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== Expedition Force ==
== Expedition Force ==
*[[Madras Artillery]] (43 officers and men)
*[[Madras Artillery]] (43 officers and men)
*[[1st Madras (European) Fusiliers|1st & 3rd European Battalion]] (350 officers and men)
*[[1st Madras (European) Fusiliers|1st European Battalion]] and [[3rd Madras (European) Infantry|3rd European Battalion]] (350 officers and men)
*100 Pioneers
*100 [[Madras Sappers and Miners|Pioneers]]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Seizure of Malacca
Part of Malacca and the Spice Islands
Date: 18 August 1795
Location: Malacca, Malaysia
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 2.2002606°N 102.2502°E
Result: British occupation
East India Company Dutch
Maj. Archibald Brown

Expedition Force

External Links

Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India Vol VI - Expedition to Malacca archive.org