Bombay Covenanted, Supernumerary and Uncovenanted Servants 1786 - 1900

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Date range Record details
1786 L/F/10/138 IOR Neg 57150 (LDS microfilm 218 6675)
List of the Honorable Company Civil Servants at the Presidency of Bombay and Factories subordinate with the offices and employment of each and the pay, salaries and emoluments thereto and allowed by the Hon.Co., arranged by the different heads by which they are distinguished and exhibiting distinctly the expenses which the Hon. Co. by their Civil Establishment paid at their said Presidency and Factories subordinate. Headings as follows:
Location, Names, Diet Money, House Rent, Servants' Wages, Free Gifts, Office Allowances, Salary, Emoluments, p.m and p.a.
Of interest only from the point of view of the office titles and the unusual allowances paid.
1797-1835 L/F/10/139 IOR Neg 57150 (LDS microfilm 218 6675)
C/S & Unc/S
A list of the Civil Servants on the Bombay Establishment, 27 March 1797. 4 Members of Govt., 32 Senior Merchants, 13 Junior Merchants, 18 Factors, 28 Writers
e.g. John Hope Oliphant, Commissioner at Cochin, apptd 1792.
Numerous lists at annual intervals follow. By 15 Aug 1811, location, date of writer's appt., date of official appt., names, title and often movements are mentioned. Casualties are also noted.
By 31 Dec 1814, list referred to as Hon. United E. I Co., Covenanted Civil Servants and by 17 Dec 1816, season of appt was noted.
No salaries are mentioned anywhere in this volume. Near the end of the Volume, a list of seafaring Europeans in the Merchant Service shows their grades as Masters/ 1st - 5th officer, issued at Bombay 31 Dec 1833. (Unc/S).
The final documents are dated 1 Jul 1834 and 17 Oct 1835.showing details of Governor and President in Council, 90 Senior and Junior Merchants, 23 Factors
1842 - 1848 L/F/10/140 IOR Neg 57151 (LDS microfilm 218 6676)
C/S. S/L & Unc/S
Volumes are now frequently subdivided by tabs, the first being 1842-44, with no alphabetical indexes
1842-44 tab
1842 1. List of the Hon. The United E. I Co. Civil Servants belonging to the Bombay Presidency, specifying their numbers, name , original and present ranks, commencement and term of residence in Bombay, non- residence, date of appt, monthly and annual salaries, etc., actually drawn and the amount of salaries tenable under the limitations contained in the Act 53 Geo III, Cap 155, all at 1 May 1842. No index.
2. List of Clerical Officers holding civil appts in the Ecclesiastical Dept. at 1 May 1842 - a total of 5.
Hdgs - No., Name, appt, Specification of allowances, Salary, Total mthly and Total annually.
3. List of Military Officers holding Civil appts in the General, Political, Revenue and Judicial Depts on 1 May 1842. Numbers are as follows: - Gen., 29; Pol., 29: Rev., 10 and Jud., 16: total 84.
4. List of Medical Officers - Gen., 26, Pol., 10; Jud., 5: total 41.
5. List of Uncovenanted and other officers, holding specific offices in Gen.,10, Rev.,14 and Jud.,18: tota: 42.
1843 As above, with no index, 5 lists, one of each of Civil Servants, Clerical, Military, Medical and Uncovenanted and others
1844 As with 1842 and 1843.
1845 tab
No 1845 record; instead there is a copy of 1 May 1846 and lists of Clerical, Mil., and Med., but no Unc/S list: see 1846 tab I below.
1846 tab I
This again shows a copy 1 May 1846 with lists of Clerical, Military and Medical, but no Unc/S.
[An interesting snippet is that a Chaplain on authorised tours was allowed to claim 8 Annas per mile].
Within this Tab, there is also a copy of Uncovenanted Servants (European and East Indian) with an Index and a copy of Native Officers (including Portuguese) also with Index
1846 tab II
This also shows copies of 1846 Uncovenanted List and Native Officers List, both with Indexes
1847 tab
Bombay Civil Servants Return of 1 May 1847 with Clerical, Mil.,and Med., (all with no indexes). Also enclosed are copies of Uncovenanted Eur and E Indians and Native Officers, both with indexes.
1848 tab I
List of HEIC Civil Service, of 1 May 1848 with no index and copies of Clerical, Military and Medical Lists; also a List of Judges and Principal Officers of the Supreme Court, 1 May 1848 and a copy of Officers not in Regular Services, holding specific appts in the Bombay Presidency. See repeats in 1848 II
1848-1852 L/F/10/141 IOR Neg 57151-152 (LDS microfilms 218 6676 and 218 6860)
C/S. S/L & Unc/S
1 May 1848 1848 tab II
List of 120 Civil Servants belonging to Bombay Presidency 1 May 1848 plus lists of Clerical, Mil., and Med. Officers. Also repeats of same.
Lists of Uncovenanted Servants (E. and E.I.) and of Native Officers (including Portuguese) both with alphabetical indexes.
1848 tab III
Two Alphabetical Indexes, one of each of Native Officers and Uncovenanted Servants(E and E.I), both with returns dated 1 May 1848; the latter has sheets 13 - 55 filed upside down in reverse.
1850 tab
List of 122 Civil servants dated 1 May 1850 but with no index; lists of Clerical, Mil. and Medical Officers. In addition, a List of Judges and Principal Officers of the Supreme Court and a List of officers NOT in the regular Service holding Special Appointments (no alphabetical List). All these lists are arranged by depts/branches.
A return of 236 European Uncovenanted Servants of 1 May 1850, with Index marked Europeans and East Indians.
A return of 670 Native Officers ( including Portuguese) with Index)
A return of 58 Native officers (including Portuguese) with Index) in province of Sind dated 1850
A return of 41 Uncovenanted Euro and E. Indians with Index, also in Sind dated 1850
27 Military Officers (in all) holding Civil Appts in Sind, grouped under Revenue and Judicial; Medical Officers in Sind; Officers not in
Regular Service holding Civil appts in Sind.
1852 Tab
1 May 1852 List of Civil Servants in Bombay - 129 in number. Then Clerical Officers 30 in number. List of Military and Naval officers holdng Civil Appts in General Branch (33), Pol.(26), Rev.(30) and Jud (14).
There are several more returns relating to Sind but since details of the individual officers may be in the Bombay returns of 1852, they are not listed.
List of Medical officers holding Civil appts in Gen (37), Pol (6) Rev (2) and Jud (8).
List of Judges and Principal Officers of Supreme Court and Court of Small Causes - 15 in number.
List of Officers not in Regular Services holding special appts (1 May 1852) - Gen.(17), Eccles.( 2), Rev.(28), Jud. (8).
Alphabetical Index and Return of Native Officers (including Portuguese) in service of Govt in Bombay (filing reversed)
Alphabetical Index and Return of Uncovenanted Servants (European and East Indian) in Bombay - 276 in number.
1854-1859 L/F/10/142 IOR Neg 57152-154 (LDS microfilms 218 6860 and 218 6861 and 218 6869)
C/S. S/L & Unc/S
1 May 1854 List of Civil Servants, Clerical, Military and Medical Officers holding Civil Appts; the Judges and Principal Officers of the Supreme Court and Court of Small Causes and of Officers not in Regular Service holding Special Appts under Bombay Presidency
1. List of the Hon. The United E I C Civil Service belonging to the Bombay Pres. Specifying the numbers, names, original and present rank, commencement and time of residence in Bombay, non-residence, offices, date of Appt., monthly and annual salary, amount actually drawn, and that taxable under limitations in Act 53, George 3, Chap 155 , 1 May 1854. No index, arranged more or less in date of Appt order. 126 in number..
2. List of Clerical Officers and Chaplains. No index. 27 in number and one Church of Scotland.
3. List of Military Officers holding civil appts in the Depts, General (36 No.), Politica l(27 No.),Revenue (39 No., including Military Sgt. Overseers as Sub assts,) and Judicial (19 No.). No index.
4.List of Medical Officers - Gen. 35, Pol 4, Rev 1, Jud 7. No index
5. List of Judges,etc., 17 No.
6. List of Officers not in the Regular Service, holding specific appts. E.g. translators, registrar of merchant seamen, asst to civil engineer, postmaster (14 in Gen.), 2 Registrars in Diocese (2 in Eccles.), Supt of Cotton Experiments in Surat, Supt of Revenue Survey and numerous Deputy Collectors (53 in Rev.), Coroner, Remembrancer (9 in Jud). No index.
7 i. Alphabetical Index of Uncovenanted Servants (European and E Indian)
7 ii.Annual Return of Uncovenanted Servants (E and E.I) in service of Govt of Civil Dept under Pres. of Bombay - name, ages, date and description of previous appt and present appt and number of years of residence in India, period of service and the total amount of each person's monthly allowance. 86 in Gen, 52 in Jud, 12 in Eccles, 4 in Pol and 137 in Rev. - total 301
8. Alphabetical Index of Native Officers, ( including Portuguese) - and Annual Return – total 720.
9. List of Military and Naval Officers in Province of Sind - 4 in Gen, 1 in Pol, 21 in Rev, 7 in Jud. No alphabetical index
10. List of Medical Officers in Sind - 4 in Gen, 1 in Pol. No Alphabetical Index
11. List of Uncovenanted Officers holding specific appts in Sind - 1 in Gen, 10 in Rev. No Alphabetical Index.
12. Alphabetical Index followed by repetition of 11 above within a larger section (still in Sind) - 54 in various depts. Do not appear to overlap.
13. Alphabetical Index of Native Officers in Sind, with a Return of numbering 108
1856 Similar returns to those of 1854 (315 Uncovenanted) ( No return of Officers NOT in Regular Service)
Index plus List of 76 Uncovenanted in Sind
1858 Similar returns to those of 1854
1859 Lists of Civil Service (152), Clerical, Military, Medical and Judges but no Alphabetical Indexes.
List of Uncovenanted Officers with no Alphabetical Index; followed by another list with index of 300 officers.
1860-1868 L/F/10/143 IOR Neg 57154-155 (LDS microfilms 218 6869 and 218 6870)
C/S. S/L & Unc/S
1860 As for 1854 above, items 1-5, No item 6, Item 7 - list of 128 Uncovenanted Servants but no index; followed by a second list of 292, this time with an Alphabetical Index; item 8 Alphabetical Index and list of 483 native officers; thence list of 37Unc/S in Sind with index; list of 73 native officers in Sind, with Index.
1865 List of 130 Covenanted Civil Servants, 29 Clerical, 108 Military and Naval, 61 Medical, 40 Judges - ALL with no index.
List of 109 Gazetted Uncovenanted European Officers and a List of 190 Unc/S European and E Indians, both with no Index.
1866 List of HM 130 Covenanted Civil Servants with no index but arranged by Class precedence
Lists of Military and Naval Officers (114), Clerical (30), Medical (46), Judges (30) ALL with no Index
List of 105 Gazetted Uncovenanted European Officers, grouped in Depts but numbered consecutively to 105.
Numerous Unc/S (European. and E.I.) shown on C forms but neither numbered nor indexed.
1868 List of 138 Covenanted Civil Servants arranged by Class precedence with no index
Lists of 148 Military Officers, 49 Medical, 33 Clerical, and 31 Judges, ALL with no Index
List of 148 Gazetted Uncovenanted European Officers (including Sind and Forest)
Some unindexed C forms followed by an index 1-140 of office locations and 140 C forms listing staff at each location.
1870-1876 L/F/10/144 IOR Neg 57155-156 (LDS microfilms 218 6870 and 218 6871)
C/S. S/L & Unc/S
1870 1. List of H.M. Covenanted Civil Service of Bombay Presidency, specifying their numbers, names, season of appt, commencement of service, original term and present rank, date of arrival or commencement of service, subsequent non-residence, actual residence, appt, specification of allowances, mthly amount in rupees, actual mthly income in rupees, annual amount in rupees, remarks
Includes 3rd member of Council (class 1 over 35 yrs), then class 2, 20 yrs, Judges ( writers in 1837 and 1842) -total 152.
2. List of Military Officers holding Civil appts on Bombay establishment - includes Forest Dept and Railway Police.- total 137
3. List of Medical Officers - includes a Surgeon Major as Assay Master; another as Inspector General of Prisons
Hdgs - names, designation, specification of allowances, total mthly salary. Total 58 including 1 Unc/S
4. Clerical Officers and Chaplains on Bombay Establishment. Ecclesiastical Branch - 1 Lord Bishop, 12 Chaplains, 18 junior Chaplains, Established Church of Scotland 4.- total 35
5. List of Judges and officers of High Court (who are not Covenanted Civil Servants) and officers of High Court of Judicature, Bombay; and uncovenanted Judges of the Small Cause Court, under Bombay Presidency.- total 35
6. List of Gazetted Uncovenanted European officers under the Bombay Presidency.
e.g. G M Beyts of General Dept, French translator to Govt, salary 50R mthly, total 50R mthly, 600R p.a.
Also includes Secretary to Govt, Pol Agent Zanzibar, Asst Resident Persian Gulf, Actg Dy Acct General, Registrar of Diocese, Supt Preventive Service, Civil Surgeon (Zanzibar) - total 145.
Index of offices by numbers, e.g 1. Mil. Sec to H.E. the Governor, 2. Acct General, 3. Revenue Commissioner, etc. Then in same sequence of office title, unnumbered 'C' forms, headed List of Uncovenanted Civil Servants (European and E Indian) in the office of e.g. Mil. Sec to H.E. the Governor, 1 Apr 1870 - 147 officers.
1872 Imperial Index of offices by numbers (100); Provincial Index (43). C forms 1-100 and 1-43 (numbered)
1874 Numerous C forms - no index
1876 Both Imperial and Provincial - numerous C forms in each case - no index.
1877-1884 L/F/10/145 IOR Neg 57156-157 (LDS microfilms 218 6871 and 218 6872)
1877 One year-full of unnumbered’C’ forms: Provincial Police, Hospitals, Schools, etc. Typical headings - Name, Description of Appt, Salary, Period of Residence in India
1878-1879 Nominal Roll of Uncovenanted Europeans and East Indians - includes Salt, Opium and Customs - Unnumbered C forms
Occasional C form labelled 'Imperial'.
1880 A very good set of C forms - legible but unnumbered and with no index
1881 None
1882 C forms only - no index
1883 No index. C forms sometimes numbered but usually out of sequence
1884 As 1883
1885-1890 L/F/10/146 IOR Neg 57157-158 (LDS microfilms 218 6872 and 218 6873)
1885-1886 Some labelled 'Imperial'. Where numbered, out of sequence. No index
1886-1887 Numbered but out of order. No index to B forms
1888 As above
1889 No index, some B forms numbered but out of order.
1890-1891-1890 As above.
1891-1895 L/F/10/147 IOR Neg 57158-159 (LDS microfilms 218 6873 and 218 6874)
1891-1892- 1891 Index 1-192, shows Heads of Finance. Forms not stamped as A, B or C but otherwise similar.
1892 Index 1-205, as above
1893 Index 1-200, as above
1894 Index 1-197 as above
1895 Index 1 -210 as above
1896-1900 L/F/10/148 IOR Neg 57159-160 (LDS microfilms 218 6874 and 218 6875)
1896 Index 1-205
1897 Index 1-106 missing; 107-204.
1898 !ndex 1-205. Forms not stamped A, B or C.
1899 Index 1-205 as above
1900 Index 1-200 as above