Ballynaleck to Ballyscolly

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Ballynaleck to Ballyscolly, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Ballynaleck Ballymore Armagh
Ballynaleck Lackan Mayo
Ballynaleck Artramon Wexford
Ballynaleney (part of) Drummaul Antrim
Ballynaleney (part of) Drummaul Antrim
Ballynalick Lisbunny Tipperary
Ballynalina St. Canice Kilkenny
Ballynalinagh Tullahought Kilkenny
Ballynally Moville Lower Donegal
Ballynaloan Ardstraw Tyrone
Ballynalone Drumraney Westmeath
Ballynalone Noughaval Westmeath
Ballynaloob Killagan Antrim
Ballynalough Templepatrick Antrim
Ballynalougha Nohaval Cork
Ballynalougher Layd Antrim
Ballynalouhy Ballymartle Cork
Ballynalour St. Mullin's Carlow
Ballynalty Shrule Mayo
Ballynalug Rearymore Laois
Ballynalurgan Enniskeen Meath
Ballynalynagh Crossmolina Mayo
Ballynamaddoo Templeport Cavan
Ballynamaddree St. Michael's Cork
Ballynamaddy Grange of Dundermot Antrim
Ballynamaghery Carlingford Louth
Ballynamagna Drumballyroney Down
Ballynamallaght Donaghedy Tyrone
Ballynaman Donaghmore Donegal
Ballynaman Kilteevoge Donegal
Ballynamanagh Taghsheenod Longford
Ballynamanagh East Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynamanagh West Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynamannan Drumlane Cavan
Ballynamannin Killora Galway
Ballynamanoge Kilcommon Wicklow Ballinacor South Barony
Ballynamantan Kiltartan Galway
Ballynamarroge Islandeady Mayo
Ballynamaul Ringcurran Cork
Ballynamaunagh Kilcummin Kerry
Ballynameagh Lickbla Westmeath
Ballynameelagh Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynameeltoge Oughteragh Leitrim
Ballynameen Desertoghill Derry
Ballynameen T. Desertoghill Derry
Ballynamenagh North or Cummingstown Ballymoney Antrim
Ballynamertinagh Ardmore Waterford
Ballynametagh Mogeely Cork Imokilly Barony
Ballynametagh Carrigaline Cork
Ballynametagh Fiddown Kilkenny
Ballynameta or Wood Park Tynan Armagh
Ballynaminnan Templeshanbo Wexford
Ballynamintra Lower Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynamintra Middle Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynamintra Upper Whitechurch Waterford
Ballynamire Fennagh Carlow
Ballynamire Kilbride Offaly
Ballynamire Kilnamanagh Wexford
Ballynamockagh Kilcloony Galway
Ballynamoe Rathnaveoge Tipperary
Ballynamoloogh Ballingaddy Limerick
Ballynamona Moybolgue Cavan
Ballynamona Mourneabbey Cork
Ballynamona Brigown Cork
Ballynamona Clondulane Cork
Ballynamona Castlemagner Cork
Ballynamona Glanworth Cork
Ballynamona Templeroan Cork
Ballynamona Kilmahon Cork
Ballynamona Dunderrow Cork
Ballynamona Lislee Cork
Ballynamona Tuam Galway
Ballynamona Clonrush Galway
Ballynamona Duniry Galway
Ballynamona Cong Galway
Ballynamona Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Ballynamona Moylough Galway
Ballynamona Blackrath Kilkenny
Ballynamona Clara Kilkenny
Ballynamona Dunkitt Kilkenny
Ballynamona Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballynamona Jerpointchurch Kilkenny
Ballynamona Durrow Offaly
Ballynamona Ballyburly Offaly
Ballynamona Galbally Limerick
Ballynamona Kilcornan Limerick
Ballynamona Ballynamona Limerick
Ballynamona Uregare Limerick
Ballynamona Killedan Mayo
Ballynamona Loughcrew Meath
Ballynamona Galtrim Meath
Ballynamona Dulane Meath
Ballynamona Calry Sligo
Ballynamona Twomileborris Tipperary
Ballynamona Finnoe Tipperary
Ballynamona Kilmurry Tipperary
Ballynamona Caher Tipperary
Ballynamona Molough Tipperary
Ballynamona Ardmore Waterford
Ballynamona Killoteran Waterford
Ballynamona Ballyvaldon Wexford
Ballynamona Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballynamona Killincooly Wexford
Ballynamona Kilmokea Wexford
Ballynamona Clongeen Wexford
Ballynamona Redcross Wicklow
Ballynamonabeg Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballynamonabeg Killisk Wexford
Ballynamona Glebe Drumcullen Offaly
Ballynamona Lower Kiltallagh Kerry
Ballynamona Lower Ardmore Waterford
Ballynamonaster or Charlestown & Abbeyland Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballynamona T. Dunkitt Kilkenny
Ballynamona Upper Kiltallagh Kerry
Ballynamona Upper Ardmore Waterford
Ballynamoney Ballymoney Antrim
Ballynamongaree Glanworth Cork
Ballynamony Seagoe Armagh
Ballynamony Ballymachugh Cavan
Ballynamony Kilkea Kildare
Ballynamony Carrigallen Leitrim
Ballynamony Kiltoghert Leitrim
Ballynamony Ballycanew Wexford
Ballynamony, Bradshaw Carlingford Louth
Ballynamony, Murphy Carlingford Louth
Ballynamorahan Gaulskill Kilkenny
Ballynamore Cumber Lower Derry
Ballynamought Kilmocomoge Cork
Ballynamountain Rathkieran Kilkenny
Ballynamoyntragh Kilmacleague Waterford
Ballynamrossagh Bruis Tipperary
Ballynamuck Churchtown Cork
Ballynamucka Kilconickny Galway
Ballynamuck East Kilrush Waterford
Ballynamuck Middle Kilrush Waterford
Ballynamuck West Kilrush Waterford
Ballynamucky Rathkeale Limerick
Ballynamuddagh Leitrim Cork
Ballynamuddagh Killathy Cork
Ballynamuddagh Killallaghtan Galway
Ballynamuddagh Donanaghta Galway
Ballynamuddagh Duagh Kerry
Ballynamuddagh Clonagh Limerick
Ballynamuddagh Galbally Limerick
Ballynamuddagh Dromin Limerick
Ballynamuddagh Kilfergus Limerick
Ballynamuddagh Rosslee Mayo
Ballynamuddagh Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Ballynamuddagh Tullaghmelan Tipperary
Ballynamuddagh Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballynamuddagh Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballynamuddagh Bray Wicklow
Ballynamuddagh T. Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballynamullagh Mylerstown Kildare
Ballynamullan (part of) Duneane Antrim
Ballynamullan (part of) Duneane Antrim
Ballynamullan Cappagh Tyrone
Ballynamullen Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Ballynamult Seskinan Waterford
Ballynamultina Clashmore Waterford
Ballynamurdoon Abbeygormacan Galway
Ballynamurragh North Kilruane Tipperary
Ballynamurragh South Kilruane Tipperary
Ballynana Kilmalkedar Kerry
Ballynanaghten Aghalee Antrim
Ballynancoran Carnew Wexford
Ballynane Ballinvoher Kerry
Ballynaneashagh Kilbarry Waterford
Ballynaneening Kilpatrick Cork
Ballynanelagh Gortroe Cork
Ballynanelagh Kilquane Cork
Ballynanerroon Beg Ballyovey Mayo
Ballynanerroon More Ballyovey Mayo
Ballynanny Clonduff Down
Ballynanny Annaclone Down
Ballynanoose Killoscully Tipperary
Ballynant Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Ballynanty Tullabracky Limerick
Ballynanty Beg Killeely Limerick
Ballynanty More Killeely Limerick
Ballynanultagh Boyle Roscommon
Ballynanulty Killimordaly Galway
Ballynanum Ballynakill Offaly
Ballynany Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Ballynapark Killererin Galway
Ballynapark Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballynaparka Aglish Waterford
Ballynaparka Kilmolash Waterford
Ballynaparka North Leitrim Cork
Ballynaparka South Leitrim Cork
Ballynaparson Templeusque Cork
Ballynapierce St. John's Wexford Bantry Barony
Ballynapottoge Carnteel Tyrone
Ballynaquilly Cappagh Tyrone
Ballynaraha Garrycloyne Cork
Ballynaraha Glanworth Cork
Ballynaraha Kilmakevoge Kilkenny
Ballynaraha Ballynahaglish Mayo
Ballynaraha Kilsheelan Tipperary
Ballynaraha Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynaraha North Dunquin Kerry
Ballynaraha North Killahy Kilkenny
Ballynaraha South Dunquin Kerry
Ballynaraha South Killahy Kilkenny
Ballynaraw North Cloonoghill Sligo
Ballynaraw South Cloonoghill Sligo
Ballynare Culmullin Meath
Ballynarea Newtownhamilton Armagh
Ballynargan Arboe Tyrone
Ballynaris Dromore Down
Ballynarooga Beg Cloncagh Limerick
Ballynarooga Beg (East) Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballynarooga Beg (West) Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballynarooga More (North) Cloncagh Limerick
Ballynarooga More (South) Cloncagh Limerick
Ballynaroon Caherlag Cork
Ballynarrid Ballylaneen Waterford
Ballynarry Ballynure Antrim
Ballynarry Tartaraghan Armagh
Ballynarry Fahan Lower Donegal
Ballynarry Lower Billy Antrim
Ballynarry Upper Derrykeighan Antrim
Ballynary Kilmactranny Sligo
Ballynasaggart Errigal Keerogue Tyrone
Ballynasare Clogherbrien Kerry
Ballynasare Beg Minard Kerry
Ballynasare Lower Minard Kerry
Ballynasare Mountain Minard Kerry
Ballynascall Gartan Donegal
Ballynascarry Foyran Westmeath
Ballynascarry (Butler) Tubbridbritain Kilkenny
Ballynascarry (Gore) Tubbridbritain Kilkenny
Ballynascarty Ballyoughtera Cork
Ballynascragh Killogilleen Galway
Ballynascraw Clonbroney Longford
Ballynascubbig Templetrine Cork
Ballynasculloge Churchtown Kildare
Ballynasculloge Lower Blessington Wicklow
Ballynasculloge Upper Blessington Wicklow
Ballynash Askeaton Limerick
Ballynashallog Templemore Derry
Ballynashannagh Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballynash (Bishop) Shanagolden Limerick
Ballynash (Clare) Shanagolden Limerick
Ballynashee Rashee Antrim
Ballynashee Kilmactranny Sligo
Ballynasheeoge Lackagh Galway
Ballynashig Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballynasilloge Clonygoose Carlow
Ballynasissala Monksland Waterford
Ballynaskea Rathcore Meath
Ballynaskeagh Aghaderg Down
Ballynaskeagh Castletowndelvin Westmeath
Ballynaskeagh Killagh Westmeath
Ballynaskeha Lisgoold Cork
Ballynaskeha Beg Dungarvan Waterford
Ballynaskeha More Dungarvan Waterford
Ballynaskreena Killury Kerry
Ballynaslaney Ballynaslaney Wexford
Ballynaslaney Kilpatrick Wexford
Ballynaslee Durrow Kilkenny
Ballynaslee Ballyovey Mayo
Ballynaslost Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballynasollus Derryloran Tyrone
Ballynasollus Kildress Tyrone
Ballynasollus Bodoney Upper Tyrone
Ballynasooragh Eighter Killoscobe Galway
Ballynasooragh Oughter Killoscobe Galway
Ballynasrah Kilbride Offaly
Ballynasrah Lusmagh Offaly
Ballynasrah Geashill Offaly
Ballynasrah or Tinnycross Kilbride Offaly
Ballynastaig Killeely Galway
Ballynastaig Kilmacduagh Galway
Ballynastangford Lower Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynastangford Upper Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynastick Buolick Tipperary
Ballynastockagh Annagh Mayo
Ballynastockan Boystown Wicklow
Ballynastraid Ballintoy Antrim
Ballynastraw Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballynastraw Moyacomb Wexford
Ballynastuckaun Kilmoylan Galway
Ballynasuddery & Shureen Kilbeggan Westmeath
Ballynatona Drishane Cork
Ballynatona Galbally Limerick
Ballynatona Kilbeheny Limerick
Ballynatona Shanrahan Tipperary
Ballynatona Blessington Wicklow
Ballynatone Kilteevoge Donegal
Ballynatone Rathbran Wicklow
Ballynatra Templerobin Cork
Ballynatra Kilcrohane Cork
Ballynatray Commons Templemichael Waterford
Ballynatray Demesne Templemichael Waterford
Ballynatrilla Kilbroney Cork
Ballynattin Kiltennell Carlow
Ballynattin Ballynoe Cork
Ballynattin Arklow Wicklow
Ballynatubbrit Cappagh Tyrone
Ballynaule Kilmoe Cork
Ballynavaddog Balsoon Meath
Ballynavaddog Trubley Meath
Ballynavally Drumbo Down
Ballynaveen Emly Tipperary
Ballynavenooragh Kilquane Kerry
Ballynavin Modreeny Tipperary
Ballynavortha Moyacomb Wicklow
Ballynawall & Drum Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballyneage or Hybla Duneany Kildare
Ballyneague Ardagh Cork
Ballyneal Mothel Waterford
Ballyneale Dysartmoon Kilkenny
Ballyneale Listerlin Kilkenny
Ballyneale Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballyneaner Donaghedy Tyrone
Ballynearla Kilmacow Kilkenny
Ballyneary Annagh Cavan
Ballynease-helton Ballyscullion Derry
Ballynease-macpeake Ballyscullion Derry
Ballynease-strain Ballyscullion Derry
Ballyneddan Kilbroney Down
Ballyneddan Upper Kilbroney Down
Ballyneena Reynagh Offaly
Ballyneen T. Ballymoney Cork
Ballyneety Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyneety Oola Limerick
Ballyneety Kilbradran Limerick
Ballyneety Crossmolina Mayo
Ballyneety Ardfinnan Tipperary
Ballyneety Neddans Tipperary
Ballyneety Tullaghmelan Tipperary
Ballyneety Kilwatermoy Waterford
Ballyneety Kilgobnet Waterford
Ballyneety North Templebredon Limerick
Ballyneety South Templebredon Limerick
Ballyneety T. Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyneggin Aglish Mayo
Ballyneill Kilmurry Tipperary
Ballyneillan Kilmoon Clare
Ballyneillan Kilnamona Clare
Ballyneill Beg Artrea Derry
Ballyneill More Artrea Derry
Ballynelahillan Monart Wexford
Ballyneill Donohill Tipperary
Ballynella Knockmourne Cork
Ballynellard Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballynellard Killila Wexford
Ballynelligan Glebe Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynenagh Artrea Derry
Ballynennan Drangan Tipperary
Ballynennan (Lloyd) Drangan Tipperary
Ballynera Moyaliff Tipperary
Ballynerrin Kilcoole Wicklow
Ballynerrin Rathnew Wicklow
Ballynerrin Lower Drumkay Wicklow
Ballynerrin Upper Drumkay Wicklow
Ballynerroon East Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynerroon West Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynery Montiaghs Armagh
Ballyness Billy Antrim
Ballyness Dunluce Antrim
Ballyness Tullaghobegly Donegal
Ballyness Macosquin Derry
Ballyness Dungiven Derry
Ballyness Clogher Tyrone
Ballyness Mountain Tullaghobegly Donegal
Ballynester Greyabbey Down
Ballynestragh Kilcavan Wexford
Ballynestragh Demesne Kilcavan Wexford
Ballynevan Kilfinaghta Clare
Ballynevin Aghmacart Laois
Ballynevin Killaloan Tipperary
Ballynevin Mothel Waterford
Ballynevoga Kilrossanty Waterford
Ballynew Kilfarboy Clare
Ballynew Ballynakill Galway Ballynahinch Barony
Ballynew Kilcoona Galway
Ballynew Clontuskert Galway
Ballynew Lickmolassy Galway
Ballynew Aglish Mayo
Ballynew Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Ballynew Tagheen Mayo
Ballynewport Rathmullan Down
Ballynewry Mullaghbrack Armagh
Ballynewy Artrea Derry
Ballynian Tamlaght O'Crilly Derry
Ballynichol Ballytrustan Down
Ballynichol Comber Down
Ballynicole Kilmolash Waterford
Ballynidon Ringrone Cork
Ballynilard Tipperary Tipperary
Ballynisky Clonagh Limerick
Ballynocker Magherafelt Derry
Ballynoe Donegore Antrim
Ballynoe Inagh Clare
Ballynoe Clonmel Cork
Ballynoe Gortroe Cork
Ballynoe Fermoy Cork
Ballynoe Rathcooney Cork
Ballynoe Kilbrin Cork
Ballynoe Kilshannig Cork
Ballynoe Farahy Cork
Ballynoe Ballinaboy Cork
Ballynoe Ballyfeard Cork
Ballynoe Ballynoe Cork
Ballynoe Donaghadee Down
Ballynoe Bright Down
Ballynoe Killury Kerry
Ballynoe Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballynoe Bruree Limerick
Ballynoe Clonelty Limerick
Ballynoe Mahoonagh Limerick
Ballynoe Mungret Limerick
Ballynoe Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynoe East Glanworth Cork
Ballynoe East Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynoe Rathlin Island Antrim
Ballynoe or Newtown Ardoyne Carlow
Ballynoe T. Ballynoe Cork
Ballynoe West Glanworth Cork
Ballynoe West Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballynolan Oldleighlin Carlow
Ballynolan Ballinamara Kilkenny
Ballynolan Kildimo Limerick
Ballynomasna Tubbrid Tipperary
Ballynona North Dungourney Cork
Ballynona South Dungourney Cork
Ballynoneen Aghavallen Kerry
Ballynookery Aghada Cork
Ballynoony East Kilbeacon Kilkenny
Ballynoony West Kilbeacon Kilkenny
Ballynora Kilnaglory Cork
Ballynoran Aglishdrinagh Cork
Ballynoran Kilmurry Tipperary
Ballynorig East Kilmoyly Kerry
Ballynorig West Kilmoyly Kerry
Ballynort Askeaton Limerick
Ballynorthland Demesne Drumglass Tyrone
Ballynote East Kilrush Clare
Ballynote West Kilrush Clare
Ballynough Bourney Tipperary
Ballynowlan Moyanna Laois
Ballynultagh Boystown Wicklow
Ballynultagh Mullinacuff Wicklow
Ballynulto Glenwhirry Antrim
Ballynunnery Gilbertstown Carlow
Ballynunry The Rower Kilkenny
Ballynure Ballynascreen Derry
Ballynure Killeevan Monaghan
Ballynure Kilmuckridge Wexford
Ballynure Ballynure Wicklow
Ballynure Demesne Ballynure Wicklow
Ballynure Park Ballynure Wicklow
Ballynure T. Ballynure Antrim
Ballyoan Clondermot Derry
Ballyoban Kilbeggan Westmeath
Ballyobegan Inishargy Down
Ballyogaha East Gortroe Cork
Ballyogaha North Gortroe Cork
Ballyogaha West Gortroe Cork
Ballyogan Kilraghtis Clare
Ballyogan Tully Dublin
Ballyogan Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny
Ballyogan Kilglass Sligo
Ballyogan Beg Ruan Clare
Ballyogan More Ruan Clare
Ballyogartha Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyogarty Ballylaneen Waterford
Ballyoghagan Mevagh Donegal
Ballyoglagh Billy Antrim
Ballyoliver Rathvilly Carlow
Ballyonan Ballynadrumny Kildare
Ballyonan Carlingford Louth
Ballyonan or Donaghboy Kilfearagh Clare
Ballyonane Cloyne Cork
Ballyoneen Gortroe Cork
Ballyoneen Templebodan Cork
Ballyoran Drumcree Armagh
Ballyoran Castlelyons Cork
Ballyoran Dundonald Down
Ballyoran Ballyboy Offaly
Ballyoran Louth Louth
Ballyorban Carrigaline Cork
Ballyore Clondermot Derry
Ballyorgan Rathmullan Down
Ballyorgan Kilflyn Limerick
Ballyorgan T. Kilflyn Limerick
Ballyorley Lower Kilcormick Wexford
Ballyorley Upper Kilcormick Wexford
Ballyorney Kilmacanoge Wicklow
Ballyorril Monart Wexford
Ballyortla North Doora Clare
Ballyortla South Doora Clare
Ballyoskill Attanagh Kilkenny
Ballyoskill Kilmenan Kilkenny
Ballyote Dysart Westmeath
Ballyoughna Kiltrisk Wexford
Ballyoughter Kilcolman Mayo Costello Barony
Ballyoughter Moyaliff Tipperary
Ballyoughter Dorrha Tipperary
Ballyoughtera Creagh Cork
Ballyoughteragh North Dunurlin Kerry
Ballyoughteragh South Dunurlin Kerry
Ballyoughtra Tulla Clare
Ballyoughtragh North Kilcolman Kerry
Ballyoughtragh South Kilcolman Kerry
Ballyoughtra (O'Callaghan) Tulla Clare
Ballyoulster Donaghcumper Kildare
Ballyouneen Rattoo Kerry
Ballyouragan Dysert Limerick
Ballyourane Caheragh Cork
Ballyowen Esker Dublin
Ballyowen Kilclonfert Offaly
Ballyowen Killaderry Offaly
Ballyowen Killeedy Limerick
Ballyowen Aghaboe Laois
Ballyowen Killagh Westmeath
Ballyowen Kilnahue Wexford
Ballyowen Ballylannan Wexford
Ballypadeen St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Ballypalady Ballymartin Antrim
Ballypatrick Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballypatrick Ballymoney Antrim
Ballypatrick Fiddown Kilkenny
Ballypatrick Inch Tipperary
Ballypatrick Temple-etney Tipperary
Ballypheasan Roscommon Roscommon
Ballyphehane St. Finbar's Cork
Ballyphehane St. Nicholas Cork
Ballypherode Kilmacdonogh Cork
Ballyphilibeen Kilbrin Cork
Ballyphilip Rathcooney Cork
Ballyphilip Ballyphilip Down
Ballyphilip Ballylarkin Kilkenny
Ballyphilip Aghancon Offaly
Ballyphilip Aglishcormick Limerick
Ballyphilip Croom Limerick
Ballyphilip Kilmore Tipperary Upper Ormond Barony
Ballyphilip Solloghodmore Tipperary
Ballyphilip Ballingarry Tipperary Slievardagh Barony
Ballyphilip Crohane Tipperary
Ballyphilip Reisk Waterford
Ballyphilip St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Ballyphilip Newcastle Lower Wicklow
Ballyphilip East Kilcockan Waterford
Ballyphilip West Kilcockan Waterford
Ballyphilips Templeree Tipperary
Ballypickas Lower or Bernardsgrove Ballyroan Laois
Ballypickas Upper Ballyroan Laois
Ballypierce Barragh Carlow
Ballypierce Rathgoggan Cork
Ballypierce Newcastle Limerick
Ballypitmave Glenavy Antrim
Ballyplimoth Ballincuslane Kerry
Ballyplunt Rathmullan Down
Ballypollard Glynn Antrim
Ballyporeen Templetenny Tipperary
Ballyporeen T. Templetenny Tipperary
Ballyportery North Loughguile Antrim
Ballyportery South Loughguile Antrim
Ballyportry North Killinaboy Clare
Ballyportry South Killinaboy Clare
Ballyprecas St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Ballyprior Timogue Laois
Ballyprior Beg Islandmagee Antrim
Ballyprior More Islandmagee Antrim
Ballyquaid Glebe Skirk Laois
Ballyquane Dunmahon Cork
Ballyquillin Killead Antrim
Ballyquin Tomgraney Clare
Ballyquin Cloghane Kerry
Ballyquin Rossinan Kilkenny
Ballyquin Balteagh Derry
Ballyquin Lisgenan or Grange Waterford
Ballyquin Fenoagh Waterford
Ballyquin Beg Killokennedy Clare
Ballyquinlevan Lower Finnoe Tipperary
Ballyquinlevan Upper Finnoe Tipperary
Ballyquin More Killokennedy Clare
Ballyquintin Witter Down
Ballyquin T. Cloghane Kerry
Ballyquirk Killeagh Cork
Ballyquirk Gowran Kilkenny
Ballyquirk Monagay Limerick
Ballyquirk Lorrha Tipperary
Ballyquiveen Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ballyrafter Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballyrafter Flats Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballyrafton Dunmore Kilkenny
Ballyraggan Graney Kildare
Ballyragget Donaghmore Kilkenny
Ballyragget T. Donaghmore Kilkenny
Ballyrahan Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballyrahan Kilnahue Wexford
Ballyraheen Mullinacuff Wicklow
Ballyrahin Killincooly Wexford
Ballyraine Conwal Donegal
Ballyraine Lower Arklow Wicklow
Ballyraine Middle Arklow Wicklow
Ballyraine Upper Arklow Wicklow
Ballyrainey Dundonald Down
Ballyrandle Clonea Waterford
Ballyrane Killinick Wexford
Ballyrankin Kilrush Wexford
Ballyrannel Ballyhuskard Wexford
Ballyratahan Lower Derrykeighan Antrim
Ballyratahan Upper Derrykeighan Antrim
Ballyrath Armagh Armagh
Ballyrattan Moville Upper Donegal
Ballyrawer Donaghadee Down
Ballyraymeen Lower Kiltallagh Kerry
Ballyraymeen Upper Kiltallagh Kerry
Ballyre Dangandonovan Cork
Ballyrea Armagh Armagh
Ballyrea Kilnamanagh Wexford
Ballyready Rathcormack Cork
Ballyreagh Dunaghy Antrim
Ballyreagh Ballymore Armagh
Ballyreagh Newtownards Down
Ballyreagh Aghavea Fermanagh
Ballyreagh Derrybrusk Fermanagh
Ballyreagh Ballywillin Derry
Ballyreagh Derryloran Tyrone
Ballyreagh Powerscourt Wicklow
Ballyreaghan Clonbroney Longford
Ballyreagh Lower Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballyreagh Upper Culfeightrin Antrim
Ballyreardon Templenacarriga Cork
Ballyreask Donaghmore Wicklow
Ballyredding North Treadingstown Kilkenny
Ballyredding South Treadingstown Kilkenny
Ballyredding West Treadingstown Kilkenny
Ballyreddy Dysartmoon Kilkenny
Ballyredmond Moyacomb Carlow
Ballyree Bangor Down
Ballyreehan East Kilfeighny Kerry
Ballyreehan West Kilfeighny Kerry
Ballyreesode Bruff Limerick
Ballyregan Carrigtohill Cork
Ballyregan Cloyne Cork
Ballyregan Dundonald Down
Ballyregan Mahoonagh Limerick
Ballyregan Ballycahane Limerick
Ballyregan Killanny Louth
Ballyregan Ballymore Wexford
Ballyregan Rossminoge Wexford
Ballyregan Kilbride Wexford
Ballyregan Beg Ringcurran Cork
Ballyregan or Fairyhill Artramon Wexford
Ballyregan More Ringcurran Cork
Ballyreilly Aghaboe Laois
Ballyreilly Ringagonagh Waterford
Ballyreilly Kilrane Wexford
Ballyremon Commons Calary Wicklow
Ballyrenan Ballee Down
Ballyrenan Inch Down
Ballyrenan Ardstraw Tyrone
Ballyrevagh Longford Cashel
Ballyrevagh & Porteen Dysart Roscommon
Ballyrevagh West & Porteen Dysart Roscommon
Ballyrichard Carrick Tipperary
Ballyrichard Newtownlennan Tipperary
Ballyrichard Drangan Tipperary
Ballyrichard Kilbride Wicklow Arklow Barony
Ballyrichard Beg Carrigtohill Cork
Ballyrichard More Carrigtohill Cork
Ballyrickane Donohill Tipperary
Ballyrickard Comber Down
Ballyrickard Beg Raloo Antrim
Ballyrickard Beg Aghancon Offaly
Ballyrickard More Raloo Antrim
Ballyrickard More Aghancon Offaly
Ballyrickard North Ardcrony Tipperary
Ballyrickard South Ardcrony Tipperary
Ballyrider Moyanna Laois
Ballyridley Ardquin Down
Ballyriff Artrea Derry
Ballyriggin Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballyrihy Dunkerrin Offaly
Ballyring Lower Sheffin Kilkenny
Ballyring Upper Sheffin Kilkenny
Ballyriorthy Dungourney Cork
Ballyriree Kilmacabea Cork
Ballyrishteen Garfinny Kerry
Ballyrisk Beg Drumachose Derry
Ballyrisk More Drumachose Derry
Ballyrisode Kilmoe Cork
Ballyristeen Monksland Waterford
Ballyroan Rathfarnham Dublin
Ballyroan Tallaght Dublin
Ballyroan Ballyroan Laois
Ballyroan Straboe Laois
Ballyroan Glenkeen Tipperary
Ballyroan T. Ballyroan Laois
Ballyrobert Castlelyons Cork
Ballyrobert Gortroe Cork
Ballyrobert Knockmourne Cork
Ballyrobert Templebodan Cork
Ballyrobert Holywood Down
Ballyrobert Kilmoyly Kerry
Ballyrobert, Grange of Templepatrick Antrim
Ballyroberts Burnchurch Kilkenny
Ballyrobin Killead Antrim
Ballyrobin Ballymoney Antrim
Ballyrobin Kilscannell Limerick
Ballyrobin Donohill Tipperary
Ballyrobin Kilcornan Tipperary
Ballyrobin Kilculliheen Waterford
Ballyrobin Dunhill Waterford
Ballyrobin North Ballintemple Cork
Ballyrobin South Ballintemple Cork
Ballyrock Irish Ballyrashane Antrim
Ballyrock Scotch Ballyrashane Antrim
Ballyroddy Shankill Roscommon
Ballyroe Kilfinaghta Clare
Ballyroe Kilfintinan Clare
Ballyroe Cloyne Cork
Ballyroe Aglishdrinagh Cork
Ballyroe Kilmacabea Cork
Ballyroe Templetogher Galway
Ballyroe Kilquane Kerry
Ballyroe Ardfert Kerry
Ballyroe Tankardstown Kildare
Ballyroe Churchtown Kildare
Ballyroe Freshford Kilkenny
Ballyroe Columbkille Kilkenny
Ballyroe Drumcullen Offaly
Ballyroe Loghill Limerick
Ballyroe Knock Mayo
Ballyroe Ardmayle Tipperary
Ballyroe Kilcockan Waterford
Ballyroe Edermine Wexford
Ballyroe (Annesley) Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballyroebeg Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballyroebuck Kilrush Wexford
Ballyroe East Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballyroe (Grace) Tullaroan Kilkenny
Ballyroe Lower Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballyroe Lower St. Mary's Wexford
Ballyroe (Maher) Tullaroan Kilkenny
Ballyroe (Nunn) Castle-ellis Wexford
Ballyroe Upper Kilfinnane Limerick
Ballyroe Upper St. Mary's Wexford
Ballyroe West Ballingarry Limerick Connello Upper Barony
Ballyrogan Newtownards Down
Ballyrogan Errigal Derry
Ballyrogan Lower Redcross Wicklow
Ballyrogan or Mourne Park Kilkeel Down
Ballyrogan Upper Redcross Wicklow
Ballyrogully Artrea Derry
Ballyrohan Kilronan Waterford
Ballyrolly Donaghadee Down
Ballyrolly Down Down
Ballyronan Ballyheige Kerry
Ballyronan Kilcoole Wicklow
Ballyronan Beg Ballinderry Derry
Ballyronan More Artrea Derry
Ballyronan T. Artrea Derry
Ballyroney Drumballyroney Down
Ballyrooaun Ballynaslaney Wexford
Ballyrooaun Arklow Wicklow
Ballyroon Kilcrohane Cork
Ballyroon Mountain Kilcrohane Cork
Ballyroosky Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballyroosky Island Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballyroosky T. Clondavaddog Donegal
Ballyrory Cumber Upper Derry
Ballyrory Kilpipe Wexford
Ballyross Powerscourt Wicklow
Ballyroughan Big Ullard Carlow
Ballyroughan Little Ullard Carlow
Ballyroughan North Quin Clare
Ballyroughan South Quin Clare
Ballyrourke Balla Mayo
Ballyrourke Ballinchalla Mayo
Ballyrourke Uskane Tipperary
Ballyrowragh Kilcolumb Kilkenny
Ballyrub Ringrone Cork
Ballyruddelly or Lismintan Drumhome Donegal
Ballyruin Ballyroan Laois
Ballyrune Kildimo Limerick
Ballyrush Comber Down
Ballyrush Inishkeen Monaghan
Ballyrush Killahurler Wicklow
Ballyrushboy Knockbreda Down
Ballyrusheen Kilbrin Cork
Ballyrusheen Youghalarra Tipperary
Ballyrusley Ballyphilip Down
Ballyrussel Templemichael Waterford
Ballyrussell Cloyne Cork
Ballyrussell Comber Down
Ballyrussell Clonallan Down
Ballyruther Carncastle Antrim
Ballyryan Tullowmagimma Carlow
Ballyryan Nurney Carlow
Ballyryan Killilagh Clare
Ballyryan East Solloghodmore Tipperary
Ballyryan West Solloghodmore Tipperary
Ballyryland Raloo Antrim
Ballysadare Ballysadare Sligo
Ballysadare T. Ballysadare Sligo
Ballysaggart Killaghtee Donegal
Ballysaggart Donaghmore Tyrone
Ballysaggart Beg (East) Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballysaggart Beg Glebe Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballysaggartbeghill Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballysaggart Beg (West) Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballysaggartmore Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Ballysakeery Ballysakeery Mayo
Ballysalla Corcomohide Limerick
Ballysallagh Killilagh Clare
Ballysallagh Lisgoold Cork
Ballysallagh Hackmys Cork
Ballysallagh Rathgoggan Cork
Ballysallagh Ballee Down
Ballysallagh Dromore Down
Ballysallagh Kilderry Kilkenny
Ballysallagh Caherelly Limerick
Ballysallagh Kinsalebeg Waterford
Ballysallagh Drumraney Westmeath
Ballysallagh East Kilnasoolagh Clare
Ballysallagh East Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballysallagh (Fox) Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballysallagh Lower Hacketstown Carlow
Ballysallagh Major Bangor Down
Ballysallagh Minor Bangor Down
Ballysallagh (Tuite) Kilbixy Westmeath
Ballysallagh Upper Hacketstown Carlow
Ballysallagh West Kilnasoolagh Clare
Ballysallagh West Dunganstown Wicklow
Ballysally Ballyaghran Derry
Ballysally Coleraine Derry
Ballysampson Tacumshin Wexford
Ballysavage Donegore Antrim
Ballysax Great Ballysax Kildare
Ballysaxhills Ballysax Kildare
Ballysax Little Ballysax Kildare
Ballysaxplain Ballysax Kildare
Ballyscally Clogher Tyrone
Ballyscandal Eglish Armagh
Ballyscanlan Inchicronan Clare
Ballyscanlan Crossmolina Mayo
Ballyscanlan Kilbarron Tipperary
Ballyscanlan Islandikane Waterford
Ballyscanlan Lower Kilmacrenan Donegal
Ballyscanlan Upper Kilmacrenan Donegal
Ballyscannel Ahamlish Sligo
Ballyscartin Kilmakilloge Wexford
Ballyscarvan Kilcleagh Westmeath
Ballyscolly Ballinderry Antrim