Ajmer Municipality Conservancy Tramway

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Ajmer Municipality Conservancy Tramway

A tramway of unknown gauge was laid in 1885 for conservancy use and was operational in 1886. The line was 3 miles(5km) long and ran from the city to Talgarth Hill [1].

In 1904-05 the Conservancy Tramway was fully operational ; it was reported that the ‘amount of solid and liquid filth removed by the Conservancy Tramway ... was 86,07,875 gallons’ [2]. It was also proposed that foul water be removed to the Tramway Station by providing iron receptacles of a standard pattern which would be removed daily on Municipal hand-carts [3]

The record shows a very obscure reference to approval being given in 1915 for the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR) to eract a locomotive for Ajmer Municipality – it is assumed for use on this line[1] .

No further information has been found.


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