Burma, Byingye Forest Monorail/Tramway

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Burma, Byingye Forest Monorail/Tramway

The 'Bombay Burma Trading Corporation Limited' leased the Byingye Teak Forest concession from the Pyinmana Division of the Burma Forest Department [1].

By 1911 an experimental monorail was laid, designed by a Mr Shrewsbury. It was a balanced monorail running on a single rail, of either wood or metal, supported a minimum of six feet(1.8 metre) above ground level and hauled by either bullocks or buffaloes [1].

The experiment was abandoned before the whole of the projected six mile(9.6km)line was completed. The 'Bombay Burma Trading Corporation Limited' declined to purchase the rights and in 1911 Mr Shrewsbury was looking for other customers [1].

In 1916-17 a light tramline, of unknown gauge and type, with a line length of 17½ miles(28km) was constructed in the Byingye forest, it was still in use in 1925-26 [1].


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