84th Punjab Regiment

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Known as 24th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry in the Madras Army
Known as 84th Punjabis in the Indian Army


  • 1794 formed as 34th Madras Battalion
  • 1797 became 2nd Battalion, 12th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1824 became 24th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1885 became 24th Madras Infantry
  • 1903 became 84th Punjab Regiment
  • 1922 became 10th/1st Punjab Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to Pakistan on Partition

British Library holdings

Regimental history: The First Punjabis - History of the First Punjab Regiment 1759 - 1956 by Major Mohammed Ibrahim Qureshi, published 1958.[1]

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