Assam-Behar State Railway

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The Assam-Behar State Railway(ABSR) was a metre gauge(MG) Indian State Railway. The line was built westward from Paratipur in 1884 and by 1889 was connected with Katihar.

The railway, jointly owned by Assam State and Behar State from Paratipur(now in Banglasdesh) to Katihar, was taken into Government of India(GoI) management in 1942.

No information has been found concerning the working of this railway. It linked to the system of lines worked by Assam-Bengal Railway(ABR) and was probably worked by ABR.

With the partition of India in 1947 railway links between India and Bangladesh were severed. The line was divided but both Katihar and Parbatipur continued to be important railway junctions.

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