Bizoti Orakzai Expedition

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Bizoti Orakzai Expedition
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: March 1868 & 25 February-4 April 1869
Location: Bizoti, Orakzai Agency, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 33.783333°N 70.983331°E
Result: Submission of tribes
British & Indians Orakzai tribesmen
Maj L.B.Jones
Lt Col C.P.Keyes CB
1868 sortie: 11 killed & 44 wounded
1869 sortie: 3 killed & 33 wounded

The Bizoti Orakzai Expedition of 1868-69.

Field Force 1868

Maj L.B.Jones
No 2 Punjab Light Field Battery (2 guns)
3rd Punjab Cavalry (80 men)
3rd Punjab Infantry (280 men)
6th Punjab Infantry (200 men)

Field Force 1869

Lt Col C.P.Keyes
No 1 Punjab Light Field Battery (2 mountain guns)
1st Punjab Infantry
4th Punjab Infantry