Allapalli Sawmill Monorails

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Allapalli Sawmill Monorails

Saw mills were erected at Allapalli, Gadchiroli District, Central Provinces in the early 1870's. The Allapalli Forests are the source of the world famous Teak wood (tectona grandis), and divisional offices of the forest Department for Allapalli and Berar Forests are situated here [1].

In 1902 proposals were sought by the Forest Department Conservator for a cheaper and more up-to-date form of transport. The 'Indian Forester' in 1909 stated that 4 miles(6.4km) of Caillet System Monorail had been supplied with six special bogie trucks intended for bullock haulage which had been laid in Dec 1902. It had proved impractical and was converted to the Ewing System Monorail by adding a large balance wheel by local officers. Royalties had been paid to Mr Ewing. It then operated for some years but judging from the 1909 paper without great enthusiasm from its operators [2].


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