Helsa-Chandil Railway

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Helsa-Chandil Railway, also known as the Barkakhana-Chandil Railway

Helsa-Chandil Railway

The 1924 Administration Report for Railway [1] gives the following :-

“This line starts from Hesla (now Barkakhana, the terminus of the South Karanpura Railway) and joins the Bengal Nagpur Railway main line at Chandil on the Purulia-Sini section. The object of the line is to afford an alternative outlet to the south for coal from West Bokharo and the South Karanpura coalfields. The line will be about 76 miles long and by the end of the year about 55%, of the work had been completed on the first 36-44 miles and about 42% on the remaining portion”

The line became part of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR) broad gauge(BG) network linking to the East Indian Railway(EIR) as can be seen from the 1931 Map.

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