Caherlusky to Carhoo West

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A list of townlands of Ireland from Caherlusky to Carhoo West, together with alternative possibilities for the parish and county in which it is located. See Irish Townlands Category for further lists of townslands.

Townland Parish County Remarks
Caherlusky Skull Cork
Caherlustraun Donaghpatrick Galway
Cahermaan Killeany Clare
Cahermacanally Killursa Galway
Cahermackateer Killinaboy Clare
Cahermackirilla Carran Clare
Cahermaclanchy Killilagh Clare
Cahermacnaghten Rathborney Clare
Cahermacon Killinaboy Clare
Cahermacrea Ruan Clare
Cahermacrusheen Killilagh Clare
Cahermaculick Moorgagagh Mayo
Cahermacun Rathborney Clare
Cahermakerrila Killeany Clare
Cahermee Caherduggan Cork
Cahermeeleboe Kilnamanagh Cork
Caherminnaun East Kilfenora Clare
Caherminnaun West Kilfenora Clare
Cahermoanteen Kilmocomoge Cork
Cahermone Middleton Cork
Cahermoneen Tralee Kerry
Cahermore Kilmaley Clare
Cahermore Ross Cork
Cahermore Ardrahan Galway
Cahermore Kinvarradoorus Galway
Cahermore Ballymacelligott Kerry
Cahermorris Annaghdown Galway
Caher-mountain Kilcrohane Cork
Cahermoyle Rathronan Limerick
Cahermuckee Kilmocomoge Cork
Cahermurphy Kilmihil Clare
Caher (Murphy) Feakle Clare
Cahernabane Knockane Kerry
Cahernablauhy Ballinrobe Mayo
Cahernabrock Shrule Mayo
Cahernabudogy Ballinrobe Mayo
Cahernacaha Inchigeelagh Cork
Cahernacreevy Ballinrobe Mayo
Cahernacrin Kilmocomoge Cork
Cahernaduv Knockane Kerry
Cahernagarry Kilreekill Galway
Cahernageeha Kilcrohane Kerry
Cahernagh Dunmoylan Limerick
Cahernagh East Tullylease Cork
Cahernagh (Leland) Tullylease Cork
Cahernagh (Morgel) Tullylease Cork
Cahernaglass Monivea Galway
Cahernagollum Ballinchalla Mayo
Cahernagormuck Loughrea Galway
Cahernagry Killererin Galway
Cahernagry East Kilmolara Mayo
Cahernagry West Kilmolara Mayo
Cahernahallia Toem Tipperary
Cahernaheeny Kilkilvery Galway
Cahernahoon Lackagh Galway
Cahernaleague Seskinan Waterford
Cahernalee Kilconierin Galway
Cahernalinsky Killeenavarra Galway
Cahernalough Kilraghtis Clare
Cahernamallaght Ballinrobe Mayo
Cahernaman Kilconickny Galway
Cahernaman Killinane Kerry
Cahernamart Oughaval Mayo
Cahernamona Rath Clare
Cahernamona Kilconickny Galway
Cahernamuck East Kilconickny Galway
Cahernamuck West Kilconickny Galway
Cahernane Aghadoe Kerry
Cahernane Killarney Kerry
Cahernaran Island Oughaval Mayo
Cahernarry (Cripps) Cahernarry Limerick
Cahernarry (Keane) Cahernarry Limerick
Cahernashilleeny Lackagh Galway
Cahernead Killahan Kerry
Cahernichole East Ballinchalla Mayo
Cahernichole West Ballinchalla Mayo
Caherogan Kilfarboy Clare
Caherogullane Kilmocomoge Cork
Caherolickane Skull Cork
Caheronaun Loughrea Galway
Caherpeak East Kilcolgan Galway
Caherpeak West Kilcolgan Galway
Caherphuca Abbeyknockmoy Galway
Caherpierce Ballinvoher Kerry
Caher (Power) Feakle Clare
Caherquin Dunurlin Kerry
Caher (Retrenched) Offerlane Laois
Caherrevagh and Cloonnameeltoge Kilmainemore Mayo
Caher (Rice) Feakle Clare
Caherrobert Ballinchalla Mayo
Caherroyn Athenry Galway
Caherrush Kilmurry Clare Ibrickan Barony
Cahersavane Dromod Kerry
Caherscooby Tomfinlough Clare
Caherscullibeen Kilmalkedar Kerry
Cahershaughnessy Clooney Clare Bunratty Upper Barony
Cahersherkin Clooney Clare Corcomroe Barony
Cahersiveen Caher Kerry
Cahersiveen T. Caher Kerry
Caherskeehaun Killogilleen Galway
Caherslee Tralee Kerry
Caherteige Clonloghan Clare
Cahertinny Kilconickny Galway
Caher T. Caher Tipperary
Caherty Ballyclug Antrim
Caheruane Kilbarrymeaden Waterford
Caherulla Ballyheige Kerry
Caherultan Ballyoughtera Cork
Caherurlagh Kilcrohane Cork
Caherurlagh Mountain North Kilcrohane Cork
Caherurlagh Mountain South Kilcrohane Cork
Cahervally Knocknagaul Limerick
Cahervillahowe Kilfeakle Tipperary
Cahervillahowe Relickmurry & Athassel Tipperary
Caherwalter Loughrea Galway
Caherweelder Killeely Galway
Caherweesheen Annagh Kerry
Caher West Kenmare Kerry
Caherwiclaun Kilmainemore Mayo
Cahery Drumachose Derry
Caherycahill Kilmacrehy Clare
Caherycoosaun Kilshanny Clare
Cahills Island Lusmagh Offaly
Cahiracon Kilfiddane Clare
Cahiracon Killadysert Clare
Cahircalla Beg Drumcliff Clare
Cahircalla More Drumcliff Clare
Cahirduff Monasteranenagh Limerick
Cahirguillamore Tullabracky Limerick
Cahirguillamore Glenogra Limerick
Cahoo Donaghenry Tyrone
Cahore Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Cahore Ballynascreen Derry
Cahore Donaghmore Wexford
Caim Monart Wexford
Cain Liskinfere Wexford
Cakestown Glebe Kells Meath
Calary Lower Calary Wicklow
Calary Upper Calary Wicklow
Caldanagh Finvoy Antrim
Caldavnet Tedavnet Monaghan
Caldragh Drumlane Cavan
Caldragh Kinawley Fermanagh
Caldragh Kiltoghert Leitrim
Caldragh Clongesh Longford
Caldragh Knock Mayo
Caldragh Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Caldragh Kiltrustan Roscommon
Caldraghmore Ballymacormick Longford
Caldrum Clogher Tyrone
Caldrum Glebe Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Caldrymoran Shankill Roscommon
Caledon Aghaloo Tyrone
Caledon T. Aghaloo Tyrone
Calehane Ballydeloher Cork
Calf Field Ballynadrumny Kildare
Calf Field or Aghadrumgowna Larah Cavan
Calf Island Templecrone Donegal
Calf Island Ardkeen Down
Calf Island Ballindoon Galway
Calf Island Lickmolassy Galway
Calf Island Kilmeena Mayo
Calf Island East Aghadown Cork
Calf Island Middle Skull Cork
Calf Island West Skull Cork
Calfpark Ballymacormick Longford
Calfstown Mylerstown Kildare
Calga Philipstown Louth Ardee Barony
Calgath Rodanstown Meath
Calhame Killaghtee Donegal
Calhame Tullaghobegly Donegal
Calhame Clonleigh Donegal
Calhame Donaghmore Donegal
Calhame Leck Donegal
Calhame Urney Donegal
Calhame or Fallard Conwal Donegal
Calhame or Montgomery's Fort Convoy Donegal
Calheme Ballymoney Antrim
Calheme Camus Tyrone
Calkill Killesher Fermanagh
Calkill Cappagh Tyrone
Calla Kilgeever Mayo
Callacoon Kilgeever Mayo
Callaghane Ballygunner Waterford
Callagheen Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Callaghs Kildallan Cavan
Callahaniska Glanbehy Kerry
Callahow Cloncrew Limerick
Callahy Tomgraney Clare
Callan Convoy Donegal
Callanacor Convoy Donegal
Callanafersy East Kilcolman Kerry
Callanafersy West Kilcolman Kerry
Callanagh Lower Drumlumman Cavan
Callanagh Middle Drumlumman Cavan
Callanagh Upper Drumlumman Cavan
Callancruck Moyrus Galway
Callan North Callan Kilkenny
Callan South Callan Kilkenny
Callan T. Callan Kilkenny
Callaros Eighter Kilmoe Cork
Callaros Oughter Kilmoe Cork
Callary or Mountmerrion Taney Dublin
Callas Inishcarra Cork
Callatra Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Callatrim Kilbrogan Cork
Calliagh Aghabog Monaghan
Calliaghadoo Moygawnagh Mayo
Calliaghstown Westpalstown Dublin
Calliaghstown Kilsharvan Meath
Calliaghstown Kells Meath
Calliaghstown Kilmacnevan Westmeath
Calliaghstown Ballymore Westmeath
Calliaghstown Lower Rathcoole Dublin
Calliaghstown Upper Rathcoole Dublin
Calliaghwee Dunboyne Meath
Callisnagh Ardclinis Antrim
Callisnagh Layd Antrim
Calloughs Carrigallen Leitrim
Callow Inishmacsaint Fermanagh
Callow Ballindoon Galway
Callow Kilconnell Galway
Callow Nantinan Limerick
Callow Killasser Mayo
Callow Beg Meelick Galway
Callowbeg Drum Roscommon
Callowbrack Burrishoole Mayo
Callowfinish Moyrus Galway
Callowhill Kinawley Fermanagh
Callowhill Oughteragh Leitrim
Callowhill Currin Monaghan
Callowhill Lower Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Callowhill Upper Newcastle Upper Wicklow
Callow More Meelick Galway
Callownamuck Kilcummin Galway
Callownaskeagh Cargin Galway
Callow or Runnawillin Kilnamanagh Roscommon
Calluragh Kilfintinan Clare
Calluragh Inchicronan Clare
Calluragh East Kilmanaheen Clare
Calluragh South Kilmanaheen Clare
Calluragh West Kilmanaheen Clare
Callystown Clogher Louth
Calmore Kilcronaghan Derry
Calone Lisnadill Armagh
Calteraun Kilfree Sligo
Caltra Killosolan Galway
Caltragh Belclare Galway
Caltragh Kilkilvery Galway
Caltragh Killower Galway
Caltragh Aughrim Galway
Caltragh Clonfert Galway
Caltragh Clonkeen Galway
Caltragh Crossboyne Mayo
Caltragh Rahara Roscommon
Caltragh Cloontuskert Roscommon
Caltragh St. John's Sligo
Caltragh Easky Sligo
Caltragh Skreen Sligo
Caltragh Beg Cashel Longford
Caltraghbeg Cam Roscommon
Caltraghbreedy Killimordaly Galway
Caltraghcreen Killoscobe Galway
Caltraghduff Taghboy Galway
Caltraghlea Kilgerrill Galway
Caltragh More Cashel Longford
Caltrapallas Killosolan Galway
Caltra T. Killosolan Galway
Calveagh Lower Kilbeagh Mayo
Calveagh Upper Kilbeagh Mayo
Calverstown Davidstown Kildare
Calverstown Clonfad Westmeath
Calverstown Demesne Davidstown Kildare
Calverstown Little Davidstown Kildare
Cam Kinawley Fermanagh
Cam Macosquin Derry
Cam Mostrim Longford
Cam Cam Roscommon
Camaderry or Sevenchurches Derrylossary Wicklow
Camagh Derrynoose Armagh
Camagh Templeport Cavan
Camagh Oughteragh Leitrim
Camagh Abbeylara Longford
Camagh Killoe Longford
Camagh Lickbla Westmeath
Camagh Kilbeggan Westmeath
Camaghy Magheracloone Monaghan
Camaghy Pomeroy Tyrone
Camalier Drumlane Cavan
Camalt Inishmagrath Leitrim
Camara Donaghmore Wicklow
Camarahill North Donaghmore Wicklow
Camarahill South Donaghmore Wicklow
Camaross Kilgarvan Wexford
Camas Killeedy Limerick
Camas Monagay Limerick
Camas North Monasteranenagh Limerick
Camas South Monasteranenagh Limerick
Camblestown Aghanunshin Donegal
Cambrickville Dundalk Louth
Camcloon Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Camcloon Offerlane Laois
Camcloon Moore Roscommon
Camcloon Beg Burrishoole Mayo
Camcloon More Burrishoole Mayo
Camcuill Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Camderry Kilbegnet Galway
Camderry Cloonclare Leitrim
Camderry Dromore Tyrone
Camderrynabinnia Killedan Mayo
Camea Kilfeakle Tipperary
Camenabologue Knockrath Wicklow
Cameron (Island) Kilbarron Tipperary
Cametringane Killaconenagh Cork
Camgart Enniskillen Fermanagh
Camgort & Corballymore Donanaghta Galway
Camheen Mungret Limerick
Camillaun Cong Mayo
Camillaun or Holy Island Cong Mayo
Caminches Kilnamanagh Cork
Camira Glebe Rosenallis Laois
Camla Monaghan Monaghan
Camlagh Taghmaconnell Roscommon
Camletter Kinawley Fermanagh
Camlin Kilbarron Donegal
Camlin Estersnow Roscommon
Camlin Corbally Tipperary
Camlin Oldross Wexford
Camlisk Beg Mostrim Longford
Camlisk More Mostrim Longford
Camlough T. Killevy Armagh
Camly (Ball) Newtownhamilton Armagh
Camly Macullagh Newtownhamilton Armagh
Cammanagh Ross Galway
Cammoge Moyarta Clare
Cammoge Elphin Roscommon
Camnish Bovevagh Derry
Camolin Toome Wexford
Camolin Park Kilcomb Wexford
Camolin T. Toome Wexford
Camowen Cappagh Tyrone
Camp Kilbarron Donegal
Camp Kilgobban Kerry
Camp Castleisland Kerry
Camp Ratass Kerry
Camp East Castleisland Kerry
Camphill Clontead Cork
Camphill Offerlane Laois
Camphire Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Camphirehill Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Camphire Island Aglish Waterford
Camplagh Drumkeeran Fermanagh
Camplany Magheraculmoney Fermanagh
Campsey Lower Faughanvale Derry
Campsey Upper Faughanvale Derry
Campsie Cappagh Tyrone
Campstown Kildrumsherdan Cavan
Camross Offerlane Laois
Camross Emlaghfad Sligo
Cams Fuerty Roscommon
Cams Tawnagh Sligo
Camteige St. Mary's Newtownbarry Wexford
Camus Kilkerranmore Cork
Camus Rathbarry Cork
Camus Clonleigh Donegal
Camus Meelick Galway
Camus Tisaran Offaly
Camus Macosquin Derry
Camus Ardmayle Tipperary
Camus St. Patricksrock Tipperary
Camus Camus Tyrone
Camus Eighter Kilcummin Galway
Camus Macosquin Glebe Macosquin Derry
Camus Oughter Kilcummin Galway
Canagullen Tuosist Kerry
Canal & Banks St. Peter's Roscommon
Canalmore Kilnamanagh Cork
Canalough Kilnamanagh Cork
Canary Clonfeacle Armagh
Canbeg Inishmagrath Leitrim
Canbo Killummod Roscommon
Canbrack Killedan Mayo
Canburrin Caher Kerry
Candlefield Kiltullagh Roscommon
Candlefort Inishkeen Monaghan
Candroma Clondrohid Cork
Canearagh Glanbehy Kerry
Caneese Lissan Derry
Canfee Tuosist Kerry
Cangarrow Ross Galway
Cangort Demesne Shinrone Offaly
Cangort Park Shinrone Offaly
Cangullia Castleisland Kerry
Cangy Cappoge Louth
Cankeel Annaduff Leitrim
Cankilly Clonfert Galway
Canknoogheda Knockane Kerry
Cannaboe Oughteragh Leitrim
Cannafahy Callan Kilkenny
Cannaghanally Kilmacshalgan Sligo
Cannagola Beg Drumcree Armagh
Cannagola More Drumcree Armagh
Cannakill Croghan Offaly
Cannaver Island Cong Galway
Cannawee Kilmoe Cork
Cannonsfield St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cannonsquarter Fennagh Carlow
Cannonstown Feighcullen Kildare
Cannonstown Kells Meath
Cannonswood Aghmacart Laois
Cannorstown (Chapman) Noughaval Westmeath
Cannorstown (Hogan) Noughaval Westmeath
Cannow Donaghmore Wicklow
Cannow Mountain Donaghmore Wicklow
Canoneill Drumcree Armagh
Canon Island Killadysert Clare
Canonstown Termonfeckin Louth
Canower Moyrus Galway
Canrawer East Kilcummin Galway
Canrawer West Kilcummin Galway
Canrooska Kilcaskan Cork
Canshanavoe Kilcaskan Cork
Cant Quin Clare
Canteeny Lackagh Galway
Cantogher Killeedy Limerick
Cantra Ventry Kerry
Canty Whitechurch Waterford
Cantytrindle Derryvullan Fermanagh
Canuig Dromod Kerry
Canuig Prior Kerry
Canvarstown Tullaroan Kilkenny
Capanagh Kilwaughter Antrim
Capard Rosenallis Laois
Capdoo Clane Kildare
Capdoo Commons Clane Kildare
Cape Castle Ramoan Antrim
Capel Island Kilmacdonogh Cork
Capira Lickmolassy Galway
Caplahard Kilkenny West Westmeath
Caplevane Lusmagh Offaly
Capnagower Kilgeever Mayo
Cappa Dingle Kerry
Cappa Templenoe Kerry
Cappa Ballymackey Tipperary
Cappabeg Rosenallis Laois
Cappaboggan Castlejordan Meath
Cappaboy Beg Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappaboy More Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappacannaun Tomgraney Clare
Cappacasheen Killinny Galway
Cappacharnaun Ballintober Mayo
Cappaclogh Templebeg Tipperary
Cappaclogh East Kilgobban Kerry
Cappaclogh West Kilgobban Kerry
Cappacorcoge Cong Galway
Cappacorcoge or Ashford Cong Galway
Cappacuilla Tynagh Galway
Cappacur Tynagh Galway
Cappacurry Ballinrobe Mayo
Cappadavock Tuam Galway
Cappadine Kilnarath Tipperary
Cappadineen Fanlobbus Cork
Cappadrummin Kiltinan Tipperary
Cappaduff Inishcaltra Galway
Cappaduff Ardnurcher or Horseleap Westmeath
Cappafaulish Tullaghanbrogue Kilkenny
Cappafeean Inchicronan Clare
Cappaganneen Knockane Kerry
Cappagarraun Killone Clare
Cappagarriff Kilcummin Galway
Cappagh Creggan Armagh
Cappagh Ballon Carlow
Cappagh Killashandra Cavan
Cappagh Carran Clare
Cappagh Kilrush Clare
Cappagh Killathy Cork
Cappagh Monanimy Cork
Cappagh Ringcurran Cork
Cappagh Glencolumbkille Donegal
Cappagh Annaclone Down
Cappagh Clondalkin Dublin
Cappagh Clontuskert Galway
Cappagh Dunmore Galway
Cappagh Rahoon Galway
Cappagh Kilgerrill Galway
Cappagh Killian Galway
Cappagh Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cappagh Tynagh Galway
Cappagh Tiranascragh Galway
Cappagh Kilkerrin Galway
Cappagh Kilflyn Kerry
Cappagh Cloghane Kerry
Cappagh Killorglin Kerry
Cappagh Knockane Kerry
Cappagh Kenmare Kerry
Cappagh Killinane Kerry
Cappagh Killaha Kerry
Cappagh Cloncurry Kildare
Cappagh St. Canice Kilkenny
Cappagh Inistioge Kilkenny
Cappagh Gaulskill Kilkenny
Cappagh Kilcoan Kilkenny
Cappagh Jerpointchurch Kilkenny
Cappagh Clonsast Offaly
Cappagh Kilclonfert Offaly
Cappagh Mohill Leitrim
Cappagh Cappagh Limerick
Cappagh Aglish Mayo
Cappagh Aghamore Mayo
Cappagh Clones Monaghan
Cappagh Aghaboe Laois
Cappagh Kilgefin Roscommon
Cappagh Castlemore Roscommon
Cappagh Kilbride Roscommon
Cappagh Kilmorgan Sligo
Cappagh Killoran Sligo
Cappagh Toem Tipperary
Cappagh Donohill Tipperary
Cappagh Ballingarry Tipperary Slievardagh Barony
Cappagh Templemichael Tipperary
Cappagh Pomeroy Tyrone
Cappagh Lisgenan or Grange Waterford
Cappagh Whitechurch Waterford
Cappagh Russagh Westmeath
Cappagh Ballinacor Wicklow
Cappagha Clonrush Galway
Cappaghabaun Mountain Moynoe Clare
Cappaghabaunpark Moynoe Clare
Cappaghauneen Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Cappaghavuckee Killaconenagh Cork
Cappagh Beg Kilraghtis Clare
Cappagh Beg Skull Cork
Cappagh Beg Killinny Galway
Cappagh Beg Ballyaghran Derry
Cappaghbrack Ballyloughloe Westmeath
Cappaghcastle Kilfinaghta Clare
Cappaghcon Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cappaghconbeg Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cappaghcon East Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cappaghcon West Ballynakill Galway Leitrim Barony
Cappaghcreen Dunboyne Meath
Cappaghduff East Ballyovey Mayo
Cappaghduff West Ballyovey Mayo
Cappagh East Ballyvourney Cork
Cappaghglass Skull Cork
Cappaghjuan Ballymorin Westmeath
Cappaghkennedy Carran Clare
Cappagh (Kilgormly) Clones Monaghan
Cappaghlodge Kilfinaghta Clare
Cappagh More Kilraghtis Clare
Cappagh More Skull Cork
Cappagh More Killinny Galway
Cappagh More Ballyaghran Derry
Cappaghmore Cloneen Tipperary
Cappaghmoyle Monivea Galway
Cappaghnacallee Skull Cork
Cappaghnagapple or Petersburgh Ross Galway
Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran Tipperary
Cappaghnahoran or Windsor Offerlane Laois
Cappaghnanool Killimordaly Galway
Cappagh North Kilfinaghta Clare
Cappagh North Kilconierin Galway
Cappagh North Tagheen Mayo
Cappagh North Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappaghoosh Moyrus Galway
Cappaghrattin Donohill Tipperary
Cappagh South Kilfinaghta Clare
Cappagh South Kilconierin Galway
Cappagh South Tagheen Mayo
Cappagh South Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappagh T. Cappagh Limerick
Cappagh West Ballyvourney Cork
Cappagh White T. Toem Tipperary
Cappagowlan Killoughy Offaly
Cappahard Templemaley Clare
Cappahayden Killaloe Kilkenny
Cappahenry Callan Kilkenny
Cappahenry East Callan Kilkenny
Cappakea O'Briensbridge Clare
Cappakeel Coolbanagher Laois
Cappakeela Tiranascragh Galway
Cappakilleen Modreeny Tipperary
Cappaknockane Desertserges Cork
Cappalahan Bourney Tipperary
Cappalahan Corbally Tipperary
Cappalaheen Clonlea Clare
Cappalahy Durrow Westmeath
Cappalane Rosenallis Laois
Cappalauna Mallardstown Kilkenny
Cappalea Killuran Clare
Cappalea North Kilmaley Clare
Cappalea South Kilmaley Clare
Cappaleigh North Kilcaskan Cork
Cappaleigh South Kilcaskan Cork
Cappaleitrim Moore Roscommon
Cappalinnan Rathdowney Laois
Cappalisheen Kiltoom Roscommon
Cappalough Castlebrack Laois
Cappaloughan Rahan Offaly
Cappaloughlin or Clonard Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappaluane Clonfert Galway
Cappalug Killeshin Laois
Cappamore Inchicronan Clare
Cappamore Knockane Kerry
Cappamore Kilcrohane Kerry
Cappamore Kenmare Kerry
Cappamore Killinane Kerry
Cappamore Doon Limerick
Cappamore T. Tuogh Limerick
Cappamurragh Clonoulty Tipperary
Cappanaboe Killeshin Laois
Cappanabohy Kilmacabea Cork
Cappanabornia St. Nicholas Galway
Cappanaboul Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappanabrick Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappanacleare Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappanacloghy Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappanacreha Ballinchalla Galway
Cappanacush East Templenoe Kerry
Cappanacush Island Templenoe Kerry
Cappanacush West Templenoe Kerry
Cappanafaraha Bruree Limerick
Cappanafeacle Ballyadams Laois
Cappanageeragh Clondagad Clare
Cappanageeragh Geashill Offaly
Cappanaghtan Abbeygormacan Galway
Cappanaglogh Kilbelfad Mayo
Cappanagoul Knocktemple Cork
Cappanagraigue Kilmanman Laois
Cappanagraun Aghinagh Cork
Cappanagroun Dromod Kerry
Cappanahanagh Abington Limerick
Cappanakeady Kilmastulla Tipperary
Cappanakilla Dysert Clare
Cappanalaght Kilfinaghta Clare
Cappanalaght Kilfintinan Clare
Cappanalaurabaun Kilcummin Galway
Cappanaleigh Upperchurch Tipperary
Cappanaloha East Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappanaloha West Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappanalosset Lemanaghan Offaly
Cappanaminna Inchigeelagh Cork
Cappanamorath Kilbride Offaly
Cappanamrogue Killeshin Laois
Cappanamuck Aglishcloghane Tipperary
Cappananee Killiney Kerry
Cappananty Corcomohide Limerick
Cappanaparka East Kilcaskan Cork
Cappanaparka West Kilcaskan Cork
Cappanapeasta Inchicronan Clare
Cappanapinion or Bellair Kilmanman Laois
Cappanapisha North Kilmacduagh Galway
Cappanapisha South Kilmacduagh Galway
Cappanargid Cloncurry Kildare
Cappanarrow Offerlane Laois
Cappanashannagh Dysartgallen Laois
Cappanaslish Killokennedy Clare
Cappanasmear Terryglass Tipperary
Cappanasruhaun Killimordaly Galway
Cappanavar Kilmocomoge Cork
Cappanavarnoge Killadysert Clare
Cappanaveagh Rahoon Galway
Cappanavilla Upperchurch Tipperary
Cappanclare Inchigeelagh Cork
Cappancur Geashill Offaly
Cappaneary Rosenallis Laois
Cappanihane Corcomohide Limerick
Cappanilly Glenkeen Tipperary
Cappankelly St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Cappanlivane Kilgarvan Kerry
Cappanlug Castlebrack Laois
Cappanouk Abington Limerick
Cappanraheen Killora Galway
Cappanrush Clonenagh & Clonagheen Laois
Cappanrush Rahugh Westmeath
Cappantack Kilmanaghan Westmeath
Cappanthlarrig Knockane Kerry
Cappantogher Moore Roscommon
Cappantruhaun Dunmore Galway
Cappantruhaun Clonrush Galway
Cappaphaudeen Kilmeen Cork Duhallow Barony
Capparanny Turlough Mayo
Cappard Demesne Kilthomas Galway
Capparoe Tomgraney Clare
Capparoe Knockane Kerry
Capparoe Templenoe Kerry
Capparoe Adare Limerick
Capparoe Kilmore Tipperary
Capparogan Kilmanman Laois
Cappasallagh Kilmalinoge Galway
Cappass Callan Kilkenny
Cappataggle Killallaghtan Galway
Cappateemore East St. Munchin's Clare
Cappateemore West St. Munchin's Clare
Cappateige Stradbally Kerry
Cappauniac Clonbullogue Tipperary
Cappauniac Killardry Tipperary
Cappavarna Kilmacduagh Galway
Cappaveha Killallaghtan Galway
Cappavicar North Turlough Mayo
Cappavicar South Turlough Mayo
Cappavilla North Kiltenanlea Clare
Cappavilla South Kiltenanlea Clare
Cappawater Myshall Carlow
Cappawee Killemlagh Kerry
Cappayuse Moore Roscommon
Cappeen Kilgarriff Cork
Cappeen East Kinneigh Cork
Cappeen West Kinneigh Cork
Cappercullen Abington Limerick
Cappocksgreen Ardee Louth
Cappog Knockbride Cavan
Cappog Rossorry Fermanagh
Cappog Killeevan Monaghan
Cappog Tedavnet Monaghan
Cappoge Castleknock Dublin
Cappoge Cappoge Louth
Cappoge Kilvemnon Tipperary
Cappoley Kilcolmanbane Laois
Capponellan Durrow Laois
Cappoquin Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Cappoquin Demesne Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Cappoquin T. Lismore & Mocollop Waterford
Cappry Stranorlar Donegal
Cappry (Graham) Stranorlar Donegal
Cappulcorragh Kilbeagh Mayo
Cappusteen Kilmanman Laois
Cappy Derrybrusk Fermanagh
Cappyantanvally Knockane Kerry
Cappyaughna Kilcaskan Cork
Cappydonnell Big Ardnurcher or Horseleap Offaly
Cappydonnell Little Ardnurcher or Horseleap Offaly
Cappyroe Geashill Offaly
Capragh Ballymachugh Cavan
Capragh Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Capranny Trim Meath
Caran Cloonygormican Roscommon
Caran Drumatemple Roscommon
Caran Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Caranavoodaun Kilcolgan Galway
Caran Bog Cloonygormican Roscommon
Caran or Enniscoffey Enniscoffey Westmeath
Caranlea Kilmacumsy Roscommon
Caraun Lackagh Galway
Caraun Monivea Galway
Caraun Kilcolman Mayo Clanmorris Barony
Caraun or Ballyhenry Kilmainebeg Mayo
Caraun Beg Killimordaly Galway
Caraunduff Athenry Galway
Caraunduff Kilmeen Galway
Caraunkeelwy Lackagh Galway
Caraun or Kilmacahill Rathaspick Westmeath
Caraun More Killimordaly Galway
Carbad Beg Templemurry Mayo
Carbad More Templemurry Mayo
Carbalintober Desertoghill Derry
Carberry Island St. Mary's Westmeath Brawny Barony
Carberrystown Trim Meath
Carbery Island Skull Cork
Carbullion Aghanloo Derry
Carbury Carbury Kildare
Carclunty Rasharkin Antrim
Carcullion Clonduff Down
Cardiffsbridge Finglas Dublin
Cardiffcastle Finglas Dublin
Cardington Churchtown Kildare
Cardington Demesne Churchtown Kildare
Cardistown Clonkeen Louth
Cardonaghy Ahoghill Antrim
Cardrath Grangegeeth Meath
Cardtown Offerlane Laois
Cardy Greyabbey Down
Carew Upperchurch Tipperary
Carewswood Ightermurragh Cork
Carey Mill Culfeightrin Antrim
Careysville Clondulane Cork
Cargabane Donaghmore Down
Cargaclogher Keady Armagh
Cargacreevy Annahilt Down
Cargacroy Drumbo Down
Cargagh Armagh Armagh
Cargagh Killinkere Cavan
Cargagh Lavey Cavan
Cargagh Ballyculter Down
Cargagh Down Down
Cargagh Clogher Tyrone
Cargaghbane Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cargaghdoo Aghnamullen Monaghan
Cargaghlisnanarney Donaghmoyne Monaghan
Cargaghmore Magheross Monaghan
Cargaghoge Magheross Monaghan
Cargaghramer Tullycorbet Monaghan
Cargalisgorran Derrynoose Armagh
Cargan Dunaghy Antrim
Carganamuck Grange Armagh
Cargans Ballymore Armagh
Cargin Duneane Antrim
Cargin Cargin Galway
Cargin Demesne Ogulla Roscommon
Cargygray Annahilt Down
Carha Larah Cavan
Carha Islandeady Mayo
Carha Kilgarvan Mayo
Carha Killoran Sligo
Carhan Lower Caher Kerry
Carhan Upper Caher Kerry
Carheen Feakle Clare
Carheen Killogilleen Galway
Carheen Ballyovey Mayo
Carheenadiveane Killeeneen Galway
Carheenard Donaghpatrick Galway
Carheenbrack Burrishoole Mayo
Carheendoo Leitrim Galway
Carheenlea Lackagh Galway
Carheennascovoge Killeeneen Galway
Carheens Belclare Galway
Carheens Breaghwy Mayo
Carheens Cong Mayo
Carheenshowagh Cummer Galway
Carheeny Annaghdown Galway
Carheeny Lackagh Galway
Carheeny Kildimo Limerick
Carheenybaun Beagh Galway
Carheeny Beg Beagh Galway
Carheeny More Beagh Galway
Carhoo Dysert Clare
Carhoo Carrigtohill Cork
Carhoo Whitechurch Cork
Carhoo Kildorrery Cork
Carhoo Killeagh Cork
Carhoo Ardfield Cork
Carhoo Kilgarriff Cork
Carhoo Timoleague Cork
Carhoobeg Knockane Kerry
Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Carhoo East Dingle Kerry
Carhoogarriff Kilnagross Cork
Carhoogarriff Kilmacabea Cork
Carhookeal Mallow Cork
Carhoo Lower Magourney Cork
Carhoomeengar East Kenmare Kerry
Carhoomeengar West Kenmare Kerry
Carhoon Beagh Galway
Carhoon Tynagh Galway
Carhoona Clear-island Cork
Carhoona Kilnaughtin Kerry
Carhoonahone Knockane Kerry
Carhoonakilla Kilnaughtin Kerry
Carhoonakineely Kilnaughtin Kerry
Carhoonaknock East Galey Kerry
Carhoonaknock West Galey Kerry
Carhoonaphuca Kildrum Kerry
Carhoon East Kilbrogan Cork
Carhoonoe Nohavaldaly Kerry
Carhoo North Ringcurran Cork
Carhoon West Kilbrogan Cork
Carhoo South Ringcurran Cork
Carhoo Upper Magourney Cork
Carhoovauler Desertserges Cork
Carhoo West Dingle Kerry