Assam Civil Establishments and Uncovenanted Servants 1874-1900

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Assam Civil Establishments

Date range Record details
L/F/10/174 IOR Neg 57178 (LDS microfilm 219 1555)
Very few C/S or S/L; mostly Unc/S and other staff
1 Apr 1874 Detailed Statement of Salaries and Establishment of …say…..., Deputy Commissioner of Cachar. Hdgs as follows: -
Date of G.O. establishing office, date of present post, date of promotion to present salary, name, appt, (No ages), Mthly & Total
e.g. 13 Jul 1873 21 Jan 1868 OGR McWilliam Esq B.A., C.S., 4th Grade Dy Comm'r R1000
Staff are C/S (very few), Unc/S (few), other junior staff (many). Addition of Esquire may indicate C/S, or Unc/S or just European?
All forms labelled as 'A' BUT these are only used for the Detailed Statement… and differ from 'A', 'B' and 'C' used widely elsewhere.
All 'A' forms show staff in different offices but there is no index to offices. Similarly 'A' forms are not numbered.
1 Apr 1877 Index to Imperial services. Offices listed in alphabetical order, each with number of relevant 'A' forms 1-48
Index to Provincial Service (Police, Jails, etc. 53 - 121 'A' forms, now showing 'ages'
N.B. while all 'A' forms are numbered consecutively, index to all shown on one sheet, Imperial one side and Provincial the other

Assam Uncovenanted Servants

Date range Record details
1874-1892 L/F/10/175 IOR Neg 57178-179 (LDS microfilms 219 1555 and 2191556)
1 Apr 1874 The usual 'B' forms, NOT numbered and with no index, titled ' List of Uncovenanted Civil Servants (European and East Indian) in the office of the Deputy Commissioner of (Cachar), e.g.
Name European/ East Indian Appt Salary Period of Residence in India while in service of Govt.
H H Metcalfe European Extra Asst Commissioner R600 p.m. 17 yrs including 1 yr on furlough. Entered service in 1857.
Note: H.H. Metcalfe also appears as Unc/S in Vol L/F/10/174
1 Apr 1875 No index, 'B' forms unnumbered, no ages.
1 Apr 1878 Hand-written 'B' type forms - only 2 sheets.
1 Apr 1880 B' type forms (not shown as 'B' or numbered). Form now called 'Assam 6'
1 Apr 1881 'Assam 6' forms (not numbered)
1 Apr 1883 i. 'Assam 6' forms (not numbered)
ii. Hand- written ' Lists of Unc/S - E & E.I ' in PWD Assam. No ages, shows period of residence in India. Also covers Military Works Dept.
N.B. Nos iii-xi refer to mostly railway staff all over India
iii. Unc/S in Central India; iv. Office of Director General of Railways; v. Hyderabad PWD; vi. PWD Madras Presidency; vii Unc/S Military Works Dept, All-India; viii. Unc/S Oudh & Rohilkhand Rly, Punjab Northern State Rly; ix. Unc/s PWD., Punjab; PWD Irrigation Branch, Punjab; PWD Rajputana; Rangoon-Irrawaddy Valley Rly; Rangoon-Sittang Valley Rly; Rajputana-Malwa Rly; Punjab Northern State Rly; J. V. & K.(?) Rly , Rewari-Ferozepore S. Rly and others; x. Unc/S Port Storekeeper, Calcutta; Port Storekeeper State Railway Dept., Bombay; Port Storekeeper, Karachi; xi Supplementary Lists - Northern Bengal State Rly, Hzatpur Survey , Kaunia Dharlia …... Rly, Dacca & Mymensingh State Rly, Calcutta & S.E. Rly, Tirhoot Rly, Nalhati Rly, Nagpore Rly Survey, Bhavnagar-Gondal Rly, Western Deccan Rly Survey, S. Mahratta Rly, Bhopal State Rly.
N.B. Not all railways shown; spelling of other rail names suspect.
1 Apr 1886 'Assam Form 6' (unnumbered).
1888-1892 As above, dated 1 April each year
1893 -1900 L/F/10/176 IOR Neg 57179 (LDS microfilm 2191556)
1 Apr 1893-1894 'Assam Acct. Form 6'; usual printed and handwritten forms. Hdgs - Name, E or E.I., Appt, Salary, Period of residence.
No index and no numbers on forms.
1 Apr 1895-1900 From 1895 onwards, similar form but now numbered 'T & A Form 178'