Mutiny at Delhi

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Mutiny at Delhi
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 11-16 May 1857
Location: Delhi National Capital Region
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 28.656233°N 77.241066°E
Result: Sepoy victory

This event was part of the Delhi Campaign during the Indian Mutiny



Following the uprisings at Meerut and elsewhere mutineers converged on Delhi. The 54th BNI were marched in to restore order but shot their officers and joined the mutiny. The sepoys then killed all the Europeans they came across. A party of officers and NCOs defended the magazine until their field guns were out of ammunition. Conductor Scully then blew up the arms store perishing in the process. A number of women and children, including George Buckley's wife & four children, who had taken refuge in the magazine were also killed. The rebels took possession of the city.

Native Regiments

Defenders of the Magazine

  • Lieut George Dobson Willoughby, Bengal Artillery, Deputy Commissary at Delhi - escaped to the Cashmere Gate
  • Lieut William Raynor, Ordnance Dept - escaped to Meerut
  • Lieut George Forrest, Ordnance Dept - escaped to the Cashmere Gate
  • Conductor John Buckley, Deputy Assistant Commissary Ordnance Dept - escaped to Meerut
  • Conductor George William Shaw, Ordnance Dept
  • Conductor John Scully, Bengal Commissariat - killed in the explosion
  • Sub-Conductor William Crow
  • Sergeant Edwards
  • Sergeant Peter Stewart, Bengal Artillery

European Casualties

A few mentioned in records

  • Commissioner Frazer
  • Assistant Commissioner Captain Douglas
  • Conductor Scully
  • Colonel Knyvett, 38th BNI
  • Colonel Ripley, 54th BNI
  • Captain Smith, 54th BNI
  • Captain Burrows, 54th BNI
  • Lieutenant Butler, 54th BNI
  • Lieutenant Edwardes, 54th BNI
  • Lieutenant Waterfield, 54th BNI
  • Ensign Angelo, 54th BNI
  • Captain Gordon, 74th BNI
  • Lieutenant Addington, 74th BNI
  • Lieutenant Reveley, 74th BNI
  • Lieutenant Hyslop, 74th BNI
  • Rev Mr Jennings
  • Miss Jennings
  • Miss Clifford
  • 345 other casualties

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