Bhupendra Cement Works Railway

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Bhupendra Cement Works Railway

The Bhupendra Cement Works, 3 miles (5km) north of Surajpur, Chhattisgarh District, Central Provinces, opened in 1939 by the ‘Associated Cement Company Limited’. When first built it had a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) railway line in the quarry for transporting chalk from the quarry to the aerial ropeway which carried the chalk to the works [1]..

The works were to the east of the Surajpur Halt Station. The records show that the works operated BG locomotives [1], so undoubtedly was connected to the ‘Annupur-Ambikpur Branch Line’ which at Annupur Junction joined the Bengal-Nagpur Railway (BNR) ‘Katni Branch Line’.


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