Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway

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The Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway (KBR) was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) line, the first section between Kalabagh and Bannu, 89 miles(142km) opened in 1913.

Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway

The line initially ran from Kalabagh where there was a ferry over the Indus River (which was replaced by a bridge in 1931) to Bannu at the head of the Tochi Valley, which was the main route from India into Afghanistan. Construction of the line had commenced by 1911 using equipment on loan from the Light Military Reserve Railway - see separate page for information [1].

In 1913 locomotives were purchased from the Kalka-Simla Railway for further construction work:-

Line Extensions

The railways were worked by and finally merged into North Western Railway(NWR) with ownership of the line being passed to NWR in Apr 1921

Further Information

See North Western Railway


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