Ambaji-Taranga Light Railway

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Application had been made by the Ambaji Taranga Light Railway Company and the Railway Board had issued authorisation in 1911 to construct a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) railway. [1]

The Ambaji Taranga Light Railway Company was an unassisted private company and shares were issued in 1917. [2]

‘The first section from Varetha to Samia, 20 miles(32km) in length was opened in 1919. It was the first section of a project to connect Varetha, on the Gaekwar's Mehsana Railway, with a proposed terminal station at Ambaji.The line serves considerable pilgrim traffic to the Holy Shrines at Taranga and Kumbharia, and when extended another 14 miles will serve the important Shrine at Ambaji. The line was constructed and worked by the Ambaji Taranga Light Railway Company’ [3].

It appears that the Company went into liquidation about 1924-25. There is no evidence that the line was ever extended to Ambaji or that the NG railway operated after this period. The 1980 Railway Budget proposed to convert this line to broad gauge(BG).