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On Independence and Partition in 1947, the bulk of the Bengal and Assam Railway became part of the new Pakistan Railways based in East Pakistan. What remained within India became Assam Railway (AR) and was cut off from the rest of Indian Railways.

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In 1948, the Indian Government took over the privately-owned Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway (DHR) and began the conversion of the Kishanganj branch of the DHR from 2' to metre gauge. A new metre gauge line was extended eastwards spanning the Teesta, Torsha, and Sankosh rivers, the whole being opened on Republic Day (26 January) 1950 and once more connecting the railways of Assam with the rest of India.

On 14 January 1952 AR (and DHR) became part of North Eastern Railway; later, on 15 January 1958, both were transferred to Northeast Frontier Railway.

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