Bengal Civil Service Distribution Lists 1856-1866

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Date range Record details
1856 L/F/10/88 IOR Neg 57113 (LDS microfilm 214 9804. May be inaccurate though it is believed by not more than one digit in either direction)
Unc/S C/S; (also C/S)
The 1856 enclosure shows the distribution of the Civil Service in Bengal Division of the Fort William Presidency
Shows offices, appointments and names but no salaries. Printed copy
1864-1866 Shows quarterly lists dated Oct 1864-Jan 1866, in each case showing Regulation Provinces, followed by Non-Regulation Provinces
Both types show Presidency personnel but Districts and local personnel vary. In all cases prefaced as ‘List of officers holding office at the Presidency’.
Further pages show staff by district, status, names and salaries. These staff are as follows: -
Commissioners, Civil & Session Judges, Additional Judges, Magistrates & Collectors, Joint Magistrates & Deputy Collectors, Cantonment Joint Magistrates, Asst Magistrates & Collectors, Medical Officers, Deputy Inspector General of Police, District Supt of Police, Asst Supt of Police, Chaplains & Asst Chaplains, Judges of Small Cause Courts, Principal Sudder Ameens, Moonsiffs, Superintending Engineers, Executive Engineers, Inspectors of Schools, Deputy Inspectors of Schools, Headmasters, Opium Agents, Sub-Deputy Opium Agents.