Bachelorshall to Ballinlevane West

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Bachelorshall to Ballinlevane West, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Bachelorshall Rathaspick Wexford
Back Kilcloony Galway
Back Tamlaghtfinlagan Derry
Backaderry Drumgooland Down
Backan Bodoney Lower Tyrone
Backfarm Drumragh Tyrone
Backfence Leckpatrick Tyrone
Backhill Clonleigh Donegal
Back of the Hill Ardagh Longford
Backhill Ardstraw Tyrone
Backland Clonleigh Donegal
Backlees Stranorlar Donegal
Back Lower Ballyclog Tyrone
Backnamullagh Dromore Down
Backpark Kiltullagh Galway
Backsteel Rahan Offaly
Backstown Aderrig Dublin
Backtown Urney Tyrone
Back Upper Ballyclog Tyrone
Backwestonpark Aderrig Dublin
Backwestonpark Lucan Dublin
Backwestonpark Donaghcumper Kildare
Backwood Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Backwood Ballykean Offaly
Baconstown Rathcore Meath
Badgerfort Kilpeacon Limerick
Badgerhill Rathcoole Dublin
Badgerhill Offerlane Laois
Badgerisland Offerlane Laois
Badgerrock Kilfane Kilkenny
Bagenalstown T. Dunleckny Carlow
Baggotrath Donnybrook Dublin
Baggotrath East St. Peter's Dublin
Baggotrath North St. Peter's Dublin
Baggotrath T. Donnybrook Dublin
Baggotrath West St. Peter's Dublin
Baggotstown Knockainy Limerick
Baggotstown Rathdrumin Louth
Baggotstown East Knockainy Limerick
Baggotstown West Knockainy Limerick
Baggottspark Abbeyleix Laois
Baghloonagh Kilshalvy Sligo
Bahagha Doon Tipperary
Bahaghs Killinane Kerry
Bahana St. Mullins Carlow
Bahana Kilcommon Wicklow
Bahana Powerscourt Wicklow
Bahana (King) Ballykine Wicklow
Bahana (Whaley) Ballykine Wicklow
Bailieborough T. Bailieborough Cavan
Bailis Athlumney Meath
Bailyland Louth Louth
Bailypark St. Peter's Louth
Bakersclose Killeagh Cork
Balally Taney Dublin
Balbane Killybegs Upper Donegal
Balbradagh Bective Meath
Balbriggan Balrothery Dublin
Balbriggan T. Balrothery Dublin
Balbrigh Bective Meath
Balbutcher Santry Dublin
Balcarrick Donabate Dublin
Balcarrig Ballycanew Wexford
Balcarrighill Ballycanew Wexford
Balcultry Killossery Dublin
Balcunnin Lusk Dublin
Balcurris Santry Dublin
Baldongan Baldongan Dublin
Baldonnell Little Kilbride Dublin
Baldonnell Lower Kilbride Dublin
Baldonnell Upper Kilbride Dublin
Baldoyle Baldoyle Dublin
Baldoyle or Curtistown Lower Kilmessan Meath
Baldoyle T. Baldoyle Dublin
Baldrumman Lusk Dublin
Baldurgan Swords Dublin
Baldwinstown Garristown Dublin
Baldwinstown Kilcowan Wexford
Baldwinstown T. Garristown Dublin
Baldwinstown T. Kilcowan Wexford
Balfeaghan Balfeaghan Meath
Balfeddock Termonfeckin Louth
Balfeddock Monknewtown Meath
Balfestown Ratoath Meath
Balgaddy Balscaddan Dublin
Balgaddy Clondalkin Dublin
Balgarrett Mullingar Westmeath
Balgatheran Tullyallen Louth
Balgeen Kilsharvan Meath
Balgeeth Assey Meath
Balgeeth Ardcath Meath
Balgeeth Burry Meath
Balgill Bective Meath
Balgree Kilskeer Meath
Balgriffin Balgriffin Dublin
Balgriffin Park Balgriffin Dublin
Balheary Swords Dublin
Balheary Demesne Swords Dublin
Balief Lower Clomantagh Kilkenny
Balief Upper Clomantagh Kilkenny
Balisland Moyacomb Wicklow
Balix Lower Donaghedy Tyrone
Balix Upper Donaghedy Tyrone
Balkinstown Nurney Kildare
Balla Balla Mayo
Ballabony Clonkeen Louth
Balladian Ballybay Monaghan
Ballady Cullen Cork
Ballagan Carlingford Louth
Ballagh Quin Clare
Ballagh Kilfenora Clare
Ballagh Tullylease Cork
Ballagh Clonca Donegal
Ballagh Galloon Fermanagh
Ballagh Belclare Galway
Ballagh Rahoon Galway
Ballagh Knockane Kerry
Ballagh Kilgarvan Kerry
Ballagh Kilmanagh Kilkenny
Ballagh Killeedy Limerick
Ballagh Clongesh Longford
Ballagh Cashel Longford
Ballagh Drumsnat Monaghan
Ballagh Rahara Roscommon
Ballagh Kilmore Roscommon
Ballagh Kilgefin Roscommon
Ballagh Loughkeen Tipperary
Ballagh Templeneiry Tipperary
Ballagh Clonoulty Tipperary
Ballagh Clogher Tyrone
Ballagh Aghaloo Tyrone
Ballagh Kilcumreragh Westmeath
Ballagh Mullingar Westmeath
Ballagh Adamstown Wexford
Ballagh Tomhaggard Wexford
Ballagh Kilpipe Wicklow
Ballaghabawbeg Baslick Roscommon
Ballaghabawmore Ogulla Roscommon
Ballaghablake St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballagh (Achmuty) Clongesh Longford
Ballaghaclay Clonmore Carlow
Ballaghaderneen Fennagh Carlow
Ballaghaderreen Kilcolman Mayo
Ballaghaderreen T. Kilcolman Mayo
Ballaghaderry Killoughy Offaly
Ballaghadigue Listowel Kerry
Ballaghadown North Caheragh Cork
Ballaghadown South Caheragh Cork
Ballaghafadda East Clareabbey Clare
Ballaghafadda West Clareabbey Clare
Ballaghaglash Kilkeedy Clare
Ballaghalare Donaghedy Tyrone
Ballaghaline Killilagh Clare
Ballaghalode Tuam Galway
Ballaghamuck Crossmolina Mayo
Ballaghanea Lurgan Cavan
Ballaghanea Island Lurgan Cavan
Ballaghanery Kilkeel Down
Ballaghanery Upper Kilkeel Down
Ballaghanna Kilbride Cavan
Ballaghanoher Reynagh Offaly
Ballaghanure Kinneigh Cork
Ballagharahin Rathdowney Laois
Ballagharea Kilbolane Cork
Ballaghassaan Geashill Offaly
Ballaghaugeag East Kilcroan Galway
Ballaghaugeag West Kilcroan Galway
Ballaghavorraga Clonea Waterford
Ballaghaweary Greenoge Meath
Ballaghbaun Belclare Galway
Ballaghbeddy Finvoy Antrim
Ballaghbeg Kilcoo Down
Ballaghbehy Abbeyfeale Limerick
Ballaghbehy North Abbeyfeale Limerick
Ballaghbehy South Abbeyfeale Limerick
Ballaghboy Doora Clare
Ballaghboy Ruan Clare
Ballaghboy Kilnamanagh Cork
Ballaghboy Kilmurryely Offaly
Ballaghboy Aghanagh Sligo
Ballaghboy Ballingarry Tipperary
Ballaghboy Graystown Tipperary
Ballaghboy Liskinfere Wexford
Ballaghboy or Fordstown Balrathboyne Meath
Ballagh or Boynehill Navan Meath
Ballagh Burrow Tomhaggard Wexford
Ballaghcloneen Tullaroan Kilkenny
Ballaghcullia Kilcorkey Roscommon
Ballaghdacker Athleague Galway
Ballaghderg Conwal Donegal
Ballaghdorragh Munterconnaught Cavan
Ballaghdorragha Dunmore Galway
Ballaghduff Kilkerrin Galway
Ballagh East Clontuskert Galway
Ballagh East Dunmore Galway
Ballaghfarna Drum Mayo
Ballaghgar Loughkeen Tipperary
Ballaghgee Glebe Belleek Fermanagh
Ballaghgowla Street Longford
Ballaghkeen T. Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballaghkeeran Big Kilkenny West Westmeath
Ballaghkeeran Little Kilkenny West Westmeath
Ballaghlyragh or Nealstown Offerlane Laois
Ballaghmoon Ballaghmoon Kildare
Ballaghmoon Castle Ballaghmoon Kildare
Ballaghmore Ballymoney Antrim
Ballaghmore Myshall Carlow
Ballaghmore Rossorry Fermanagh
Ballaghmore Stradbally Laois
Ballaghmore or Bushmills Dunluce Antrim
Ballaghmore Lower Kyle Laois
Ballaghmore Upper Kyle Laois
Ballaghnabehy Cloonclare Leitrim
Ballaghnagearn Magheracloone Monaghan
Ballaghnagrosheen Killoscobe Galway
Ballaghneed Clogher Tyrone
Ballaghoge Grangemockler Tipperary
Ballaghstown Baldongan Dublin
Ballaghtalion Kildalkey Meath
Ballagh T. Clonoulty Tipperary
Ballaghveny Ballymackey Tipperary
Ballagh West Clontuskert Galway
Ballagh West Dunmore Galway
Ballaghy Eglish Armagh
Ballaghymurry Kilcroan Galway
Ballahacommane Killarney Kerry
Ballahantouragh Ballincuslane Kerry
Ballahantouragh Dysert Kerry
Ballaheen Britway Cork
Ballair Newtown Meath
Ballakelly Inishkeen Monaghan
Ballalease North Portraine Dublin
Ballalease South Portraine Dublin
Ballalease West Portraine Dublin
Ballallen Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballallog Listerlin Kilkenny
Ballaman Kilrush Wexford
Ballanagh Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballany Moylagh Meath
Ballany St. Feighins Westmeath
Ballard Killevy Armagh
Ballard Killard Clare
Ballard Killinaboy Clare
Ballard Macroney Cork
Ballard Killaconenagh Cork
Ballard Glencolumbkille Donegal
Ballard Cong Galway
Ballard Lynally Offaly
Ballard Dromard Sligo
Ballard Portloman Westmeath
Ballard Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Ballard Rathconrath Westmeath
Ballard Knockrath Wicklow
Ballard Ballykine Wicklow
Ballard Aghowle Wicklow
Ballard Carnew Wicklow
Ballardan Great Clonmacduff Meath
Ballardan Little Clonmacduff Meath
Ballardbeg Derrylossary Wicklow
Ballard Commons Killaconenagh Cork
Ballard East Rahoon Galway
Ballardiggan Kilbeacanty Galway
Ballard Lower Prior Kerry
Ballard Lower Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballardpark Knockrath Wicklow
Ballard Upper Prior Kerry
Ballard Upper Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballard West Rahoon Galway
Ballare St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballask Kilturk Wexford
Ballask Carn Wexford
Ballasport Clonard Meath
Ballastran Gallow Meath
Balla T. Balla Mayo
Ballaverty Carlingford Louth
Ballea Liscleary Cork
Balleagny Mullingar Westmeath
Balleally East Lusk Dublin
Balleally West Lusk Dublin
Ballealy North Drummaul Antrim
Ballealy South Drummaul Antrim
Ballee Connor Antrim
Ballee Leckpatrick Tyrone
Balleeghan Moville Lower Donegal
Balleeghan Raymoghy Donegal
Balleeghan Lower Clonca Donegal
Balleeghan Lower Culdaff Donegal
Balleeghan Upper Clonca Donegal
Balleeghan Upper Culdaff Donegal
Balleek Durrow Offaly
Balleek Beg Durrow Offaly
Balleelaghan Clonca Donegal
Balleen Kilmaley Clare
Balleen Kilcrohane Kerry
Balleen Little Balleen Kilkenny
Balleen Lower Balleen Kilkenny
Balleen Upper or Baunmore Balleen Kilkenny
Balleer Lisnadill Armagh
Balleese Lower Kilcommon Wicklow
Balleese Upper Kilcommon Wicklow
Balleese Wood Kilcommon Wicklow
Balleeshal Ballykine Wicklow
Balleevy Seapatrick Down
Balleighteragh East Kilgobnet Waterford
Balleighteragh West Kilgobnet Waterford
Balleighter or Lowtown Killucan Westmeath
Ballenan Loughgilly Armagh
Balleny Armoy Antrim
Balleny Dromore Down
Ballestran Stamullin Meath
Balleven Ballycallan Kilkenny
Ballew Street Westmeath
Ballickmoyler Kilbride Offaly
Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Ballickmoyler T. Killabban Laois
Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Ballicknahee Kilbride Offaly
Balliggan Inishargy Down
Ballilogue The Rower Kilkenny
Ballin Rathmolyon Meath
Ballina Ballymachugh Cavan
Ballina Killofin Clare
Ballina Kilmichael Cork
Ballina Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballina Killererin Galway
Ballina Cadamstown Kildare
Ballina Rahan Offaly
Ballina Geashill Offaly
Ballina Cashel Longford
Ballina Kilcommon Mayo
Ballina Kilmainemore Mayo
Ballina Kilmoremoy Mayo
Ballina Killyon Meath
Ballina Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Ballina Offerlane Laois
Ballina Taghboy Roscommon
Ballina Templeachally Tipperary
Ballina Mullingar Westmeath
Ballina Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballina Ardcolm Wexford
Ballina Skreen Wexford
Ballinab Mothel Waterford
Ballinabanoge Arklow Wicklow
Ballinabarney The Rower Kilkenny
Ballinabarny Knockrath Wicklow
Ballinabarny Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinabarny Gap Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinabarny North Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballinabarny South Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballina or Bective Balsoon Meath
Ballinaboy Ballinaboy Cork
Ballinaboy Ballindoon Galway
Ballinaboy Roscommon Roscommon
Ballinabranagh Cloydagh Carlow
Ballinabrannagh Kilbride Wicklow
Ballinacarrig Ballinacarrig Carlow
Ballinacarrig Kiltennell Wexford
Ballinacarrig Lower Rathdrum Wicklow
Ballinacarrig Upper Rathdrum Wicklow
Ballinaclash Ballykine Wicklow
Ballinaclea Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinaclogh Ross Cork
Ballinaclogh Rathlynin Tipperary
Ballinaclogh Relickmurry & Athassel Tipperary
Ballinaclogh Glenealy Wicklow
Ballinaclogh Lower Fossy or Timahoe Laois
Ballinaclogh Upper Fossy or Timahoe Laois
Ballinacoola Kilnahue Wexford
Ballinacoola Templeshanbo Wexford
Ballinacoola Beg Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinacoola More Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinacooley Glenealy Wicklow
Ballinacor Kilbride Wicklow
Ballinacor Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballinacor Kilcommon Wicklow
Ballinacorbeg Derrylossary Wicklow
Ballinacor or Clonboy Killare Westmeath
Ballinacor East Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinacor West Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinacostello Aghamore Mayo
Ballinacrane Kiltrisk Wexford
Ballinacrea Myshall Carlow
Ballinacrow Lower Rathbran Wicklow
Ballinacrow Upper Rathbran Wicklow
Ballinacur Ardamine Wexford
Ballinacur Liskinfere Wexford
Ballinacurra Clontead Cork
Ballinacurra (Bowman) St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinacurra (Hart) St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinacurra (Weston) St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinadee Ballinadee Cork
Ballinadee T. Ballinadee Cork
Ballinadrum Fennagh Carlow
Ballinadrummin Monamolin Wexford
Ballinafad Moyrus Galway
Ballinafad Drum Mayo
Ballinafad Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Ballinafad Aghanagh Sligo
Ballinafad T. Aghanagh Sligo
Ballinafunshoge Knockrath Wicklow
Ballinafunshoge or Ashtown Derrylossary Wicklow
Ballinagam Lower Donaghmore Wexford
Ballinagam Upper Donaghmore Wexford
Ballinagappoge Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballinagar Geashill Offaly
Ballinagard Roscommon Roscommon
Ballinagar T. Geashill Offaly
Ballinagavna Kilfian Mayo
Ballinagee Boystown Wicklow
Ballinagee Powerscourt Wicklow
Ballinageeloge Ardamine Wexford
Ballinagilky Clonmore Carlow
Ballinagoneen Knockrath Wicklow
Ballinagore Youghalarra Tipperary
Ballinagore Ballintemple Wicklow
Ballinagran Balla Mayo
Ballinagrann Lower Ardamine Wexford
Ballinagrann Upper Ardamine Wexford
Ballinagross Kilbarron Tipperary
Ballinagroun Ballinvoher Kerry
Ballinaha Tallow Wexford
Ballinaheese Kilbride Wicklow
Ballinahemery Ballymackey Tipperary
Ballinahinch Calary Wicklow
Ballinahinch Killiskey Wicklow
Ballinahinch Lower Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Ballinahinch Middle Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Ballinahinch Upper Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Ballinahorna Killenagh Wexford
Ballinahown Boystown Wicklow
Ballinakill Dysartgallen Laois
Ballinakill Ardamine Wexford
Ballinakill Ballycanew Wexford
Ballinakill Kilbride Wicklow
Ballinakill Kilcommon Wicklow
Ballinakill T. Dysartgallen Laois
Ballinalack Leny Westmeath
Ballinalack T. Leny Westmeath
Ballinalea Rathnew Wicklow
Ballinaleama Ballindoon Galway
Ballinalea T. Rathnew Wicklow
Ballinalecka Ballintober Mayo
Ballinalee or Saintjohnstown Clonbroney Longford
Ballinalee T. Clonbroney Longford
Ballinaleucra Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballina Lower Ballyvalloo Wexford
Ballina Lower Kilmallock Wexford
Ballinaltig Kilshanahan Cork
Ballinaltig Ballyclough Cork
Ballinaltig Beg Castletownroche Cork
Ballinameesda Lower Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinameesda T. Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinameesda Upper Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinaminton East Kilmanaghan Offaly
Ballinaminton West Kilmanaghan Offaly
Ballinamoe Kilmurryely Offaly
Ballinamoe Youghalarra Tipperary
Ballinamona Kilkeary Tipperary
Ballinamona Oughterleague Tipperary
Ballinamona Horeabbey Tipperary
Ballinamona Kilbarry Waterford
Ballinamona Ballycanew Wexford
Ballinamona Toome Wexford
Ballinamona Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballinamona or Ballyellin Kiltennell Carlow
Ballinamore Ballymacormick Longford
Ballinamore Killedan Mayo
Ballinamore Kilsheelan Tipperary
Ballinamore T. Oughteragh Leitrim
Ballinamorragh Ardcolm Wexford
Ballinamought East St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Ballinamought West St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Ballinanchor Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballinanima (Brew) Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballinanima (D'Arcy) Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballinanima (Massy) Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballinanty Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballinapark Kilrush Wexford
Ballinapark Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballinapark Rathnew Wicklow
Ballinapeaka Boyounagh Galway
Ballinard Desertserges Cork
Ballinard Tullagh Cork
Ballinard Ballincuslane Kerry
Ballinard Ballinard Limerick
Ballinard Rathlynin Tipperary
Ballinard Shronell Tipperary
Ballinard Cloneen Tipperary
Ballinard Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinarry Saul Down
Ballinascarty T. Kilmaloda Cork
Ballinascorney Lower Tallaght Dublin
Ballinascorney Upper Tallaght Dublin
Ballinashinnagh Calary Wicklow
Ballinasig Dingle Kerry
Ballinasilloge Monamolin Wexford
Ballinasilloge Ballintemple Wicklow
Ballinasilloge Hacketstown Wicklow
Ballinaskea Ennereilly Wicklow
Ballinaskea Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballinasloe T. Kilcloony Galway
Ballinasloe T. Creagh Roscommon
Ballinasoostia Calary Wicklow
Ballinaspick or Bishopstown Killare Westmeath
Ballinaspick North Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballinaspick South Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballinaspig Beg St. Finbar's Cork
Ballinaspig More St. Finbar's Cork
Ballinastack Boyounagh Galway
Ballinaster Mayo Mayo
Ballinastoe Calary Wicklow
Ballinastraw Ardoyne Carlow
Ballinastraw Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballinastraw Kilcommon Wicklow
Ballinastraw Lower Monamolin Wexford
Ballinastraw Upper Monamolin Wexford
Ballinastudd Kiltrisk Wexford
Ballinatona Myross Cork
Ballinatone Lower Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballinatone Upper Ballinacor Wicklow
Ballina T. Kilmoremoy Mayo
Ballina T. Templeachally Tipperary
Ballinatray Lower Ardamine Wexford
Ballinatray Upper Ardamine Wexford
Ballinattin Drumcannon Waterford
Ballinattin Lower Mora Tipperary
Ballinattin Upper Mora Tipperary
Ballina Upper Ballyvalloo Wexford
Ballina Upper Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballina Upper Kilmallock Wexford
Ballinavary Clonmore Wexford
Ballinaya Ballinrobe Mayo
Ballinbeg Aghada Cork
Ballinbranhig Rattoo Kerry
Ballinbrittig Carrigtohill Cork
Ballinbrocky & Ballincrick Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballincar Drumcliff Sligo
Ballincarroona Effin Limerick
Ballincarroona Kilquane Limerick
Ballincarroona Kilfrush Limerick
Ballincarroonig Aghada Cork
Ballincash Lower Kilcormick Wexford
Ballincash Upper Kilcormick Wexford
Ballincassa Grean Limerick
Ballincastle Ahamlish Sligo
Ballinchalla Ballinchalla Mayo
Ballinclare Ballynacourty Kerry
Ballinclare Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballinclare Louth Louth
Ballinclare Ballycanew Wexford
Ballinclare Toome Wexford
Ballinclare Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballinclay Liskinfere Wexford
Ballinclay Lower Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Ballinclay Upper Whitechurchglynn Wexford
Ballinclea Kill Dublin
Ballinclea Kilbride Wicklow
Ballinclea Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinclemesig Ballyheige Kerry
Ballinclemesig Killury Kerry
Ballincloghan Ballyboy Offaly
Ballincloghan Rahan Offaly
Ballincloghan Little Ballyboy Offaly
Ballincloher Kilcaragh Kerry
Ballincloher East Kiltomy Kerry
Ballincloher West Kiltomy Kerry
Ballincolla Myross Cork
Ballincolla Dunurlin Kerry
Ballincollig Carrigrohane Cork
Ballincollig Kilnaglory Cork
Ballincollig Obrennan Kerry
Ballincollig T. Carrigrohane Cork
Ballincolloo Uregare Limerick
Ballincollop Lislee Cork
Ballincolly St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Ballincolly Hackmys Limerick
Ballincool Kilcorkey Roscommon
Ballincor Lorrha Tipperary
Ballincor Colman Tipperary
Ballincor Demesne Kilmurryely Offaly
Ballincota Ventry Kerry
Ballincourcey Templequinlan Cork
Ballincourlea Ightermurragh Cork
Ballincourneenig Knockavilly Cork
Ballincraheen Kiltomy Kerry
Ballincrana Particles Limerick
Ballincranig Ballinaboy Cork
Ballincrea Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballincrea T. Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballincrick & Ballinbrocky Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballincrokig Rathcooney Cork
Ballincrokig St. Anne's Shandon Cork
Ballincrossig Rathcooney Cork
Ballincrossig Rattoo Kerry
Ballinculloo Athlacca Limerick
Ballincur Kinnitty Offaly
Ballincur Rahan Offaly
Ballincur Kilmore Tipperary
Ballincurra Rathkieran Kilkenny
Ballincurra Croagh Limerick
Ballincurra Kilbreedy Major Limerick
Ballincurra Athlacca Limerick
Ballincurra Ballynamona Limerick
Ballincurra Kilnaneave Tipperary
Ballincurra Piercetown Westmeath
Ballincurragh Gaulskill Kilkenny
Ballincurra North Arderra Kilkenny
Ballincurra South Arderra Kilkenny
Ballincurrig Templebodan Cork
Ballincurrig St. Finbar's Cork
Ballincurrig Monanimy Cork
Ballincurrig Titeskin Cork
Ballincurrig Kilbroney Cork
Ballincurrig Ringrone Cork
Ballincurrig Lislee Cork
Ballincurry Kilbroney Down
Ballincurry Ballynakill Galway
Ballincurry Killoe Longford
Ballincurry Kilgefin Roscommon
Ballincurry Achonry Sligo
Ballincurry Kilkeary Tipperary
Ballincurry Crohane Tipperary
Ballincurry Upper Kilbroney Down
Ballindaggan Templeshanbo Wexford
Ballindagny & Cullyvore Mostrim Longford
Ballindall Roscommon Roscommon
Ballindam Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballindangan Ballydeloughy Cork
Ballindarra Birr Offaly
Ballindarragh Kilclooney Armagh
Ballindeasig Ballyfoyle Cork
Ballindeasig Nohaval Cork
Ballindeenisk Templeusque Cork
Ballindeenisk Kilmonoge Cork
Ballindell East Crossboyne Mayo
Ballindell West Crossboyne Mayo
Ballinderreen Drumacoo Galway
Ballinderrin Rathcore Meath
Ballinderry Ballinderry Antrim
Ballinderry Cummer Galway
Ballinderry Kilconnell Galway
Ballinderry Mylerstown Kildare
Ballinderry Ballinderry Derry
Ballinderry Kilcronaghan Derry
Ballinderry Rathcore Meath
Ballinderry Castlerickard Meath
Ballinderry Kilbride Roscommon
Ballinderry Ardcrony Tipperary
Ballinderry Finnoe Tipperary
Ballinderry Kilbarron Tipperary
Ballinderry Carrick Tipperary
Ballinderry Kilcumreragh Westmeath
Ballinderry Mullingar Westmeath
Ballinderry Big Kilbeggan Westmeath
Ballinderry Little Kilbeggan Westmeath
Ballinderry Lower Rathdrum Wicklow
Ballinderry Upper Rathdrum Wicklow
Ballindigny Kilnaneave Tipperary
Ballindillanig Churchtown Cork
Ballindinas Carrick Wexford
Ballindine East Crossboyne Mayo
Ballindine North Crossboyne Mayo
Ballindine T. Crossboyne Mayo
Ballindine West Crossboyne Mayo
Ballindinis Ightermurragh Cork
Ballindinis Killeagh Cork
Ballindinis Mogeely Cork
Ballindoalty Kilbroney Down
Ballindoalty Upper Kilbroney Down
Ballindollaghan (Crump) Baslick Roscommon
Ballindollaghan (Knox) Baslick Roscommon
Ballindoney Ardfinnan Tipperary
Ballindoney Templeludigan Wexford
Ballindoney East Derrygrath Tipperary
Ballindoney West Derrygrath Tipperary
Ballindoo or Doocastle Kilturra Mayo
Ballindooganig Ballyseedy Kerry
Ballindoolin Carrick Kildare
Ballindooly Oranmore Galway
Ballindoon Killadoon Sligo
Ballindown Eglish Offaly
Ballindoyle Kilcommon Wicklow
Ballindrait Clonleigh Donegal
Ballindrait T. Clonleigh Donegal
Ballindreen Irish Ballyrashane Derry
Ballindreen Scotch Ballyrashane Derry
Ballindrehid Kilconduff Mayo
Ballindrehid Killukin Roscommon
Ballindresrough Ballymartle Cork
Ballindrimna Tynagh Galway
Ballindrinan Rahan Offaly
Ballindrinnan Ballyboy Offaly
Ballindrum Narraghmore Kildare
Ballindrum Artrea Derry
Ballindrumlea Kilkeevin Roscommon
Ballindrumma Clashmore Waterford
Ballindrummeen Clonoulty Tipperary
Ballindud Kilbarry Waterford
Ballinduff Kilcoona Galway
Ballinduff Ardrahan Galway
Ballindullagh Inward Derryvullan Fermanagh
Ballindullagh Outward Derryvullan Fermanagh
Ballindurrow Multyfarnham Westmeath
Ballindysert Dysert Waterford
Balline Emlygrennan Limerick
Balline Athneasy Limerick
Ballineadig Aglish Cork
Ballinealoe Mayne Westmeath
Ballineanig-castlequarter Marhin Kerry
Ballineanig-churchquarter Marhin Kerry
Ballineddan Lower Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballineddan Mountain Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballineddan Upper Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballineden Drumcliff Sligo
Ballineedora Ballymacelligott Kerry
Ballineesteenig Cloghane Kerry
Ballineetig Garfinny Kerry
Ballinena Newcastle Limerick
Ballinenagh Ballymaclogh Tipperary
Ballinesker St. Margaret's Wexford
Ballinfoile St. Nicholas Galway
Ballinfoyle Lower Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinfoyle Upper Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballinfrase Erke Laois
Ballinfreera Croom Limerick
Ballinfuil Roche Louth
Balling Ballynakill Galway
Ballingaddy East Kilmanaheen Clare
Ballingaddy North Ballingaddy Limerick
Ballingaddy South Ballingaddy Limerick
Ballingaddy West Kilmanaheen Clare
Ballingale Ballycarney Wexford
Ballingarden Turlough Mayo
Ballingarra Rathgormuck Waterford
Ballingarrane Cloyne Cork
Ballingarrane Kilmahon Cork
Ballingarrane Nantinan Limerick
Ballingarrane Kiltegan Tipperary
Ballingarrane North Inishlounaght Tipperary
Ballingarrane South Inishlounaght Tipperary
Ballingarraun Cloghane Kerry
Ballingarry Kilchreest Galway
Ballingarry Kilconickny Galway
Ballingarry Ballingarry Limerick
Ballingarry Killanny Monaghan
Ballingarry Ballingarry Tipperary
Ballingarry Kilbarrymeaden Waterford
Ballingarry East Ballyfeard Cork
Ballingarry Island Ballyheige Kerry
Ballingarry Lower Ballingarry Tipperary
Ballingarry Lower Kilnahue Wexford
Ballingarry Middle Ballyfeard Cork
Ballingarry T. Ballingarry Limerick
Ballingarry T. Ballingarry Tipperary
Ballingarry Upper Ballingarry Tipperary
Ballingarry Upper Kilnahue Wexford
Ballingarry West Ballyfeard Cork
Ballingarry Wood Kilnahue Wexford
Ballingate Carnew Wicklow
Ballingate Lower Carnew Wicklow
Ballingate Upper Carnew Wicklow
Ballingatta Moylough Galway
Ballingayrour Dromin Limerick
Ballingeary East Caher Tipperary
Ballingeary West Caher Tipperary
Ballingeemanigbeg Kilmonoge Cork
Ballingeer Castletownarra Tipperary
Ballinglanna Caherlag Cork
Ballinglanna Templequinlan Cork
Ballinglanna Killury Kerry
Ballinglanna Dunquin Kerry
Ballinglanna Shronell Tipperary
Ballinglanna North Kilcrumper Cork
Ballinglanna South Kilcrumper Cork
Ballinglen Doonfeeny Mayo
Ballinglen Preban Wicklow
Ballinglin Kilcavan Wexford
Ballinglinbeg Kilcavan Wexford
Ballingly Ballingly Wexford
Ballingohig Killaspugmullane Cork
Ballingoola Cahercorney Limerick
Ballingorraun Cullenwaine Offaly
Ballingowan Killiney Kerry
Ballingowan Lisselton Kerry
Ballingowan Ratass Kerry
Ballingowan Grange Limerick
Ballingowan Kilrossanty Waterford
Ballingowan Ballyvaldon Wexford
Ballingowan Meelnagh Wexford
Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford
Ballingowan Glebe Gallen Offaly
Ballingowan West Aglish Waterford
Ballingrogy Crossmolina Mayo
Ballinguile Kilbroney Cork
Ballinguile Kiltegan Wicklow
Ballinguilehill Kiltegan Wicklow
Ballinguile T. Kiltegan Wicklow
Ballinguilly Kilnaglory Cork
Ballinguilly Moviddy Cork
Ballingurteen Kilmeen Cork
Ballinhalla Tullaghorton Tipperary
Ballinhassig T. Ballinaboy Cork
Ballinhoe Manulla Mayo
Ballinillane Aglish Kerry
Ballinillaun Stradbally Galway
Ballinillaun Toomore Mayo
Ballinimlagh Carrigaline Cork
Balliniry Ballyduff Kerry
Balliniry Fethard Wexford
Balliniska Mahoonagh Limerick
Ballinive Killare Westmeath
Ballinkeel Kilmallock Wexford
Ballinkeen Drishane Cork
Ballinkeeny or Mosstown Killare Westmeath
Ballinkillin Lorum Carlow
Ballinkina Kilmacomb Waterford
Ballinknock Ballymacelligott Kerry
Ballinknockane Kilgobban Kerry
Ballinknockane Kilquane Kerry
Ballinknockane Kilmoylan Limerick
Ballinla Kilbolane Cork
Ballinla Isertkelly Galway
Ballinla Monasteroris Offaly
Ballinla Kyle Laois
Ballinla Killucan Westmeath
Ballinlaban Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Ballinlabaun Crossmolina Mayo
Ballinlag Bohola Mayo
Ballinlammy Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballinlare Newry Armagh
Ballinlass Dunmore Galway
Ballinlass Ballynakill Galway
Ballinlass Killeroran Galway
Ballinlassa Drum Mayo
Ballinlassa Templeree Tipperary
Ballinlassy Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballinlaur Kilreekill Galway
Ballinlavan Killare Westmeath
Ballinlaw Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballinlaw Rathpatrick Kilkenny
Ballinlawless Kilteskill Galway
Ballinleague Ventry Kerry
Ballinlea Lower Ballintoy Antrim
Ballinlea Upper Ballintoy Antrim
Ballinlee Uregare Limerick
Ballinlee North Dromin Limerick
Ballinleenty Clonpet Tipperary
Ballinlee South Dromin Limerick
Ballinlegane Ardnageehy Cork
Ballinlegane Ballynoe Cork
Ballinlena Kilcummin Mayo
Ballinlevane East Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballinlevane West Lismore & Mocollop Waterford