Burma Rebellion 1930-1932

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Also known as the Saya San Rebellion.

Armed disturbances broke out in Burma in December 1930 and continued throughout 1931 and into 1932. When they first broke out the origin of the disturbances was very obscure but it became apparent that they originated in a Nationalist movement which aimed at getting rid of British control.[1]



Records at the British Library

Records at the British Library include

  • The Origin and Causes of the Burma Rebellion (1930-32). Rangoon, 1934 IOR/V/27/262/19. This is the official history.
  • Collection 403/132 Report on operations in connection with operations for suppression of rebellion in Burma, December 1930 to March 1932. IOR/L/MIL/7/16959
  • The Burma Rebellion: general file [including the result of an inquiry into the origin and causes of the rebellion] IOR/L/PJ/6/2020, File 7347 : Dec 1930-May 1937
  • War Diaries of the Burma Rebellion 1930-1932 IOR/L/MIL/5/862-884
  • Collection 403/136 Recommendations for awards and "mentions" in despatches in connection with Burma rebellion. IOR/L/MIL/7/16963

Records at the Imperial War Museums

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  1. Imperial Policing by Major-General Sir Charles W Gwynn 1939, page 299