 at the chaplaincy in Smyrna, (Izmir) Turkey
    • DL/E/E/024/MS10891C Original marriage licences and allegations 1828-9, 1835 and 1837 for ceremonies held at the British Embassy, Paris.
    • The majority of the films appear to be from DL/E/E/005/MS11224 Certificates of baptisms, marriages and burials solemnized chiefly at diplomatic missions and transmitted to the bishop of London for registration (in MS 10926) and filing. [95 subsets] (Most, but not all, of these records will also be included in those available at the General Register Office).
  • Original certificates of baptisms and marriages of British subjects abroad, solemnized or registered at diplomatic representations. Index records for most of the digitised microfilms are available which are searchable. The relationship of these records to the records described in the previous film (Foreign registers, 1785-1891) is not clear, but from the title they may also be part of DL/E/E/005/MS11224. However, as the Foreign Office is also noted as an author, most, but probably not all, of these records will also be included in those available at the General Register Office.
  • Baptisms and marriages for British subjects in foreign countries, 1816-1836 576992 Item 3. includes a reference to the baptism record of Philip Anderson, 1818, from the Presidency of Bombay (India). Although the catalogue states Index records are available which are searchable, this appears to be an incorrect statement.
  • FamilySearch microfilm series "Licensing papers, 1660-1858", catalogue entry. “Papers include certificates of appointment, testimonials and nominations, relating to the licensing of curates, lecturers, chaplains (including East India Company and foreign chaplains)….” Microfilm of original manuscripts in Guildhall Library, London, now in the London Metropolitan Archives.
  • See FamilySearch Centres for details of digitised microfilms which may be viewed at a FamilySearch Centre on a FamilyHistory computer. Additionally some may be viewed at FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries.

Absent Voters Lists

The AVLs are for the London area. These records may possibly be included in the Ancestry (pay website) database "London, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1965". There is also a separate Ancestry database 'UK, Absent Voter Lists, 1918-1925, 1939" with records for London, source unknown. See British Army-Absent Voters Lists for more details about this category of records. Also see External links, below.

External links

2010 version of London Metropolitan Archives Research Guide 8, now archived. (6 pages)
"Births Marriages and Deaths Overseas" 2004 version. Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section (the previous holder of these records), now an archived webpage.

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