2nd Maratha War

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2nd Maratha War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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East India Company Maratha Empire
Result: British victory
Medals: Army of India Medal 1799-1826
Clasps: Allighur, Battle of Delhi, Assaye, Asseerghur, Laswarree, Argaum, Gawilghur, Defence of Delhi, Battle of Deig, Capture of Deig
Category: 2nd Maratha War
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2nd Maratha War
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The British became involved in a power struggle within the Maratha government partly to counter increasing French influence. The Marathas were defeated at a series of battles by Lord Lake and Arthur Wellesley and the Treaties of Deogaon and Anjangaon ceded large areas of territory to the British.


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A History of the Mahrattas, Volume II of a 1921 two volume reprint edition by James Grant Duff. Revised annotated edition with an Introduction by S M Edwardes, late of the Indian Civil Service. (Volume I) Archive.org.