Ballymagowan to Ballynalargy

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Ballymagowan to Ballynalargy, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Ballymagowan Killaghtee Donegal
Ballymagowan Templemore Derry
Ballymah Inishkenny Cork
Ballymahon Shrule Longford
Ballymahon Castlerickard Meath
Ballymahon Shrule Longford also in Noughaval parish.
Ballymahon Noughaval Longford also in Shrule parish.
Ballymahony Noughaval Clare
Ballymaice Tallaght Dublin
Ballymakaily Kilmactalway Dublin
Ballymakane Moynalty Meath
Ballymakeagh Kilmacdonogh Cork
Ballymakeagh Beg Killeagh Cork
Ballymakeagh More Killeagh Cork
Ballymakealy Lower Killadoon Kildare
Ballymakealy Upper Killadoon Kildare
Ballymakee Kilronan Waterford
Ballymakeegan Ballymacormick Longford
Ballymakeery Ballyvourney Cork
Ballymakeery Rathronan Limerick
Ballymakeever Dungiven Derry
Ballymakegoge Ballynahaglish Kerry
Ballymakellett Ballymascanlan Louth
Ballymakenny Aghalurcher Fermanagh
Ballymakenny Ballymakenny Louth
Ballymakeonan Magheralin Down
Ballymakeown Drumcree Armagh
Ballymalady Comber Down
Ballymaleel Aghanunshin Donegal
Ballymaley Templemaley Clare
Ballymalis Kilbonane Kerry
Ballymaloe Beg Kilmahon Cork
Ballymaloe More Kilmahon Cork
Ballymalone Tomgraney Clare
Ballymalone Beg Templeachally Tipperary
Ballymalone More Templeachally Tipperary
Ballyman Oldconnaught Dublin
Ballymana Tallaght Dublin
Ballymanaggin Clondalkin Dublin
Ballymanagh Killogilleen Galway
Ballymanagh Clontuskert Galway
Ballymanagh Valencia Kerry
Ballymanagh Ardagh Mayo
Ballymangan Kilcommon Mayo Kilmaine Barony
Ballymanus Curraclone Laois
Ballymanus Rathgarve Westmeath
Ballymanus Kilpipe Wicklow
Ballymanus Lower Glenealy Wicklow
Ballymanus Upper Glenealy Wicklow
Ballymany Ballymany Kildare
Ballymaquiff North Ardrahan Galway
Ballymaquiff South Ardrahan Galway
Ballymaquiggin Templemaley Clare
Ballymaquin Gartan Donegal
Ballymaquirk Dromtarriff Cork
Ballymarcahaun Ardrahan Galway
Ballymariscal Ardrahan Galway
Ballymarkahan Quin Clare
Ballymarlagh Ballyclug Antrim
Ballymarroge Mullinacuff Wicklow
Ballymarter Witter Down
Ballymartin Ballymartin Antrim
Ballymartin Clonygoose Carlow
Ballymartin Dungourney Cork
Ballymartin Grenagh Cork
Ballymartin Tullynakill Cork
Ballymartin Kilkeel Down
Ballymartin Lickmolassy Galway
Ballymartin Donaghmore Kilkenny
Ballymartin Listerlin Kilkenny
Ballymartin Kilcornan Limerick
Ballymartin Monasteranenagh Limerick
Ballymartin Kilmainemore Mayo
Ballymartin Kilglass Roscommon
Ballymartin Ardcavan Wexford
Ballymartin Beg Roscommon Roscommon
Ballymartin More Roscommon Roscommon
Ballymartin North Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballymartin South Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballymartle Ballymartle Cork
Ballymartrim Etra Eglish Armagh
Ballymartrim Otra Eglish Armagh
Ballymary Addergoole Galway
Ballymascanlan Ballymascanlan Louth
Ballymastone Portraine Dublin
Ballymather Lower Killead Antrim
Ballymather Upper Killead Antrim
Ballymatoskerty Duneane Antrim
Ballymaurice Granard Longford
Ballymave Magheragall Antrim
Ballymee Caherduggan Cork
Ballymeelish Skirk Laois
Ballymeeny Easky Sligo
Ballymeeny, Armstrong Easky Sligo
Ballymeeny, Hillas, or Carrownabinna Easky Sligo
Ballymeeny, Jones Easky Sligo
Ballymena Skerry Antrim
Ballymenagh Holywood Down
Ballymenagh Dunsfort Down
Ballymenagh Aghadowey Derry
Ballymenagh Desertoghill Derry
Ballymenagh Tullyniskan Tyrone
Ballymenagh Derryloran Tyrone
Ballymena Little Ballynure Antrim
Ballymena T. Kirkinriola Antrim
Ballymerret Leitrim Galway
Ballymerrigan Glenealy Wicklow
Ballymichael Kilmurry Cork
Ballymichael Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballymichael Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballymichan Ballymacormick Longford
Ballymihil Kilcorney Clare
Ballymiles Meelick Mayo
Ballyminaun Liskinfere Wexford
Ballyminaun Big Killinick Wexford
Ballyminaunhill Liskinfere Wexford
Ballyminaun Little Killinick Wexford
Ballyminetragh Bangor Down
Ballyminion Ballymacormick Longford
Ballyministragh Kilmood Down
Ballyminnish Ardquin Down
Ballyminoge Tomgraney Clare
Ballyminstra Ahoghill Antrim
Ballymintan Dysart Roscommon
Ballyminymore Glenavy Antrim
Ballymiscaw Dundonald Down
Ballymisert Holywood Down
Ballymitty Ballymitty Wexford
Ballymoat Tuam Galway
Ballymoat Reisk Waterford
Ballymoat Glenealy Wicklow
Ballymoat & Ballinree Ardagh Longford
Ballymoat Lower Kilwatermoy Waterford
Ballymoat Upper Kilwatermoy Waterford
Ballymoe T. Drumatemple Galway
Ballymoghan Beg Magherafelt Derry
Ballymoghan More Magherafelt Derry
Ballymoghany Castleconor Sligo
Ballymogue Ballon Carlow
Ballymogue Templepeter Carlow
Ballymoheen Rathnaveoge Tipperary
Ballymoloney Killokennedy Clare
Ballymona Ballingarry Tipperary Lower Ormond Barony
Ballymonan Dungiven Derry
Ballymonaster Clonleigh Donegal
Ballymassy Aglishcloghane Tipperary
Ballymassy Little Aglishcloghane Tipperary
Ballymoneen Lackagh Galway
Ballymoneen Killogilleen Galway
Ballymoneen Crossmolina Mayo
Ballymoneen Castleconor Sligo
Ballymoneen Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballymoneen Killiskey Wicklow
Ballymoneen East Rahoon Galway
Ballymoneen West Rahoon Galway
Ballymoney Islandmagee Antrim
Ballymoney Shankill Antrim
Ballymoney Burt Donegal
Ballymoney Donaghadee Down
Ballymoney Newtownards Down
Ballymoney Magherally Down
Ballymoney Seapatrick Down
Ballymoney Kilcoo Down
Ballymoney Kilbroney Down
Ballymoney Dunboe Derry
Ballymoney Aghanloo Derry
Ballymoney Bovevagh Derry
Ballymoney Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballymoney Kilbride Wicklow Arklow Barony
Ballymoney Ballykine Wicklow
Ballymoney Lower Kiltennell Wexford
Ballymoneymore Glenavy Antrim
Ballymoney North Dunmore Galway
Ballymoney South Dunmore Galway
Ballymoney T. Ballymoney Antrim
Ballymoney Upper Kiltennell Wexford
Ballymongan Termonamongan Tyrone
Ballymongaun Kilnamona Clare
Ballymongaun Cloncrew Limerick
Ballymongaun Dromcolliher Limerick
Ballymonteen Ballynoe Cork
Ballymontenagh Ahoghill Antrim
Ballymoodranagh Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballymoon Dunleckny Carlow
Ballymoon Kilcar Donegal
Ballymooney Geashill Offaly
Ballymooney Straboe Laois
Ballymooney Donard Wicklow
Ballymoran Lisnadill Armagh
Ballymoran Ballynakill Offaly
Ballymoran Monasteroris Offaly
Ballymore Ballymore Armagh
Ballymore Templerobin Cork
Bally More Kilbrittain Cork
Ballymore Glencolumbkille Donegal
Ballymore Killeenavarra Galway
Ballymore Killora Galway
Ballymore Cloghane Kerry
Ballymore Rossinver Leitrim
Ballymore Tamlaght Finlagan Derry
Ballymore Granard Longford
Ballymore Attymass Mayo
Ballymore Ratoath Meath
Bally More Lissonuffy Roscommon
Ballymore Clonoulty Tipperary
Ballymore Ballymore Westmeath
Ballymore Skreen Wexford
Ballymore Kilbride Wexford
Ballymore Demesne Kilbride Wexford
Ballymore East Kildrum Kerry
Ballymore East or Corbally Boyle Roscommon
Ballymore Eustace East Ballymore Eustace Kildare
Ballymore Eustace T. Ballymore Eustace Kildare
Ballymore Eustace West Ballymore Eustace Kildare
Ballymorefinn Tallaght Dublin
Ballymore Lower Clondahorky Donegal
Ballymore Lower Clonfert Galway
Ballymorereagh Dingle Kerry
Ballymore T. Ballymore Westmeath also in Killare parish.
Ballymore T. Killare Westmeath also in Ballymore parish.
Ballymore Upper Clondahorky Donegal
Ballymore Upper Clonfert Galway
Ballymore West Kildrum Kerry
Ballymore West Boyle Roscommon
Ballymorgan Ballycarney Wexford
Ballymorin Ballymorin Westmeath
Ballymorisheen Grenagh Cork
Ballymorran Killinchy Down
Ballymorris Kilfintinan Clare
Ballymorris Killahy Kilkenny
Ballymorris Lea Laois
Ballymorris Killardry Tipperary
Ballymorris Tullaghmelan Tipperary
Ballymorris Reisk Waterford
Ballymorris Ballyhoge Wexford
Ballymorris St. Peter's Wexford
Ballymorris Bray Wicklow
Ballymorrisheen Nantinan Limerick
Ballymorrisheen Grange Limerick
Ballymorris Lower Ballykine Wicklow
Ballymorris Upper Ballykine Wicklow
Ballymot Monkstown Cork
Ballymote Glenavy Antrim
Ballymote Emlaghfad Sligo
Ballymote Lower Down Down
Ballymote Middle Down Down
Ballymote T. Emlaghfad Sligo
Ballymote Upper Down Down
Ballymoty Beg Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballymoty More Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballymount Usk Kildare
Ballymountain Knockavilly Cork
Ballymountain Inishannon Cork
Ballymountain Dunkitt Kilkenny
Ballymount Great Clondalkin Dublin
Ballymount Little Clondalkin Dublin
Ballymoy Billy Antrim
Ballymoyle Tamlaght Derry
Ballymoyle Rosenallis Laois
Ballymoyle Ennereilly Wicklow
Ballymoylin Kilglass Roscommon
Ballymoylin Youghalarra Tipperary
Ballymoyock Addergoole Mayo
Ballymuckleheany Desertlyn Derry
Ballymuck or Pluckhimin Piercetown Meath
Ballymuckvea Connor Antrim
Ballymuddy Kilwatermoy Waterford
Ballymulalla East Whitechurch Waterford
Ballymulalla West Whitechurch Waterford
Ballymulcashel Kilfinaghta Clare
Ballymulderg Beg Artrea Derry
Ballymulderg More Artrea Derry
Ballymuldorry Drumcliff Sligo
Ballymuldrogh Islandmagee Antrim
Ballymulfaig Kilmacduagh Galway
Ballymulholland Magilligan Derry
Ballymullan Bangor Down
Ballymullan Blaris Down
Ballymullanny Aghanagh Sligo
Ballymullarty Ardstraw Tyrone
Ballymullavil Mayo Mayo
Ballymullavill Kiltoom Roscommon
Ballymullen Killinan Galway
Ballymullen O'Brennan Kerry
Ballymullen Ratass Kerry
Ballymullen Kilclonfert Offaly
Ballymullen Abbeyleix Laois
Ballymullen (Stubber) Rathdowney Laois
Ballymullen (Warrensford) Rathdowney Laois
Ballymulligan Artrea Derry
Ballymullock Grange of Killyglen Antrim
Ballymully Balteagh Derry
Ballymully Desertlyn Derry
Ballymully Glebe Desertcreat Tyrone
Ballymulmore Trim Meath
Ballymulqueeny Templemaley Clare
Ballymulrennan Kilkeevin Roscommon
Ballymultimber Magilligan Derry
Ballymultrea Ballinderry Derry
Ballymulvey Shrule Longford
Ballymun Santry Dublin
Ballymunterhiggin Inishmacsaint Donegal
Ballymurn Lower Kilmallock Wexford
Ballymurn Upper Kilmallock Wexford
Ballymurphy Shankill Antrim
Ballymurphy Tullowphelim Carlow
Ballymurphy St. Mullin's Carlow
Ballymurphy Noughaval Clare
Ballymurphy Greyabbey Down
Ballymurphy Ardquin Down
Ballymurphy Annahilt Down
Ballymurphy Kiltartan Galway
Ballymurphy Crecora Limerick
Ballymurphy Lackan Mayo
Ballymurphy Dunshaughlin Meath
Ballymurphy Arboe Tyrone
Ballymurphy Lower Knockmourne Cork
Ballymurphy North Knockavilly Cork
Ballymurphy South Knockavilly Cork
Ballymurphy T. St. Mullin's Carlow
Ballymurphy Upper Knockmourne Cork
Ballymurragh Ullard Kilkenny
Ballymurragh Killincooly Wexford
Ballymurragh Kilnamanagh Wexford
Ballymurragh Kilscoran Wexford
Ballymurragh East Monagay Limerick
Ballymurragh West Monagay Limerick
Ballymurray Kilmeane Roscommon
Ballymurray Elphin Roscommon
Ballymurray Kilvarnet Sligo
Ballymurreen Ballymurreen Tipperary
Ballymurrin Kilbarrymeaden Waterford
Ballymurrin Lower Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballymurrin Upper Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballymurry Ballee Down
Ballymurry Kiltullagh Galway
Ballymurry Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Ballymurry Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballymurry Tacumshin Wexford
Ballymurtagh Clonloghan Clare
Ballymurtagh Clone Wexford
Ballymurtagh Castlemacadam Wicklow
Ballynaas Great Rathmacknee Wexford
Ballynaas Little Rathmacknee Wexford
Ballynabanaba Fohanagh Galway
Ballynabanoge Croom Limerick
Ballynabanoge Ballyanne Wexford
Ballynabanoge North Ballylaneen Waterford
Ballynabanoge South Ballylaneen Waterford
Ballynabarna Narraghmore Kildare
Ballynabarney Kilpipe Wexford
Ballynabarnish Templepatrick Antrim
Ballynabarny Clonard Meath
Ballynabarny Templeshannon Wexford
Ballynabarny Glenealy Wicklow
Ballynabearna Ballinaboy Cork
Ballynabearna Ardagh Limerick
Ballynabearna St. Mullin's Wexford
Ballynaberny Kilrush Wexford
Ballynabinnia Kilnamona Clare
Ballynabloun Killemlagh Kerry
Ballynabointra Carrigtohill Cork
Ballynabola Kill St. Nicholas Waterford
Ballynabola Kilscanlan Wexford
Ballynaboley Killinane Carlow
Ballynaboley Clane Kildare
Ballynaboley Tullaherin Kilkenny
Ballynaboley Ullid Kilkenny
Ballynaboll Drumlease Leitrim
Ballynaboll Ballysakeery Mayo
Ballynaboll Ballysadare Sligo
Ballynaboll North Aglish Mayo
Ballynaboll South Aglish Mayo
Ballynaboola Ballyhay Cork
Ballynaboola West Ballyhay Cork
Ballynabooly Kilroan Cork
Ballynabooly Dingle Kerry
Ballynaboorkagh Monivea Galway
Ballynabortagh Dunbulloge Cork
Ballynaboul Churchtown Cork
Ballynaboul Castleisland Kerry
Ballynabragget Donaghcloney Down
Ballynabranagh or Walshstown St. Mullin's Carlow
Ballynabrannagh Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Ballynabrannagh East Ballycurrany Cork
Ballynabrannagh West Ballycurrany Cork
Ballynabreen Clonleigh Donegal
Ballynabrehon North Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynabrehon South Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynabrennagh Lower Ratass Kerry
Ballynabrennagh Upper Ratass Kerry
Ballynabrigadane Kilmallock Wexford
Ballynabrock Brigown Cork
Ballynabrock Ahamlish Sligo
Ballynabrocky Blessington Wicklow
Ballynabrone Killuran Clare
Ballynabuck Kilquane Kerry
Ballynabucky Killeely Galway
Ballynabucky Kilthomas Galway
Ballynabwee Donaghedy Tyrone
Ballynacaheragh Glanworth Cork
Ballynacaheragh Askeaton Limerick
Ballynacaird Racavan Antrim
Ballynacallagh Kilnamanagh Cork
Ballynacallagh T. Kilnamanagh Cork
Ballynacally Kilchreest Clare
Ballynacally Ardagh Limerick
Ballynacally Beg Aghadowey Derry
Ballynacally More Aghadowey Derry
Ballynacally T. Kilchreest Clare
Ballynacanon Macosquin Derry
Ballynacanty Killoughy Offaly
Ballynacard Eglish Offaly
Ballynacarhagh Kiltoraght Clare
Ballynacarragh Kilmainemore Mayo
Ballynacarrick Drumhome Donegal
Ballynacarrick Kilbarron Donegal
Ballynacarrick Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynacarrick, Barr of Drumhome Donegal
Ballynacarrick Lower Killelan Kildare
Ballynacarrick Upper Killelan Kildare
Ballynacarrig Ballyboy Offaly
Ballynacarrig Ballynaslaney Wexford
Ballynacarrig Kilpatrick Wexford
Ballynacarrig Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballynacarriga Kilcrumper Cork
Ballynacarriga Killeagh Cork
Ballynacarriga Youghal Cork
Ballynacarriga Kilnamanagh Cork
Ballynacarriga Ballymoney Cork
Ballynacarriga Ardcanny Limerick
Ballynacarriga Kilmaclasser Mayo
Ballynacarriga Aglish Mayo
Ballynacarriga Kilshalvy Sligo
Ballynacarriga T. Kilnamanagh Cork
Ballynacarrig East Aglish Kerry
Ballynacarrig West Aglish Kerry
Ballynacarrigy Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballynacarrigy Old Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballynacarrigy T. Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballynacarrow Kilmacnevan Westmeath
Ballynacarrow Rathconrath Westmeath
Ballynacarrow North Kilvarnet Sligo
Ballynacarrow South Kilvarnet Sligo
Ballynacarry Creggan Armagh
Ballynaclash Clashmore Waterford
Ballynaclash Ballyvalloo Wexford
Ballynaclash Killila Wexford
Ballynaclashy Ballycurrany Cork
Ballynacleigh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Ballynaclera Kiltinan Tipperary
Ballynacliffy Kilkenny West Westmeath
Ballynaclin Mullingar Westmeath
Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan Galway
Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh Limerick
Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ballynaclogh North Reisk Waterford
Ballynaclogh South Reisk Waterford
Ballynacloghy Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynacloghy Isertkieran Tipperary
Ballynaclonagh Multyfarnham Westmeath
Ballynacloona Kilmurry Tipperary
Ballynaclose Enniskeen Meath
Ballynaclosha Creggan Armagh
Ballynacloy Aghamore Mayo
Ballynacloy Crossmolina Mayo
Ballynacole Dungourney Cork
Ballynacoolagh St. Mullin's Wexford
Ballynacooley Duneane Antrim
Ballynacooly Killahy Kilkenny
Ballynacor Seagoe Armagh
Ballynacor Donaghmore Donegal
Ballynacor Killulagh Westmeath
Ballynacorra Middleton Cork
Ballynacorra Ballymore Westmeath
Ballynacorra (Davies) Killian Galway
Ballynacorra East Middleton Cork
Ballynacorra (Ffrench) Killian Galway
Ballynacorra (Netterville) Killian Galway
Ballynacorra T. Middleton Cork
Ballynacorra West Middleton Cork
Ballynacoska Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Ballynacourty Cullen Cork
Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Kerry
Ballynacourty Stradbally Limerick
Ballynacourty Darragh Limerick
Ballynacourty Iveruss Limerick
Ballynacourty Clonbeg Tipperary
Ballynacourty Aglish Waterford
Ballynacourty Dungarvan Waterford
Ballynacourty Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynacourty North Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballynacourty South Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballynacoy Glenavy Antrim
Ballynacragga Kilnasoolagh Clare
Ballynacragga Killadysert Clare
Ballynacragga Shanagolden Limerick
Ballynacragga North Robertstown Limerick
Ballynacragga South Robertstown Limerick
Ballynacraig Tullaghobegly Donegal
Ballynacraig Inch Down
Ballynacraig Newry Down
Ballynacraigy Drummaul Antrim
Ballynacree Killeagh Meath
Ballynacree Emly Tipperary
Ballynacree Kilgorman Wexford
Ballynacree Beg Ballymoney Antrim
Ballynacree More Ballymoney Antrim
Ballynacree Skein Ballymoney Antrim
Ballynacregga Cargin Galway
Ballynacreg North Cummer Galway
Ballynacreg South Cummer Galway
Ballynacroghy or Gallowstown Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballynacronny Owning Kilkenny
Ballynacross Maghera Derry
Ballynacross Granard Longford
Ballynacross Donaghedy Tyrone
Ballynacroy Desertcreat Tyrone
Ballynacrusha Clonmel Cork
Ballynacubby Kinsale Cork
Ballynacubby Ringcurran Cork
Ballynacullia Roscommon Roscommon
Ballynacurra Eglish Offaly
Ballynacurra Mothel Waterford
Ballynacurragh Kilchreest Galway
Ballynadeige Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynadolly Magheragall Antrim
Ballynadrentagh Killead Antrim
Ballynadrideen Aglishdrinagh Cork
Ballynadrimna Kildalkey Meath
Ballynadrishoge Ballyvaldon Wexford
Ballynadrone Magheralin Down
Ballynadruckilly Lattin Tipperary
Ballynadrumny Ballynadrumny Kildare
Ballynafagh Ballynafagh Kildare
Ballynafarsid Aghada Cork
Ballynafauna Clondulane Cork
Ballynafauna T. Clondulane Cork
Ballynafeagh Arboe Tyrone
Ballynafeaha Ballyclogh Cork
Ballynafearagh Ballymore Westmeath
Ballynafearagh Churchtown Westmeath
Ballynafeeragh (1st Division) Trim Meath
Ballynafeeragh (2nd Division) Trim Meath
Ballynafeigh Derrykeighan Antrim
Ballynafern Annaclone Down
Ballynafey Duneane Antrim
Ballynafid Leny Westmeath
Ballynafid Portnashangan Westmeath
Ballynafie Ahoghill Antrim
Ballynafina Rathgormuck Waterford
Ballynafineshoge Kilwatermoy Waterford
Ballynafoy Knockbreda Down
Ballynafoy Annaclone Down
Ballynafullia Tuosist Kerry
Ballynafunshin Attanagh Laois
Ballynafunshin Rosconnell Laois
Ballynagabog Loughguile Antrim
Ballynagale Taghmon Wexford
Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Ballynagall Portnashangan Westmeath
Ballynagall Tyfarnham Westmeath
Ballynagall Kilcumny Westmeath
Ballynagall Lickbla Westmeath
Ballynagall Rathgarve Westmeath
Ballynagall Rathconnell Westmeath
Ballynagall Kilcumreragh Westmeath
Ballynagallagh Bright Down
Ballynagallagh Knockainy Limerick
Ballynagalliagh Lisnadill Armagh
Ballynagalliagh Templemore Derry
Ballynagalliagh Drumcliff Sligo
Ballynagalliagh or Mayfield Duneany Kildare
Ballynagall Little Lickbla Westmeath
Ballynagally Aglishcormick Limerick
Ballynagally Grean Limerick
Ballynagalshy Castlejordan Meath
Ballynagappagh Clane Kildare
Ballynagappoge Clonduff Down
Ballynagar Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Ballynagaragh Templetrine Cork
Ballynagarbragh Caherlag Cork
Ballynagarbry Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Ballynagarbry (Mullock) Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Ballynagarbry (Pim) Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Ballynagard Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballynagard Rathlin Island Antrim
Ballynagard Kilchreest Clare
Ballynagard Templemore Derry
Ballynagarde Caheravally Limerick
Ballynagarde Cahernarry Limerick
Ballynagarde Fedamore Limerick
Ballynagare Dysert Kerry
Ballynagarha Ballyhean Mayo
Ballynagarr Killabban Laois
Ballynagarrick Drumbo Down
Ballynagarrick Saul Down
Ballynagarrick Tullylish Down
Ballynagarry Kilmore Monaghan
Ballynagarve Artrea Derry
Ballynagarvy Finvoy Antrim
Ballynagashel Loughguile Antrim
Ballynagassan Drumcar Louth
Ballynagaul Dungourney Cork
Ballynagaul Kilquane Cork
Ballynagaul Kilfergus Limerick
Ballynagaul Beg Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballynagaulbeg or Ringville T. Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballynagaul More Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballynagee St. Peter's Wexford
Ballynageeha Oranmore Galway
Ballynageehy Monanimy Cork
Ballynageeragh Killead Antrim
Ballynageeragh Kilconierin Galway
Ballynageeragh Dunhill Waterford
Ballynageragh Imphrick Cork
Ballynageragh Kilcaragh Kerry
Ballynagh Lynally Offaly
Ballynaghten Aghalee Antrim
Ballynaghy Seagoe Armagh
Ballynagigla Monksland Waterford
Ballynagilly Lissan Tyrone
Ballynagittagh Kilconla Galway
Ballynaglack Stranorlar Donegal
Ballynaglea Touaghty Mayo
Ballynagleragh Ogonnelloe Clare
Ballynagleragh Bruis Tipperary
Ballynagleragh Ardmore Waterford
Ballynagleragh Modelligo Waterford
Ballynaglogh Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballynaglogh Ballycurrany Cork
Ballynaglogh Kilbarron Donegal
Ballynaglogh Cloonoghil Sligo
Ballynaglogh Ballyvaldon Wexford
Ballynaglogh Killila Wexford
Ballynaglogh Ballyconnick Wexford
Ballynaglogh Ardcandrisk Wexford
Ballynaglogh East Dunbulloge Cork
Ballynaglogh West Dunbulloge Cork
Ballynag Lower Ballyrashane Derry
Ballynagolan Derrynoose Armagh
Ballynagonnaghtagh Dysert Clare
Ballynagool Croagh Limerick
Ballynagor Billy Antrim
Ballynagor Moygawnagh Mayo
Ballynagore Rathcormack Cork
Ballynagore Castletownkindalen Westmeath
Ballynagore Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballynagore Killila Wexford
Ballynagore T. Newtown Westmeath
Ballynagorkagh Dunhill Waterford
Ballynagoshen Killoe Longford
Ballynagoul Hackmys Limerick
Ballynagowan Drumcree Armagh
Ballynagowan Killeenagarriff Limerick
Ballynagowan Stradbally Limerick
Ballynagowan Lower alias Bellsgrove Ballyclog Tyrone
Ballynagowan Upper alias Bellmount Ballyclog Tyrone
Ballynagown Desertmartin Derry
Ballynagraigue Duagh Kerry
Ballynagrallagh Newbawn Wexford
Ballynagran Killeeneen Galway
Ballynagran Kilchreest Galway
Ballynagran Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballynagran Glenealy Wicklow
Ballynagrana Emly Tipperary
Ballynagrana Carrick Tipperary
Ballynagrana Newtownlennan Tipperary
Ballynagranagh Inchicronan Clare
Ballynagranagh Ballinlough Limerick
Ballynagrane Clonygoose Carlow
Ballynagranshy Killeagh Meath
Ballynagreagh Ballymore Armagh
Ballynagreanagh Kilteely Limerick
Ballynagree East Macroom Cork
Ballynagreeve Killeenadeema Galway
Ballynagree West Macroom Cork
Ballynagrena Dysart Louth
Ballynagrenia Kilcumreragh Westmeath
Ballynagross Annaclone Down
Ballynagross Lower Ballee Down
Ballynagross Upper Ballee Down
Ballynagrumoolia Ballinaboy Cork
Ballynaguila Croagh Limerick
Ballynaguilkee Lower Seskinan Waterford
Ballynaguilkee Upper Seskinan Waterford
Ballynaguilla Tullylease Cork
Ballynaguilsha Eglish Offaly
Ballynagun East Kilmacduane Clare
Ballynagun West Kilmacduane Clare
Ballynag Upper Ballyrashane Derry
Ballynagurragh Clogher Tyrone
Ballynagussaun Fontstown Kildare
Ballynahaglish Ballynahaglish Mayo
Ballynahaha Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballynahaia Drumgoon Cavan
Ballynahalisk St. Nathlash Cork
Ballynahallee Kildimo Limerick
Ballynahallia Moycullen Galway
Ballynahallia Ballincuslane Kerry
Ballynahallin St. Mary's, Enniscorthy Wexford
Ballynaharda Ardmore Waterford
Ballynahask Ballyvaldon Wexford
Ballynahask Killincooly Wexford
Ballynahask Meelnagh Wexford
Ballynahatten Kilkeel Down
Ballynahattin Dundalk Louth
Ballynahattina Killosolan Galway
Ballynahatty Drumbo Down
Ballynahatty Drumragh Tyrone
Ballynahaville Layd Antrim
Ballynahaye Killeeshil Tyrone
Ballynaheglish Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballynaheila Ardagh Cork
Ballynahemery Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynahery Drumachose Derry
Ballynaheskeragh Killimorbologue Galway
Ballynahila Ballylaneen Waterford
Ballynahillen Liskinfere Wexford
Ballynahimmy Kilmanman Laois
Ballynahina Rathcormack Cork
Ballynahina Kilcully Cork
Ballynahinch Kilmore Armagh
Ballynahinch Kilnoe Clare
Ballynahinch Magheradrool Down
Ballynahinch Moyrus Galway
Ballynahinch Ballymacelligott Kerry
Ballynahinch Kilcumreragh Offaly
Ballynahinch Knocklong Limerick
Ballynahinch Cashel Longford
Ballynahinch Ballingarry Tipperary Lower Ormond Barony
Ballynahinch Kilcomenty Tipperary
Ballynahinch Ballygriffin Tipperary
Ballynahinch T. Magheradrool Down
Ballynahistil Kilcooly Galway
Ballynahivnia Kilconierin Galway
Ballynahone Fahan Upper Donegal
Ballynahone Errigal Trough Monaghan
Ballynahone Artrea Tyrone
Ballynahone Beg Lisnadill Armagh
Ballynahone Beg Maghera Derry
Ballynahone More Armagh Armagh
Ballynahone More Termoneeny Derry
Ballynahoogh or Cavetown Estersnow Roscommon
Ballynahoulort Tralee Kerry
Ballynahow Cloghane Kerry
Ballynahow Dunquin Kerry
Ballynahow Kilquane Kerry
Ballynahow Killemlagh Kerry
Ballynahow Ballycahill Tipperary
Ballynahow Glenkeen Tipperary
Ballynahow Bruis Tipperary
Ballynahow Beg Killinane Kerry
Ballynahow Commons Dunquin Kerry
Ballynahow More Killinane Kerry
Ballynahow (Murrogh) Glanworth Cork
Ballynahown Killilagh Clare
Ballynahown Kilcaskan Cork
Ballynahown Lickerrig Galway
Ballynahown Aughrim Galway
Ballynahown Rahoon Galway
Ballynahown Ballingaddy Limerick
Ballynahown Croom Limerick
Ballynahown Monagay Limerick
Ballynahown Kilmanman Laois
Ballynahown Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballynahown Killincooly Wexford
Ballynahown Kilnamanagh Wexford
Ballynahowna Kilbegnet Galway
Ballynahowna Ballynakill Galway Killian Barony
Ballynahowna Kilthomas Galway
Ballynahowna Kilcorkey Roscommon
Ballynahowna Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Ballynahown East Rahoon Galway
Ballynahown North Killannin Galway
Ballynahown South Killannin Galway
Ballynahownwood Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballynahow (Spiers) Glanworth Cork
Ballynahulla Ballincuslane Kerry
Ballynahunt Ballinvoher Kerry
Ballynakeeloge Fahan Lower Donegal
Ballynakelly Rathcoole Dublin
Ballynakill Dunleckny Carlow
Ballynakill Clonmore Carlow
Ballynakill Devenish Fermanagh
Ballynakill Ballynakill Galway Ballymoe Barony
Ballynakill Beagh Galway
Ballynakill Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Ballynakill Clonfert Galway
Ballynakill Ballynadrumny Kildare
Ballynakill Cloncurry Kildare Ikeathy & Oughterany Barony
Ballynakill Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Ballynakill Rossinan Kilkenny
Ballynakill Cullenwaine Offaly
Ballynakill Ballynakill Offaly
Ballynakill Geashill Offaly
Ballynakill Kilfinny Limerick
Ballynakill Killashee Longford
Ballynakill Rathcore Meath
Ballynakill Ballyboggan Meath
Ballynakill Rathdowney Laois
Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Ballynakill Kilmanman Laois
Ballynakill Ballynakill Sligo
Ballynakill Rathnaveoge Tipperary
Ballynakill Kilgobnet Waterford
Ballynakill Ballynakill Waterford
Ballynakill Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballynakill Multyfarnham Westmeath
Ballynakill Kilkenny West Westmeath
Ballynakill Kilbride Wexford
Ballynakill Monart Wexford
Ballynakilla Ballycurrany Cork
Ballynakilla Gortroe Cork
Ballynakilla Kilcaskan Cork
Ballynakilla Killaconenagh Cork
Ballynakilla Killererin Galway
Ballynakilla Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Ballynakilla East Shandrum Cork
Ballynakilla West Shandrum Cork
Ballynakillbeg Urglin Carlow
Ballynakill Beg Mahoonagh Limerick
Ballynakill Big Ardnurcher or Horseleap Offaly
Ballynakillew Cargin Galway
Ballynakillew Clonrush Galway
Ballynakillew Ballinrobe Mayo
Ballynakillew Kilshalvy Sligo
Ballynakillew Mountain Drumhome Donegal
Ballynakill Little Ardnurcher or Horseleap Offaly
Ballynakill Lower Kilpatrick Kildare
Ballynakill More Mahoonagh Limerick
Ballynakill Upper Kilpatrick Kildare
Ballynakill Upper Kilkenny West Westmeath
Ballynakilly Inch Donegal
Ballynakilly Conwal Donegal
Ballynakilly Dromod Kerry
Ballynakilly Glanbehy Kerry
Ballynakilly Killyman Tyrone
Ballynakilly Desertcreat Tyrone
Ballynakilly Lower Glanbehy Kerry
Ballynakilly Upper Glanbehy Kerry
Ballynalack Kinnitty Offaly
Ballynalacka Cargin Galway
Ballynalackan Killilagh Clare
Ballynalackan Kilmacrehy Clare
Ballynalacken Cloghane Kerry
Ballynalacken Donaghmore Kilkenny
Ballynalacken Ballingarry Limerick Coshlea Barony
Ballynalahagh Killeagh Cork
Ballynalahagh Knockainy Limerick
Ballynalack Killevy Armagh
Ballynalacken Leitrim Cork
Ballynalahessery North Dungarvan Waterford
Ballynalahessery South Dungarvan Waterford
Ballynalahy Killian Galway
Ballynalargy Magheragall Antrim
Ballynalargy Magheramesk Antrim