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Bithia Mary Croker c 1848-1920, who usually wrote under the name B. M. Croker, was an Irish novelist, most of whose work concerns, or refers to, life and society in British India.

In 1871, she married John Stokes Croker (1844–1911), an officer in the Royal Scots Fusiliers and later the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

In 1877, Bithia followed her husband to India where she lived for 14 years. [1]

Her first book Proper Pride was published anonymously in 1882.

Her Indian novels include

  • Pretty Miss Neville 1883
  • A Bird of Passage 1886
  • Diana Barrington: A Romance of Central India 1888
  • Interference: A Novel 1891
  • Mr Jervis 1894
  • Angel: A Sketch in Indian Ink 1901
  • The Cat's Paw 1902
  • Her Own People 1905
  • The Company's Servant: A Romance of Southern India 1907
  • Babes in the Wood : a Romance of the Jungles 1910
  • In Old Madras 1913
  • The Road to Mandalay: A Tale of Burma 1917

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