Calcutta Light Horse

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The Calcutta Light Horse were an auxiliary regiment under the Bengal command.


  • 1872 raised as Calcutta Volunteer Lancers 22nd August[1]
  • 1881 reconstituted as the Calcutta Mounted Volunteer Rifles on 7th October[1]
  • 1886 redesignated Calcutta Mounted Rifles on 1st October?[2]
  • 1887 renamed Calcutta Light Horse on 20th May?[2]
  • 1901 absorbed Central Bengal Light Horse, 1st November[1]



  • c1901: Khaki drill[3]
  • c1940: Uniform - Blue, Facings - White, Badge - Eight pointed star with crown, "C.L.H." and the motto in a scroll, Motto - Defence not Defiance"[1]

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