Bhandara District Manganese Mines Railways

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Bhandara District Manganese Mines Railways

A manganese mining operation originally founded in 1896 as the 'Central Provinces Prospecting Syndicate'. It was renamed in 1924 as the 'Central Provinces Manganese Ore Company' and nationalised after independence [1] . The company operated several mines, two in this District and many more in the Balaghat District and several in Nagpur District.

The mines in the Bhandara District started working in 1903 and by 1908. The pre-1947 information on railways in this District is as follows:-

Chika Mines
There is little information on the railways used, if any, in this mine in the early period. 9 miles of 2ft 0in and 2ft 6in narrow gauge(NG) was supplied in 1942 [2].

Dongri Buzurg Mine
The first information concerning railways used in this mine is 1927 where 5½ miles(9km) of track is recorded along with records of tubs.No further information has been found [3].


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