Warren Hastings

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Warren Hastings

Warren Hastings PC (1732–1818) was the first Governor-General of India. He joined the East India Company, went to Calcutta in 1750 and rose to be Resident at Murshidabad. After the conquest of Bengal he returned to England but ran up large debts. He returned to India as deputy ruler of Madras. In 1772 he was appointed Governor of Bengal. He made enemies among the East India Company councillors and his reputation in England was damaged. He eventually resigned in 1785 and returned home. Far from receiving the honours he felt he deserved he was impeached for corruption and it was eight years before he was finally acquitted. He eventually became a Privy Councillor.

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Selections From The State Papers Of The Governors General Of India edited by G W Forrest. Volume I Warren Hastings, Volume II Warren Hastings 1910 Archive.org.